Saturday, July 11, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Doggie Doors arent always the best!

Oh my goodness... I'm still a little freaked out!!!

See these pictures.... wander what they are.... can you guess what that is???

Give up?

Those are baby bird feathers... IN MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I walked in the bedroom to get something & noticed Zoe was up there with a weird look on her face. The lights were out & I noticed she grabbed something - like she does when she has a bone & is hiding it so no other dog can get it... I get up closer & see, what I think is grass all over the bed.

But then I see her chewing & it hit me... she has an animal...

I turn on the lights & see that the grass is not grass at all - but feathers.. with the ends of them being roots... Zoe totally plucked this bird CLEAN...

I just SCREAMED... I yelled "DROP IT" & Zoe took off & hid... I just SCREAMED louder because there is a dead bird in my bed with its little neck broke...

Ricky comes running upstairs & then gets mad at me because he said I gave him a heart attack!

I told him next time there is a dead animal in the bed, I'll try to be calmer.... WHAT????... YES, I'm going to scream any time I see an animal in the place where I lay my head & its feathers, or fur, or whatever it may be, is shedded everywhere... or hanging out of our dogs mouth....I'm sorry - to me, that is a situation to scream about...

Zoe is still hiding - my screaming freaked her out.... between her & Ricky, I think they're both still shaking...

Off to see if the bedding is done in the washer yet...


  1. Oh my goodness! What a funny story!!!! Gross, but funny! Poor doggie!

  2. OK, I am sorry but I laughed. My cats used to bring me live mice, and I too would scream!

    You were just above me at rollcall this AM at SITS!

  3. That is so funny. Cats love to bring us presents. You obviously were not pleased with yours. At least you caught her with it, otherwise she would have left it on your pillow maybe?

  4. ew!

    i think i would most certainly freak out over having dead birdies in my bed too!

    and my dog turned my screen door into his personal doggie door last year due to his panic attack over an approaching thunderstorm;)

    happy six word saturday!


  5. Okay, it is bad enough finding dead stuff outside... but in the bed??? Oscar used to bring in LIVE stuff and then release it... always fun to chase a chipmunk through the house!!!

  6. Um, yeah, I think I would have done more than screaming! LOL

  7. I feel a little panicky just reading that. I have a serious bird phobia and feathers UGH they gross me out so much!! yuck!!!!

  8. I would have been screaming with you. And probably buy a new bed too!

    That is icky!

  9. I had a dog who liked to catch birds as well, but thankfully he never brought them inside...probably because we didn't have a dog door lol

  10. I would most definitely be screaming too--hysterically.

  11. OMG I would be beyond horrified! Hysterical would be more like it!


    That is so disgusting!!!!

    I don't blame you for washing your linens. I couldn't have slept on them again until they were clean either.

    What a naughty little stinker Zoe was today.

  13. I was afraid they were porcupine quills!

    Thanks for playing.

  14. You made a comment about iron on my blog and how it makes you ill, and I just had to respond! Sorry if you think it's unsolicited advice, but one suggestion is to take it at night (don't take it at the same time as you take a multivitamin!). Also, take it with a glass of orange juice or any acidic juice - it increases it's absorption. You may already know this, but I couldn't resist ;-)

  15. That would have freaked me out. I'd be boiling all the bed linens :D

  16. Oh my! I would have freaked out too.

  17. Ok - Ricky should have cleaned it up! Oh man - that's just awful! The cats killing the bugs are bad enough, and mom's dogs just smell lovely when they drag something dead home. Oh man oh man oh man1

  18. oh no!! I would have been screaming too!! Chloe does that! Eww! well, she doesn't bring them in the house, and she hasn't done it a ton of times... but still!! I cannot imagine!

  19. I had a giggle too.

    My son slept in the living room last night.He saw a little bitty lizard in his room. The boy is 6'2".

  20. Another reason to not have pets!!
    I would have done more than scream, it think. And the the garbage pronto!
    Sorry if that seems wasteful, but I just would not be able to wash it and sleep in it ever again.

  21. So the lesson with the hawk and smaller bird a few posts back was really pounded home today huh??

    I have to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. My commenting is sporatic because of crazy life right now but I am still reading and enjoying!

  22. Oh ew ew ew!!!!

    One time my dog came in the house with something and I didn't think much about it, maybe just a stick or something. He starts (literally) tossing it in the air and catching and I realize it's a severed duck head!!! I SCREAMED!

  23. Um, yeah. I totally would have screamed, too. Ew!!

  24. I totally agree with Sonya...

    Screaming WAS NECESSARY. Extremely necessary. Y I K E S !

  25. I would totally FREAK out!! Yikes~!


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