Monday, May 31, 2010

Tiny Graduation

It just seems like yesterday, I had two little twin nieces that were born... & this past week, there they were in little tiny caps & gowns.  They got to graduate from Pre-K to the big ole kindergarden which is at the "big school"... so you know I'm a picture taking fool - so sit back & take in all the cuteness that your eyes can stand...

How precious are these faces?

Aunt Bec had to get in there in between these girls... I adore these two faces

Sophia ready for her Yaya to give her a big congratulations hug!

And Madi ready to tell her Papaw all about the songs they sang...

Time to head outside & play after all the diplomas were handed out!

Give Madi something to climb & she's all over it - remember, she's the Spiderman fan!!!

See - there she goes again!  She KNOWS no fear of getting on things...

Just loved this picture- thought it was said so much, with the sun setting & a first chapter in the twins lives ending...
ONTO the big leagues of kindergarden...

Before I know it, I'll be posting high school graduation pictures... I think I just got a few grey hairs just THINKING of that...


  1. Makes you not even want to blink your eyes, doesn't it? How is it that time passed like molasses when we were that age, but now that we're older, time just whizzes right on by?

    Great pictures, Auntie! They are beautiful little girls!

  2. Beautiful pictures! How cool that they got to wear caps and gowns.

  3. sophia looks so much like you!! The pictures are great!! you should start doing it on the side-you know with all of your extra time. hahaha!

  4. how sweet.. those girls have grown for sure.. Wow..

    Have an amazing day.

  5. They look too old in those graduation outfits!

  6. Beautiful girls and photos.

    I love the last one too and bet it will be displayed proudly in a frame somewhere in their home.

  7. The girls are adorable! They are so lucky to have you for an aunt!

  8. Oh my word, those pictures are precious and so great…especially the ones outside!! :)

  9. Pretty pictures...they're so grown up!

  10. so cute!!! your pictures are beautiful!!

  11. I still remember my own pre-school graduation haha... You got some great photos!

  12. TOO CUTE!!!

    I LOVE Pre-k graduations :) the cap and gown always makes me laugh :)

  13. So cute - they look so proud! Great pictures!!


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