Thursday, October 14, 2010

The "After-effect"

I was up to teach the youth last night...

If you ever teach a lesson, you know the "after effects" of it...

You sit & you question everything you said.  I honestly believe Satan has a way of attacking you after you share God's word.  Throwing things at you like, "No one was listening" .... "You are a horrible speaker" ..... "You made no sense" ..... "You really messed up by sharing that"

Its a weird feeling...

The message I spoke on last night was on regret..... oh mercy!  Regret... who doesnt have it?

Well, I know for the Senior High & especially the Jr. High, they really dont grasp what "regret" is... I know I didnt at that age. 

The Biblical message of David & his story with Bathsheba was the Biblical example... how David thought he had it all covered up, until Nathan came & BAM!  He told a story that showed David the truth of the situation....

David took his grief & wrote a Psalm ... expressing his regret... Psalm 51

I then shared some stories of regret in my life... some funny, some insightful, some heartbreaking....

Then I go home & sit & then here come the things Satan throws at me... I thought it was funny because that stupid devil WANTED me to regret things I said, things I brought up, stories I told...

But that just proves how stupid he really is - because the point is, God will take ANY regret & use it... God can turn a regret around & use that exact thing to bring Glory to His Name...

So Mr. Stupid Devil... I have no regrets about my lesson... & the regrets of my life? Well, I know God is in control of them...

"And we know in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose" -Romans 8:28


  1. Carly said you did an AWESOME job! You did just the right blend.... and I am so proud of you... you are taking what Satan intended to bring you down, and using it to bring God the glory... and in this life, that is all that is important!!! Way to go my friend...

  2. If the stories you shared with them are half as touching and as honest as the ones you post here I know what you said was perfect.

    Remember, what we say doesn't have to bring people to God right away. Sometimes the importance of what we say is to plant a seed to pave the way for the dats yet to come.

  3. long as we remind ourselves that God is in control...we'll be A-OK! :)

  4. Brilliant. So simple and soooo true!

  5. ....and rest in the fact that His Word does not return void.

    I'm sure that you touched hearts.

  6. ah girl I know what you mean. The devil has a way of getting to you but awesome job! I am sure you are touching them in ways you can never imagine!!

  7. It's very difficult to teach regret to youth. They don't see consequences for their actions. But, we have to keep teaching it!

    I have always had a terrible inner-struggle when I teach/speak to a group. Terrible anxiety before and the 'after' is haunting. This year, God has taught me that if I am truly seeking Him and asking Him to help me with the words I speak to group (and ask Him to remove from my mind anything He doesn't want me to share), then I need to be confident He is going to do it. Do doubt what I said is to doubt what He did through me. Also, I know that if I ask, Jesus is making intercession on my behalf while I'm sharing His message with His group of people. I am working through that and I'm finding victory in knowing HE'S GOT IT!


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