Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dancing with....yeah - it was a bad night...

8:00 - "We're getting down in the round" - Its Accoustic Week!!!!  "LIIIIIVVVEEE - this is Dancing with the Stars" .... we ready folks?  I'm excited to see what the night is all about - how the difference between a rectangle floor & a circle floor makes for the night???

8:05 - "This isnt just new for the stars.  This is something new for all the dancers - something we've never done before" -Tony

8:07 - Dmitry & Chelsea giving an example of the Rhumba... feels like I'm watching "So you think you can dance" with these two

8:08 - "Being a Christian guy, its hard for me to dance intimately with someone who isnt my wife" -Kurt Warner... who is now in my top 3 just for that sentence alone!!!

8:09 - "Are you okay with me going out there doing a "Dance of Love"?" - Kurt to his wife

8:13 - I just have to insert the comment from my husband - "Kurt, PLEASE STOP!  You're supposed to be a manly man" ....I need to let him host the blog for Dancing with the Stars one night...that'd be interesting!


& yeah - it all went downhill from here...

My computer had issues - I had to reboot 1,451 times - I'm sure that was the official count...

I had to call Toshiba for help even...

So while screaming & crying & throwing a 2 yr old tantrum, I continued just watching it....

The Clif Notes version.....

Brandy - still think she's fake... will pay someone for her not to win

Rick Fox - How did they not like him?  He was A-maz-ING!!!!  I think this is where the judges like to try & not show favoritism to the best dancer... he'll still get my vote.

Kyle Massey - adorable as always.  Didnt think he'd be able to pull off sexy, but I thought he gave it a big go at it.  I wanted Lacy's dress with the flowers across her body & down her leg... that'd be the best Halloween outfit EVER!

The "Sitch" - how is he still there?  ... but I'd keep him over Brandy... just saying.

Florence Henderson - The sexy side of Mrs. Brady just made me very, VERY uncomfortable....VERY!

Jennifer Grey - perfection!  Literally - with 2 tens!  She looked like a pro!  And does Derek get more adorable each week too?  Love the two of them together!

Bristol Palin - I just remember Mark without his shirt....his abs made the Situation's look like fat rolls!... oh yeah, the dancing... she got a 4 from Carrie Ann - enough said.

Audrina - something just seemed weird.  I couldnt tell if it was her shoes or what - it looked like she was stomping or something.   She's a beautiful girl though, isnt she?

Sorry this isnt the original "recap" - I actually would hear things they said on the show & think, "DANG - I need my computer"... sigh... it was rough on me... is that a sign of addiction?  hmmm....

The good thing - there's always next week... if I dont throw my new computer out of the window....

Who do you think is going?  Bristol or The Situation?  Did you feel funny seeing Florence getting all "Freaky"... (shutter) .... Did you like the stage in the round?  Was I the only one all messed up with the judges being in a different place?  And dont you think Derek & Jennifer deserved bonus points for playing the piano on TOP of dancing?


  1. Ok so this was the very first show this year I have got to see all the way through. Not sure I picked the right one. The only one that looked really good to me was Jennifer, but Kurt gets my vote for his sweetness and he can dance. I diamond in the rough that one.

    The "Sitch" needs to get!!! Seriously!! That guy drives me NUTS!!

    I didn't like the round state either, seemed a little to constricting. Okay, that's all my thoughts on this one, oh yeah, Mrs. Brady totally needs to STOP the inappropriateness. It is more than this Brady Bunch lovin' girl can handle.

    Whew glad that is off my chest!!

    Love ya girl,

    PS yep longest commenter EVER has struck again =) Oh yeah Ricky guest blogging for DWTS post would be HILARIOUS!!

  2. Look...The Situation needs to go sooner than later! I still am a huge fan of Derek and Jennifer...those two can DANCE!

  3. Hey! I agree that Bristol or Sitch (that's an even worse nickname) should go home next! And Jennifer is AWESOME!

  4. I only watched the first hour, then switched to Real Housewives Atlanta. I was pretty ticked that they didn't like Kurt. LOVE HIM!
    I didn't see her, but I bet Bristol goes tonight.

  5. Oy, but my day job is really interfering with my blog reading!!

    Ok, so here's my take on the evening.

    I HATED it!!!!

    The dance floor was way too small, and the stupid little replays in the red room thingy were so cheesy! Seriously?

    "What were you thinking in this moment?"

    Then they show the gaggiest clip ever with the stars holding their mouths in weird positions.

    Gag, gag, gag.

    I HATED the format of the show!

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    My favorite dancer was Jennifer. I am so inspired by her. She's overcome so much and looks so graceful out there! LOVE Derek. If I could have one DWTS wish, it would be to take a few lessons with him.

    Just saying.

    Florence Henderson is so gross. But Corky...what is up with him? Do all dancers think they are God's gift to the opposite sex? C'mon.

    The Situation Dude was so icky. VOTE THEM OFF (wait, it's too late to influence any votes).

    I loved Kurt, but did you get the feeling that he was a player in his day? He's come a long way, baby!

    Let's see...who else...Audrina was less than satisfying. So much beauty but not as much grace.

    Oh, and the cute dude...what's his name? Lacie's partner. He's totally all that. I'd love to see him, Kurt, and Jennifer in the finale.

    Ok, so that's my two cents worth of stuff. Hope your computer is fixed by now!

  6. I'm skipping this season, but loved your comment "I will pay someone for her not to win" :D


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