Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday... & the best Friday EVER!  Why?  Because its the Friday before my VACATION!!!!! Whoop-whoop!!! (Doing my best Jersey Shore fist-pump) 

Nope, not going anywhere... because we've got the best things coming to us! 
Yep!!! Julie & the boys are heading up here tomorrow!!!  Can you even imagine how excited we are?  Ricky is so excited to have his little buddy Isaac with him & I cant wait to carry that smile-y little Luke around & enjoy all the things babies do!!!! 

****It hasnt rained here in FOREVER... like seriously, we've had warnings that fires can start so easily because everything is so dry.  Guess what?  I'm on vacation next week... which means its going to rain - like EVERY DAY is calling for rain, I think... geez...

**** No telling what my blog will look like next week... either no posts, lots of posts, & probably TONS of pictures.... you know with these babies in my house, my camera will just be worn around my next like a Flavor Flav accessory!!!

**** Wanted to give a big shout out to my NEW KNEE FRIEND!!!! Stop by & give some well wishes to my fabulous friend, Dawn ... she just had knee replacement surgery yesterday.  I was so excited when my phone rang last night & it was her - & she sounded fantastic!  Even able to get some food down!  And today, she's going to get up on that new knee... so send her some encouragement if you can!  Love ya lady!!

**** . Isnt this the cutest cake????? .....I love the man just covered in the longest scarf ever...
& I see a glimpse of mine & Ricky's future! :)

**** So I got my Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 ... And now, I feel like an idiot.  Dang - that is some confusing stuff.  I'm heading out at lunch to try & find a "Dummies" book for it... I keep watching tutorials on it & it looks like it does AMAZING things, but as of now, I can pretty much upload... OHHH -AAAHHH - that's talent!

**** Anyone else feeling "icky" about Glee lately?  I feel like they are just seeing how far they can push things now... I wish it would just go back to the fun of songs & great singing, with Sue Sylvester being all grumpy... I keep hearing where a lot of parents aren't letting their children watch it anymore... which to me says a lot.. I cant say I blame them.  More Sue!! More Emma!!  Bring back Idina & Kristin!!!  More John Stamos!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am looking forward to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Glee Episode though...

So folks - hope you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!  Think of me at 4:00 like a kid going on summer break... I'll be running out of the office door throwing papers in the air in least I'll toss a post-it note... it'll have the same effect to me


  1. I agree with the other parents about Glee. I seriously doubt I will watch it again! Like you said, it's gotten off base and seems like they are trying to see how far they can push it.

    So happy for you about the grandkids coming in!! I know you guys will enjoy EVERY MINUTE of it!!

  2. Yay for vacation and grandbabies visit!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!

    I am jealous of your Photoshop Elements though, I have 7 and you have 9!! Things should be pretty much the same though. I will definately help you all that I can. We'll have to Skype or I'll give you my cell number.

    Hope you have a great day and a great vacation with only a little rain if it has to rain at all!

  3. Nothing like the day before vacation where the day cannot go by fast enough! :)

    Enjoy your time with the kiddos!

  4. Rebeccaaaaaaaaa! Look at your cute blog! I just feel awful about being away so long! I love your look!

    Ok I need to get caught up on Glee! It's sitting on my dvr just waiting for me.

    Yay for grandbabies!

  5. You know my thoughts on Glee :)

    Enjoy those kiddos!!!!!!

  6. Have tons of fun with your precious grandbabies...and spoil them rotten! Oh, don't even get me started on the whole "Glee" stuff. To say that I'm terribly disappointed is an understatement. I have not enjoyed the shows for the past several episodes...just too over-the-top for primetime. Now, the cast members have done those racy photos. Where is it all going to end? I think we, as parents, have to take a stand and say, "ENOUGH!"


  7. Post it note tossing...that is pretty extreme!

    I love that cake! So so so cute.

    But not as cute as the picture of Julie's boys. Awwwww

    Happy Vacation to you!

  8. Have fun with the children. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Your grandsons are so adorable. Looking forward to seeing some more pictures of them. Hope you have an awesome at home vacation.

  10. That cake is pretty cute :) Enjoy your vacation!

  11. Wait...John Stamos used to be on Glee? How did I miss that? I was SO in love with him in middle school when he was Blackie on General Hospital. Mmmmm....yummy!

    And did you make that cake? So awesome!

    have a fun Staycation!!

  12. Sounds like you have an awesome weekend ahead of you :) yay for weekends and fun ones at that!

    I'm with you about Glee, especially after the new contraversal magazine article that is out right now!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  13. I hope your weekend was everything you'd hoped for! :)

    I visited Dawn. She's a sweetheart! :)

    I loved the cake, too; it actually made me interested in trying something like that.

    I agree about GLEE--I don't know why they keep pushing the envelope. This week's show was no exception.

  14. P.S. Look who got her link up this week! :) You're a cutie pie.

  15. I could eat those babies up. Delicious! :)

    That cake is too cute!

    I feel the same way about Glee. I'm just about over it. I know there's alot more "pushing" to come this season, so we'll see how long I hang with it. I agree with you, wish it was more like last season.


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