Saturday, October 02, 2010

Project 365-34

Heading into October... amazing...

Sunday - What happens when you leave your purse in with crazy girls!!! ... I was outside of this building talking with a friend during this picture... & about an additional 50 other pictures :) When I walked in, these girls were all giggles & acting funny & then I noticed them slipping my camera back in my purse.  Some of the shots were hilarious!  (If you are my friend on Facebook, you saw a glimpse of more) ... these girls just make me smile!

Monday - Fall is in the air... FINALLY!!!!! ... With the two additional dogs, there is a lot of playing going on in the back yard & I loved the cool air to sit out & enjoy all their "puppy-ness"

Tuesday - Little Knitting Project ... I saw this pattern on Facebook & had to give it a go - its a one skein wonder - a cute little neck kinda scarf.  Its hard to explain - its like a little decorative knit for a plain shirt/sweater... this is my favorite yarn anyways, so I really loved the way it turned out...

Wednesday - Fun 10 Commandment Game... The leader of our youth group had the kiddos play a game... two teams, one person at a time had to run to a bucket, get a word out & put it in the right place.  Seemed easy enough - but did you know the order of these 10 commandments?  I didnt... I had to have my Bible right there to check the answers... I'm a cheater.... is that a commandment?

Thursday - Flu Shot time... I kept hearing about people getting the flu so it was the perfect time for me to stop by our local pharmacy to get a needle jabbed in my arm. It didnt hurt when they gave it to me, but about 3 hours later, it felt like someone was sticking a hot poker in my arm.... OUCH!  Hopefully I'm all covered now when flu-season kicks in full force.

Friday - Happy Birthday to my Momma!!!! .... If you have been around my blog for anytime, you know that it had to be a blue cake!  Nothing else would do... Here's to another year!

Saturday - We saw Ricky at the Art Fair! ... me & my dad went to the most awesome Art Fair & we turn around & dad says "There's Ricky"... this is actually a doll, but we got a big kick out of seeing the long hair - that's red - with a "peace sign" ... I wonder if I can just put a price tag on Ricky himself?

Hope the beginning of October has been full of wonder for you...


  1. It looks like a great week!

    Hugs & love,

  2. love your new look!!!!

    that scarf is so pretty. I don't think I have the patience to knit. I didn't make it with quilting either. :(

    That would have been a good game for our last session on the 10 commandments over the summer...I will remember that one!

    Got my flu shot yesterday...only this time i tried the mist. it is supposed to last longer and it is the last year I can get it..ya, if you are 50 or older you can't get it.

  3. Your picture of your puppy is so it. Living in AZ we don't get to experience fall so I am enjoying seeing it on other blogs. The school district where I work gives us flu shots every year...we get ours in late Oct. this year.

  4. Great scarf!! I love to knit. I just never do it anymore... I really have GOT to start making it a priority again.

    Love the Ten Commandments game idea. We may have to do that one here at home for review. My oldest memorized the commandments a couple of years ago. I wonder if he still remembers them...

    Tee hee. "Ricky's" cute.

  5. The scarf is really pretty, unfortunately I don't knit. I crochet, but not knit.

    Love that last picture of the doll. Too cute.

  6. Wonderful week! Nice scarf! I am a beginner knitter, so it look a bit complicated for my skill lever.

    Have a great week!

  7. Yes, welcome Fall. I have to get my flu shot this week. Along with my baby girl I am not looking forward to seeing her cry. Lots of M&M's on hand for that. Have a great day..

  8. I'll never forget the 10 commandments or the order of them because I taught my Sunday School kids this way:

    How Can you forget then?

  9. Happy birthday Mom! And hey Ricky! That is too funny about the doll... And those girls are a hoot. Looks like a great week!

  10. Hey Rebbeca Jo, Complex, found you through Becca,didthe Rubberband Man video, like your blog and look forward to following it as I hope you do mine. -God Bless

  11. what a busy week...i need to get my flu shot too! thanks for the reminder. oh and those pumpkins are naturally grey!

  12. Some very fun photos! :) It's always a hoot to get the camera back after loaning it to our young friends -- you never know what craziness they've been up to until you see the photographic evidence!

    Great week of photos!


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