Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday Fragment ...Disney has taken over today...

Mommy's Idea

Friday - Friday - Friday!!!! Time to get frag the day away....

OK - so last week was my mom's birthday ... followed by Isaac's birthday... & to keep the trend going - tomorrow is another birthday of two beautiful, awesome, fantastic little princesses!  My twin nieces!  They are going to be 6 years old!  I cant even believe it myself.  I remember being there at the hospital holding them just minutes after they were born.... now, its not so easy to hold them - but I do! :)  I can see Sophia being 16 & I'll still try & swing her in my arms like a baby!

Where does the time go? ... & does this mean I'm older too?  ....nah....


The advantage of working in Horse Country (aka Kentucky) - our boss is shutting down the office early & taking us to see "Secretariat" ... I'm so excited.  I feel like there needs to be permission slips & a yellow bus outside the door like an old-fashioned field trip!  Bonus of the day - he always treats to the BIG SIZE drinks & candy... Diet Coke Heaven, here I come!

I think I'm allergic to something in my office... I sneeze constantly there!  It's so bad, my co-workers keep track on how many times I sneeze through the day!  And I always sneeze in multiples of two so when they hear the first sneeze, they always wait for the 2nd one before the count it... my record is around 12 in one day.  I told them the other day, if I was a dwarf, I'd be "Sneezy".... I work with someone who I would also say if she was a dwarf, she'd be "Grumpy"... just saying...

With the re-release of Beauty & the Beast, can I tell you how much I love going into stores & seeing tons of B&B merchandise?  I was in the Disney Store yesterday & just stood in front of these amazingly beautiful collectibles of Lumiere, Cogsworth & Mrs. Potts & Chip.... I think I was drooling...

There was a girl about 18 yrs old in the Disney Store who was going completely crazy finding "Alice in Wonderland" stuff... dont ask me how we got to talking, (I talk to everyone!) but I ended up talking to her & her mom & she was saying how she always felt Alice was the "forgotten Disney character" & now its back, she was buying everything she could.  I told her that's how I felt about Belle.... (hence the drool still on my face from previous frag)... we got to talking how everyone seems to have ONE special favorite from Disney.  How did Disney do that?  Make people go nuts for their characters?  ...Its magic I think...

Alice was my mom's favorite too... she used to dress me up in "Alice" dresses all the time when I was little... & I had a mirror - or "Looking Glass" if you really want to get into the fan side of the story - in my room that was beautiful & had curtains around it... So I have to say, I do feel a little connection with Alice too... By the way, I was blond too, so I could really pull off the look

And STILL speaking of Disney - a awesome blog buddy sent me an email & said she instantly thought of me & I had to go check this out... This was at Bakerella & I am in love... going to have to try my baking skills...

Since the Frags have taken a Disney theme, I'll go the rest of the way with it & give you....
SPAT OF THE WEEK: BEAUTY & THE BEAST RE-RELEASE .... So Ricky doesnt understand why I need to get the new version when we have the VHS, the DVD, the re-release the first time of the DVD & now this one.  But I keep trying to tell him, this has BLU RAY - & we all see VHS is now obsolete... what happens when DVD players are gone?  I've got to have the BLU RAY too!!!  Its a MUST!  Truth be told, our only Blu Ray player is in his "man den" & I think he's afraid I'll take it over with sounds of "Be our Guest" floating out the room... which is a no-no for a "Man den" ... I'll win this one - watch & see!

Well - didnt plan on this Friday to turn into a DISNEY kinda day... I mean, the twins are pretty much Princesses in my eyes - Secretariat is made by Disney... & the rest is obvious... I think Disney World needs to send me some free tickets for all this promotion!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


  1. Hahaha you are too funny girl!! When I heard Belle was being re-released I almost e-mailed you right away, and then wondering, what am I thinking?... she knows already, no doubt!! =)

    Have fun at your movie and eat a bite of popcorn for me.

    Love you friend,

  2. You are braver that I am. I've made the cakeballs (not the Mrs. Potts kind, just the regular ones).

    We don't play well together.
    At all.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, well… somebody from Eharmony found my Eharmony post, so maybe somebody from Disney will find this post and if you get tickets YOU ARE coming to visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. The dog in the picture looks very worried that you're a year older! I told my husband that one of the reasons I wanted to have kids was so that I would have a reason to buy all of the Disney movies!
    Beauty & The Beast is my favorite!

  5. Lucky! You get out of work early to go to the movies! Nice! Oh and I know the producer of Secretariat so I hope it does well!

    I can totally understand why you need to the "new" version of B&B!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Love your fragments. Happy Birthday to everyone in your family.

    I'm an Ariel girl myself. Something about wanting to live in the ocean draws me to her story.

  7. I agree on the promotion aspect of Disney, that would be a big big check.

  8. Happy Birthday to your darling nieces! I've been feeling really old lately with all of my younger cousins getting married and having babies *L*

    Have fun at the movies!

  9. He hates to be reminded of it, but my son watched Sleeping Beauty a million times when he was little. It was absolutely his favorite!

    I use that little tidbit for times when I feel a little embarassment from mom is in order, lol!

    Hugs & love,

  10. I hope Disney is listening!! Those teapot cakes are adorable -- and you must certainly blast "Be Our Guest" in the man cave!!

  11. I can't believe you didn't send me your link! Silly.

    I loved B&B and think the Beast and Belle would make awesome Halloween costumes!

    I never gave a thought to Alice because I couldn't get past the Madhatter and all that craziness--I didn't like that movie.

    Your nieces are ADORABLE, and I'm putting that pic in my FFF this week!


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