Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arms Wide Open

& no, I'm not talking about the song by Creed....but who didnt love that song?

No, I'm talking about my little "chumba-wumba", Bruno... that's really my nick-name for him & he comes to it. 

Bruno is a "pudgy" little thing - if little + pudgy can even go together.  He is so ROUND... I have tried to get him to exercise.  While the other dogs will play, he'll just lay & watch them & give a bark every now & then as the best cheerleader there ever was... but to get up & participate?  Nah - beyond him.

We always said he'd be the perfect "nursing home dog" because all he wants to do is sleep while someone holds him or pets him, or even just lays a hand on him....

He has the tiniest legs though... seriously, he kinda wobbles - just like those old time Weeble Wobbles -when he walks because there is this big round body on these little tiny legs.  And little tiny legs dont jump - so Mr. Chuma-Wumba himself, he cant make it up on the bed.  And goodness knows he cant sleep somewhere that doesnt have human contact!  So we bought those little pet-stairs to set next to the bed. 

Actually, Ricky bought them for ME because Bruno would bark & I'd reach down in the middle of the night, kinda side ways & pull him up... this little dude is a good 35 lbs - so lifting him, cock-eyed had caused me some muscle pulls in my shoulders & back....

But Bruno wont attempt to come up the stairs until he sees my arms sticking out - because he can climb up them, but the top step STILL requires a little "jump" & he doesnt have any "jump" in those legs... but if he sees my arms stick out, he knows he can get to the top step & I literally can reach over, cup underneath his rump & give him a boost on the bed...

Its down to routine too... every night when I get in bed, here he comes.  And he'll jump down at least once, if not twice a night to go outside to the bathroom & I'll hear him coming in the dark & I just instantly put my arms out so he knows to come on up.  If I dont put my arms up, he'll just sit there & bark until I do anyways - so better to beat him to it...

The other night, I heard the tapping of nails on the floor & I put my arms out... & here he came - right into my arms...& I thought,  WOW!  How many times do I jump "down" from a place of comfort to come back & just know that my Heavenly Father's arms are going to be open to pull me right back up?  To know that He'll be there to give me a boost - to bring me back up to a place of rest...

And those arms are always there... always willing to reach out... & they are automatically there, extended to us when we turn to Him...

Especially in the dark of night - when there is not much light....

God hears the tapping of our feet as we come back to Him again & again...ready, waiting....

Now, I'm just glad God doesnt call me "Chumba-Wumba" when he lifts ME up! :)


  1. Nice post... as always! Isn't it amazing how much our relationship with our "pets"... used loosley as for many they are "family"... anyway, that relations often mirrors our relationship with God. This little cuties are totally dependent on us for their care... just as we SHOULD be totally dependent on God... it is when we try to depend on ourselves that the trouble starts. So, guess we should be more like our doggies ALL the time!!!!!

  2. You made me giggle with that last part :)

    This is a lovely way to view God and our relationship with Him. Great perspective, Rebecca!

  3. What a great post. Your little Bruno is a doll.

    Hugs & love,

  4. So excited to hear that you got your copy of Elements! There isn't any real's each photo individually and trial and error. If you don't like it there is always the undo button. My "go tos" are the smart fix, fix color, and levels settings. Sometimes I adjust the shadows and brightness. You'll get the hang of it once you get going with it!

  5. Once again I love how you think and relate life back to God. What a beautiful picture you paint. Chumba-Wumba and all.

  6. Only you could take something as lovable as a furry baby and turn it into a great lesson about God.

    Thank you, my sweet friend. I don't know if I'll be able to look at my own babes the same and not think about this.


  7. That was a beautiful message, just what a girl on that dreaded emotional roller coaster needed to hear. :) Thx


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