Sunday, October 17, 2010

Project 365-33

Sunday - Harvest Homecoming.... I was able to go out with some ladies from church to our local Fall Festival... I toted around my camera & got some amazing shots.  It doesnt hurt that I had beautiful ladies who didnt mind being in front of the camera... this is just one of the pictures that I got...

Monday - Laundry is taking over!!!! ... I finally had to gather all my laundry & tote it down to get my washing machine cranking!  I hate being so behind on laundry & this is insane how behind I am.... And no, I didnt throw Bruno in the washing machine ... but he's going to the groomers next week so he can freshen up himself! :)

Tuesday - New Breakfast Option.... One of my bloggy buddies had a post about breakfast ideas.  As I'm one who's usually grabbing something as I walk out the door & eat in the car, I loved this idea.  A toasted English Muffin with Laughing Cow Cheese & Strawberry preserves on top... MMMMM... its so good & it really keeps you filled up for a good long while... the perfect breakfast for me! Thanks Carolina Girl

Wednesday - Chilean Miners Rescued!!!!! .... Thank God I have two monitors at work so I could continue to work, but I also kept up the rescue all day long.... I seriously got teary eyed watching everyone get reunited with their family... well, except for Miner 21 where I was just sitting in confusion if that was the wife or the mistress... drama in hizzle!!! I really felt like I was watching history all day though....

Thursday - After the Storm.... we had some CRAZY storms Wednesday night - that included HAIL!!! But then the next day - total beauty!  The colors have bloomed, it felt like Fall - it was just wonderful...

Friday - Niece Night!!! .... I got to spend time with my nieces, which always makes me happy.  We headed to the park & these girls PLAYED... I'm talking PLAAAAYYYYEDDDDD... running hard core for HOURS!  I didnt have my DSLR camera but I still had my pocket camera & had to snag up on these adorable faces!  My favorite part of the night - Sophia runs over & hugs me & says, "I told everyone in my class today that I was going to get to see my favorite aunt tonight" .... aaahhhh - heart, melt.....

Saturday - Cupcakes Galore!!!! ... Gearing up for "Stephanie Hope" fund raiser on Sunday (Next Project 365!!!) I was on cupcake duty.  I ended up baking 6 dozen cupcakes.... which made my house smell like a wonderland.... You know you've made a lot of cupcakes when your husband says "NO" to the 6th bowl of left over cupcake batter to lick :)

Hope you all have had wonderful things to capture in this past week.....


  1. Ricky seriously turned down licking a bowl? I mean, yeah, it was the 6th one but his is Ricky you're talking about, right??? Thanks for all your work on Stephanie's Hope... Know that she was happy with the whole thing!!!

  2. Ooh - I would LOVE to have licked the 6th bowl for you (& bowls 1-5 for that matter). Mmm...

    LOVE that first picture. Are you going to post more from that day?

  3. I LOVE that first picture with the violins. Oh my that is so GREAT!!!

    SO do you freeze the cupcakes and then frost?

    Have a Blessed week friend, love you,

  4. Just have to say, you have one amazing camera!!!! :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful week! Of course you're the favorite aunt...I'm sure my kids would love you, too!

    I had to laugh a little at your idea of being "behind" in should see what it looks like when I'M behind. I have six loads on a normal day :( Laundry is the bain of my existence.

    Hope this week is another great one, filled with the beauty of fall!

  6. great week!

    I don't think I would EVER turn down a bowl to lick!!!

  7. Why were all of those violins hanging there? They make a super cool back drop!
    We watched as much of the rescue as we could too. Very moving.
    I can imagine that you would be a way cool aunt! What a fun time with you.
    Have a super week!!

  8. WOW! That first picture is so incredible! Great job!

  9. Your pictures this week are amazing!!

    You can send some cupcake batter my way. Or some cupcakes! ;-)

  10. You've taken some great pictures, but the first one is beautiful!


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