Sunday, October 24, 2010

Project 365-34

Here we go - another week of pictures

Sunday - Stephanie's Hope!!!  .... This was the 3rd annual fund raiser in honor of my dear friend Stephanie to raise money for missions, which she so dearly loved.  There was a fabulous BBQ lunch & a cornhole tournament... Here is my partner, Carly, who carried all the points we made!  I love that after 3 years, Stephanie's dream of serving in missions still carries on.... Miss you friend...

Monday - PhotoShop Elements is making me a dummy.... OK - I thought I would somehow install it & understand all it could do.  Jokes on me... this stuff is CONFUSING... but have faith, I'll learn... (Fingers crossed)

Tuesday - White Pizza...  with spinach & mozzerella & provolone... It was yummy... but I'll probably never do it again.  All that cheese made me so sick... blah.... not worth it...

Wednesday - our littliest choir member... One of our choir members has this little girl & she is the most adorable little thing!  She was just content to sit on the side of the pews & play while we sang along... Her mommy plays the piano so this girl will be growing up with music in her ears all the time!  (By the way, that's NOT her mommy playing the piano - thats our Music Minister, Barry - haha!!)

Thursday - Sick co-workers... UGH!  Why do people come to work when they are sick?  I am such a germaphobe anyways, & then to hear people sick, that's all I need to pull out my massive bottle of hand sanitizer.  After touching any paper work, I'm pumping away.... no germs for me...

Friday.... VACATION!!!! This is for you Rachel!  haha!  The clock was 4:00 & it was time for me to go... & I had some post it notes that I wadded up & tossed in the air like confetti!  (You can make out one in the air) .... glad to be out of that office for a week.... Thank you Lord for vacation!!!

Saturday - Luke's first visit to Nanny & Pappy's .... outside of utero, that is! :)  Julie & the grandbabies made it safely... & I'm ready to enjoy these little can you resist those eyes & that smile!

You all ALREADY know that with these boys here, its going to be a Project 365 of nothing but cute little boys... so dont say I didnt warn you! 
Happy clicking!


  1. Oh wow Luke is ADORABLE!!!! what a cutie pie

  2. I can't wait to see more adorable baby pictures!

    Hugs & love,

  3. Cuteness! Thanks for easing us into baby week with the picture of the little choir member :)

  4. I love white pizza...sorry the cheese & you weren't BFF! And enjoy every minute of that vacation. With those cute little "grands" at your house I know you will. :)

  5. don't tell me that about photo shop...I was going to ask for that for my birthday!!!! so maybe YOU can figure it out and teach ME! yes?!

    I love any kind of pizza!!

    Have a great week with those grandbabys!!! can't wait to see all the pictures!

  6. Had to laugh at the Germ X. I have two bottles on my desk and plenty in my my desk drawers. I don't even sign things with other people's pens!!!

    Enjoy your week off (yeah, that's like me telling myself to enjoy chocolate). I know you will!!

  7. I have sanitizer bottles all over my classroom...I am constantly tellling the kids to get a squirt! That pizza looks yummy, although I would be the only one in my fam to try it with spinach on it! Can't wait to see those cutie faces in next week's pro 365...enjoy lovin' on them during your week off!

  8. Clearly from your Thursday picture you are hard at work on Twitter, haha!!! :)

  9. The pizza looks good and what a cute baby!

  10. Hooray for vacation! I don't think you look excited enought!! :)
    Germs..ugh! Now that I am working in retail and touching money all of the time, I can't clean my hands enough!!
    Enjoy your week and I'll be looking forward to seeing lots of cute pics next week.

  11. enjoy your vacation and time with those precious little ones!!

  12. I had NO clue what "cornhole" was. None. So I just asked my family, and they knew!! I was glad to know because I've seen people playing that while tailgating, and it has perplexed me for quite some time! :) Yay! It's always good when questions are answered in my mind. LOL

    Sorry that pizza made you sick, but it SURE looks yummy!!

    Enjoy your vacation!! (And I hope you won't get sick...)


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