Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Frag - 1000 Post!!!!!

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday... & its time to frag... but first, I had no idea but when I went to create a post, I see that this, today, my Friday Fragments will be my 1,000 post!!! HOLY COW!  I have a lot to say apparently!  I think Ricky is just thankful that I have this blog because that's 1,000 less things I have to talk to him about! :)  A blog is a dream for husbands of gabby wives...

And to top off todays Friday Fragments, I saw over at the lovely Mrs4444's blog that I got the Favorite Friday Fragmenter award from last week... & what pushed it over the edge or me?  That adorable picture of my nieces!  See?  I told you they were cute!  Thanks Mrs.4444 ... it makes the 1,000 post even more exciting for me!

I saw this in a catalog.... a 6 Pack Drink Holder... & it even comes in PINK.  Now, I love my Diet Coke - but does someone really need to carry around 6 drinks ... around their WAIST?  Does anyone really want to carry this look off & think they look decent?  And what kind of situation are you in that you need to tote around 6 drinks that are going to get hot? ... I guess its a new way to look at your stomach area & think "6 pack"
So I just got a new laptop, right?  Literally, on day 30 of owning it, I started having problems with it.  When you turn it on, the fan kicks in high gear & just runs with the screen stuck - not budging - refusing to open Windows.  I called Best Buy who just told me to bring it in & then I called Toshiba.  They walked me through - had to take the battery off, hold down the start button for 20 seconds & put the battery back.  It worked... but it keeps doing it!  They told me, its getting "static in the computer" ... what the heck?  I'm not rubbing a balloon across my computer!!!  Where is this static coming from?  And I've never heard of this - but Toshiba says "This is common".... in what area of the world?

A BIG Congraulations to my Canadian friend, Jennifer!  She just gave birth Wednesday with her 2nd baby!  Jennifer is one of those nutty people who have patience enough to WAIT until the birth to see what the baby is... & she had a girl!!!  Paige Rylee!!!  I cant wait to see my friend, who is on roofs nailing shingles down & building homes with her husband - now turn into a pink loving, bow wearing, baby doll toting, kinda mom!! ... nah, Paige will probably be on top of a motorcycle before she can walk & have her own pink tool belt decked out with Dora stickers! :) 
Congrats Johnson Family!

So people on Twitter are pretty hilarious!  During the Chilean Miner Rescue, I created a "stream" that had comments from people everywhere about that topic... I literally choked from laughter on some of the comments... It was better then having a TV on Comedy Central.  Here is just an example of some Tweets:

*Whats up with the one miner predicting 6 more weeks of winter?

*At what point in the Chilean miner rescue/rehab are we going to bring them up to speed on Antoine Dodson? .... (Come on, you all are now singing "Hide your kids/Hide your wife")....

*If Nicholas Cage stars in a movie about the Chilean Miners wearing a fake mustache & sombreo, I'm quitting life.

& for those of you missing LOST
*Some time in the future, all 33 Chilean miners will find each other & say, "We have to go back"

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  "I'M SORRY" - NOW GET OVER IT!!!.... Ever have an argument & you just go to seperate corners like a boxing ring to stop for a minute... stew over it some more?  Yeah, we had that kind of argument this week - & I cant even remember what it was over - isnt that what most arguments are about - stuff you cant even remember?  And then the bell rings & the fight is back on & Ricky says, "I'm sorry" ... & because he said those words, you're supposed to immediately be like, "Oh, ok" - commence birds chirping & rainbows coming out of the sky... No - sorry, it doesnt work that way.  Which caused another argument... Am I alone here?  For me, I gotta have some Diet Coke & some knitting & possibly a run... & THEN the bird chirping & rainbows can come back out :)


Gonna finish off this week with this picture... It totally made me laugh... I love how proud this kid is!  ... I also, being a "background looker" - love the kid picking his teeth...

Happy Friday everyone... hope its FABULOUS!!!!


  1. First off, CONGRATS on the award! You totally deserve it!

    Ok...spats...girl, I am so with you! Why is it that men totally forget what they did wrong? The hubster did that to me last weekend, and I was like, "No way am I reminding you what you did. You need to figure it out." Took him a while, let me tell you, and then it was, "Like, what was the big deal?"


    Drink holder - I could totally see you wearing that thing as you ran one of your races. heehee

    Have a terrific day, my Friend!

  2. The LOST tweet almost made me spit coffee all over my laptop screen...HILARIOUS!

    Man, I miss that show.

    Happy Friday, Rebecca!

    (Oh, my...the word verification for today is "exhoes". Should I take it personally?)

  3. Big congratulations to you on both your 1000 post and the award. Hope you have an awesome weekend.

  4. I so laugh because you notice every detail of EVERY picture!!!!!!!! LOL!!! And those Chilean miner comments crack me up!

  5. Congrats on post number 1000!

    I've never heard of the "static computer issue". I does THAT happen?

  6. What a great post! Those miner comments cracked me up & 1,000 posts is amazing.

    I think my husband thinks the same thing about me having a blog, keep him from hearing about stuff he doesn't care about too much.

    Hugs & love,

  7. Happy Friday to you also... WOW that is great on your posting.. Yeah.. Thanks for you kind words today. I loved seeing that baby it made me smile.. Have a great weekend..

  8. Woohoo!! Congrats on your award AND your 1000th post! Awesome!

    LOL @ the six pack. Really. Who needs that? :0P

    Non-cooperating computers are SO FRUSTRATING!! Especially when they're new! Hope you get the issue worked out!

    Congrats to your friend on the new bebe!! Precious!

    LOL @ the tweets!

    We have spats regularly that I can't remember what they were about. Haha!!

    That picture is hilarious!!

  9. CONGRATS on the big 1000! My husband would agree with Ricky that I talk his ears off a lot less now that I blog! (ha)

    Your Chilean mine tweets crack me up! Wish I had Twitter so I could join in your fun sometimes. Between DWTS & that, you always keep me laughing girl.

    Happy Weekend RJ!

  10. I love the tweets. They made me laugh out loud.

    About your spat of the week ... I have taught my girls to apologize and the other has to respond with 'You're Forgiven'. They do a beautiful job at this and laugh it off. What I wasn't prepared for was (because they are watching me) having to do it myself. Yuck! It's HARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Congrats on the award AND the 1,000th post. That is awesome!

    I love the tweets. They almost made me want to start a Twitter account - almost.

  12. Congratualations on your 1,000 post and your award! I do love checking in on your blog, even when I wasn't writing I was "stalking" you lol!

    I've never heard of the static in the computer thing either! I hope it fixed it and you don't have any more problems!

    Loved our Twitter chat yesterday! Can't wait for you to get Elements and hope to catch you on Skype soon!

  13. Wow, 1,000! You have me beat. I think I am in the 700's.

  14. Sad about your new laptop. Maybe the static electricity is from your carpet? Computers can be so frustrating at times. Currently, mine is acting up by not finding the server when I go on the internet. I keep losing my connection! Could it be time for a new modem? What do you think?

    Stopping by from FF.

  15. 1,000 That is awesome!

    You totally deserved the fragment award that picture of total cuteness!

    The six pack is cracking me up. Who is buying those? Really?

    The laptop thing is scary. I hope you are able to get a real fix for it. That isn't very good on Toshiba's part for them to feel like it is "normal" or "usual".

    Congrats to the Johnson family! Babies are the best!

  16. Congrats friend!!! You are definitely my favorite Friday Fragger every week. Love you!!

    You are so funny. I love your insight, and of course, those cute neices were the deciding factor. I mean seriously!!

    Hope you have a Blessed weekend with LOTS of fragging material for next week.

    Love you,

  17. That picture is hilarious! I am in awe: the Friday Fragmenter of the week. I bow down to you! :D

  18. Congrats on your 1000th post! I died laughing when I read about the Chilean Miners saying, "We have to go back!" I love LOST.


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