Monday, October 18, 2010

TV Theme night... & Ricky has more to say then EVER...

Its Monday... my computer is up & working... & its time to sit back & take in some dancing... Let's get this recap party started!!!!

8:00 - "Its TV Theme Week" - Tom

8:02 - we're getting a run down detailed judges view of each Star that is left...

zzzzzzz...... Oh sorry - we're already 15 minutes in & we're still on "recaps" of the stars.  Just cut it down to an hour & a half ABC... this is boring....wake me up when they actually start dancing ....zzzzzzz....

8:27 - OH MY GOODNESS... FINALLY!!!!!  The stars being introduced.  I would have done my nails if I knew we had to wait this long...

8:30 - Brandy is kicking us off with "Friends" as their TV Theme

8:31 - OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Commercials!!! We're never going to see a Star dance tonight... can you tell this show is trying my patience tonight?....

8:34 - FINALLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY....Insert clap from "Friends" song (who can resist that clap?)

8:36 - "Its the best dance you've done yet" -Len

8:38 - "My biggest competition is my nerves & fear" -Brandy .... (& people like me who are rooting for you to get voted off...)

8:44 - RICKY STATUS:  "How in the world can ANYONE dance to the Brandy Bunch Theme? 

8:45 - "I will neither confirm nor deny any relationship" - Florence Henderson about Barry Williams - her SON, Greg, on the show... ewww.....

8:48 -  "you're a sexy senior..." -Carrie Ann

8:49 - "I wish I was a sexy senior...." -Len

8:55 - "Bewitched" is the theme for Kurt & Anna

8:57 - RICKY STATUS:  "This is great... I like this... this is great... he's doing great" ... Ricky honestly said the word "great" about 15 times... no, make that 16 - he just said it again...OH MY GOSH - 17 times... by the way, Ricky has NO IDEA I'm taking his words for the world to hear! :)

8:59 - "Just for the record, you were the first Darren?  Correct? -Tom .... "Of Course" -Kurt

9:00 - RICKY STATUS - "He deserved a 9!!! That was GREAT... how could they have done better.  They called him Gene Kelly!  Would they give Gene Kelly 8's?" .... I'm CANT make this stuff up...I've never seen Ricky so fired up about a dancer... I think Kurt Warner has a fan!

9:03 - Audrina taking a bite out of a whole onion to get prepared for some closeness with Tony... "You burned my nose hair with your breath" -Tony

9:09 - RICKY STATUS:  "They get a real song?  That's not even fair - COME ON!  That makes life too easy!" -Dancing to the song from "The Hills" which is actually "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield - for the record, I had no idea "The Hills" had a song. 

9:11 - "Dont be plastic - be fantastic" -Bruno

9:12 - "Carrie Ann sees "lifts" in her sleep" - Tom ...

9:18 - "We have Baywatch?" -Kyle ... "You wish!  We have Charlie's Angels" -Lacy

9:20 - The Fox Trot with Disco mixed in... I'd give a 10 for the costumes alone!  Lacy is totally giving Farrah the best shout out ever with that hair!

9:21 - RICKY STATUS: "I like it - if they dog him out, I'm done with this stupid show"

9:22 "It was Foxtrot possessed by Disco - Richard Pryor gone mad" -Bruno
9:23 - Carrie Ann gives a 8 ... Len gives a 5!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do what?  Thats insane!!!!  .... Ricky just said, "I'm done!"

9:29 - "They called me a MegaTron... this week I'm going to transform into a lover" - Rick Fox

9:30 - "You cant let Kurt Warner beat you" - some basketball coach guy? 

9:31 - Rumba to "Hillstreet Blues" theme... this is taking me back to every 80's award show where HillStreet Blues won everything!!!!

9:32 - "Officer, I'd like to report a crime!  Its a crime you look that good & you can rumba too... it just got hotter & hotter" - Carrie Ann.... saying exactly what I'm thinking...

9:40 - Bristol gets the theme to "The Monkees" .... Trivia fact about me - I had the biggest crush on Davy Jones when MTV did Monkee's Marathons... I seriously had posters around my room in the 80's of Davy Jones (we have the same birthday) - & I have since seen the Monkees a few times in concert... change that to SAD trivia fact about me...

9:41 - Mark is taking Bristol to learn some personality from clowns.... you know its bad when you go to clowns to get your personality to come out...

9:43 - after dancing in monkey suits & Bristol being totally off & not moving her feet at points during the song, everyone is clapping uncomfortably....

9:44 - The "Mark kissing Bristol Count" is up to 7 so far tonight... what is the DEAL with that? 

9:53 - "You're frustration doesnt help me" -Jennifer .... "So I have to bottle everything in?" -Derek .... we've got trouble in River City... or at least trouble in the practice ballroom

9:56 - "Married with Children" theme - Love & Marriage... appropriate that they were playing a married couple in this dance after the arguments they had during the week

9:57 - "It was good - but it wasnt the best.  You're eyes went blank" -Carrie Ann

9:58 - "Next week is the first ever "Rock & Roll week" - Is this the year of "themes"?  Uh oh - if its Rock & Roll - Ricky really may take over!!!!

9:59 - At the top is Brandy (BOOOOO!!!!) & at the bottom is Bristol ....

So what did you think of this week's theme?  Did you feel like Len was a split personality liking Monkey suits, but feeling like Jennifer was "too theatrical"?  Did you love Kyle's Fox Trot that was mixed with the Disco?  And anyone else wanting to get handcuffed by Rick Fox? Let's talk Dance folks!!!!


  1. Hey hey we're the Monkees. People say we monkey around.

    Sorry. I'm having issues getting past my jealousy of your Monkee Concert attendance.

    I'm also now going to look up Hill Street Blues on Hulu because I miss that show.

    (I missed the dancing-once again I defer to your judgement and vote to love who you loved!)

  2. Ok...what was UP with the recaps? Ugh. If they don't have anything better to show, don't show anything at all!

    Getting off of my soapbox now.

    Back to the show.

    I liked the theme this week. How funny that Ricky is starting to get into it! I had to laugh!!

    My favorite routine was the disco thing. I loved how she worked in the moves!!! Poo the judges!

    I still enjoyed Jennifer's routine.

    My least-favorite routine was Bristol's. I think she'll be going home this week. She moved like a robot. Where is her youthful energy? Being the daughter of a politician can be such a downer, I suppose. Poor girl. Oh, and what was Len's deal with complimenting her on the suit? And then he got onto Jennifer for her dust wand? What is up?

    Mrs. Brady and Greg...can you say w-e-i-r-d?

    Audrina...still not my fav. I don't know why, but she seems to wear a mask. Is it just me?

    Kurt...oooh laaa laaaa. Boy has moves!! That dance made me miss the show Bewitched, which I grew up on!!

    Rick Fox...interesting. Loved the piece with Phil Jackson. Is it me, or has he gotten old? Kind of sad...

    Ok...that's my take.

  3. I though Len was a split personality this week. How do you love monkey suits and criticize Jennifer for being too theatrical?

    Rick Fox is yummy!! I'd be ok if Bristol went home or Audrina. They are ok but I don't think they can go to the full level.

  4. While the Brady Bunch theme may have been a logical choice, it was also horrible. I am ready to see her go, too.

    I really like Kyle and Lacey...they are so much fun. I think perhaps Len was upset because they "ruined" 2 sacred things for him (the 70s and dance)?

  5. Handcuffed by Rick Fox? Oh, yeah! I thought Kurt did amazing (again)...He definitely has my heart. I hate to say it, but Brandy did really well...that comment was a definite turn off.
    My husband said our tv won't handle watching DWTS, so I'm exiled to another room to watch.

  6. this is part of the reason I gave up on DWTS - the show is so excruciatingly long and drawn out.

    It pays to just watch the recap and skip night one.

    Greg and Mrs. Brady is just all sorts of wrong but I bet it is true!

  7. oh, and my feed is broken so it may not be updating in your dashboard


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