Thursday, October 21, 2010

John Hughes couldnt have wrote this stuff...

Travel back in time with me... to the scary land of high school...

The time is 1989 & I was in "Computer Lab" - which at the time meant we had these monster sized computers that only had a green hue color on them, & the only way you could back up any information were these huge disks that were made with some sort of paper material & were about the size of a pop tart box.... yeah, technology was crazy back in the 80's

We'd even go all crazy every now & then & have a fun day of getting to play Oregon Trail!!!

I dont even know what we learned on these things... honestly... were they just big typewriters? 

So the computer were sitting around the outside of the wall, because goodness knows those monsters had to get plugged into the wall sucking every ounce of energy to run these "gigantic creatures of the future"...

The teachers desk was in the middle of the room.  When we would finish a project, we had to print it out, on our nice pin-feed-paper printer, tear off the sides of the paper & then put it in the teacher's box on her desk.

I finished my project, & since we were in the "future" in this room, that meant we also had chairs with wheels on them... like big time, real office workers, who play Oregon Trail... so I go to roll my chair back to put my paper in the box...

Only, I didnt see the person next to me had thrown their back pack on the floor...

So I'm rolling my chair back & it was like something in a movie.... Matrix style... slow motion... my chair goes backwards... & I'm landing with my feet in the air...

Now the story wouldnt be so embarassing if it stopped there... but of course, that day, I had on a skirt

yeah... a skirt... Thank God I listen to my mom & always made sure my underwear didnt have any holes in them.

And of course, it was right there in the middle of the room... for all to see...

The memories of high school... & you all wonder why I didnt go to my 20 year reunion?

I knew John Hughes was watching & penned what happened to put in one of his great 80's teenage movies... you can call me Molly Ringwald ...


You can click on the button & join in Mama Kat's Workshop.  The prompt I chose this week was:
3.) A wardrobe malfunction.

I know it was a weird way for my story to apply to that prompt... but my skirt... going over my head...
yeah, to me, that qualifies as a wardrobe malfunction! 

Mama's Losin' It


  1. Oh I remember those days! Seeing the computer cracked me up & the image on you with your feet in the air made me lol...sorry.

    I'm going to make a note to play along with this next week.

    Hugs & love,

  2. Yeah, I think that definitely qualifies as a wardrobe malfunction! I remember those big giant computer monsters too. We've come along way from those days...God, it makes me feel old!

  3. I even went to computer camp, where we learned to write DOS programs! Hysterical to think about now.

    You poor thing; of course you were wearing a skirt that day...Murphy's law, right?

    I love your version of a wardrobe malfunction!

  4. Oh, weren't those the days! The summer camp I used to work at still uses a dot-matrix printer for labels. Pin holes and all.

  5. oh that computer cracked me up. Especially Oregon Trail :-) Love it

  6. That's hilarious! Boy I remember those computers - except I'm older than you & didn't touch one until college. Shoot, our high school only had one electric typewriter LOL.

    Just FYI - I am blaming you for my red eyes & the fact that I had to repair my makeup on the way to work. I'm listening to The Hunger Games on audio book & this morning I just SOBBED. Oh sweet Jesus (I mean that in the most respectful way). Are they all like this, because I don't think I can handle not being able to see the road through my tears. Of course, I could be overreacting because of hormonal issues...

  7. That was indeed, uh, unfortunate. As an adult not such a big deal, but as a high school kid, I'm sure that was absolutely mortifying.

    (Stopping by from Mama Kat)

  8. First think I thought....Oregon Trail!!!! I've thought about that game off and on for a month or so now! We totally loved the days we got to play Oregon Trail in school!

    Although we weren't cool enough to have the chairs with wheels it sounds like a good thing!

    I never had that particular wardrobe malfunction in school...I did have my share and I can totally relate!

  9. Oh my I remember those computers and chairs. Great story telling today. Enjoy your day.

  10. I loved computer lab only because of Oregon Trail. That game was so much fun because it had the funniest things happen to you. They should remake it in modern day gaming style! :)

    What a funny story too RJ! I can just see you with your skirt covering your face and shoes in the air...hysterical!!

  11. Didn't know you posted at Mama Kat's!! YAY!!

    I so remember those computers and Oregon Trails seemed like such cutting edge technology!!!

    I seemed to have more malfunctions in skirts when I was in high school than another time in my life

  12. oh my gosh I remember those computers & Oregon trail haha!

    That was a beautiful recap of such a horrid malfunction! =)

  13. I remember the computers, like the others, too. What a flashback...Flash forward and we now have flash drives. I appreciate technology every day. We had Radio Shack TRS-80's. Well written and well illustrated. I, on more than one occasion had my skirt fall completely down while walking into work at a large corporation. How mortifying.

  14. simply make me laugh! THANK YOU!!!

  15. What is it about all of us having trouble with our skirts?

    Down with the skirt! Had to have been invented by men

  16. Ahh the skirts and those stupid computers! I was just looking through my school stuff last night for a picture of my "skirt" and what did I come across? One of the things I'd printed out from my high school computer class!! Thanks for sharing and stopping by-

  17. Oh my I just had a major flashback of computer class. Poor thing. I am so sorry you have to live through that.

    Thank you for stopping by and the kind words!

    I so need to check out all of your blogs. I am start Project 365 soon and I need to start a book blog badly.

  18. Yay, another John Hughes reference!

    I remember those computers.

    And I remember frequently wearing heels so high my ankles would give out in the middle of walking sometimes. I don't remember actually falling due to it, but yeah...kind of embarrassing, still. Especially if someone saw me trying to continue on as if it never happened!

  19. You certainly took me back in time this morning. Where did you even find these pictures? Did you draw the one of the person who had fallen out of their chair? Too funny! I promise I wouldn't have laughed tho. ;)

  20. Hahahaha! That visual is going to keep me happy for the rest of the night. Poor thing.

    And thank you. ;)

  21. Oh my word! That is too funny, girl!!! I do remember those computer days. I am ashamed to say that one of my high school classmates was so good on the computer that he would type our vocabulary words really itsy bitsy so we could tape them to our pens. He sold each copy for a buck.


    Bad, but I had the English teacher from down under (who I am not emulating).

    My wardrobe malfunction was when my bra came undone while I was playing a basketball school. Those were the days before sports bras.

    Not cool.

    Hence, I feel your pain.

    Enjoy your wonderful week with your babies!!


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