Monday, October 04, 2010

I got a new life motto from Dancing with the Stars...

Oh yeah - its Monday - time to live-blog the show full of madness & zaniness all wrapped up in rhinestones... I've got my "Dont apologize Bruno" sign held up in my room & I'm glad that Mr. Bolton aka Mr.Whiney is gone... lets get this party started...

8:00 - "Tonight is STORY NIGHT... the show that brought us "Papparazzi"... OH MY EYES!!! There's Kate Gosselin again.  I still cant see that red dress & not think of Jimmy Fallon imitating her!

8:01 "... will there be a Happy Ending?  LIIIIVVEEEEE - its Story Night on Dancing with the Stars"

8:02 - Big bird has died on Margaret Cho's head...

8:03 - "The use of props is encouraged" (for Story Night)... wow - we may actually see Len's head explode tonight

8:05 - The pros are giving an example of what a "story book" dance looks like.. I only care that Dmitry is there!  The only other recognizable pro is Kym...can we have the stars please?  I need to see Rick Fox... & soon...

8:08 - Jennifer Grey - finally!  A star!!!  ... Derek is WAY to excited when Jennifer says "Should I put my glasses on?" for her role as a school teacher..."That's kinda hot" -Derek

8:09 - "In order to stay on top of the leader board, we have to kick this Samba in its AAA*******S" -Jennifer Grey (& yes, she druggggggg out that last word)

8:10 - The first sighting of the year in FRINGE PANTS...

8:12 - "I'm having nun flashbacks" -Tom talking about Jennifer carrying a ruler in her teacher story

8:14 - Derek & Jennifer "re-doing" their part in the dance where they messed up... um... I didnt even notice they messed up the first time.... it was the fringe pants that distracted me

8:20 - "We were married for 20 years & I lost him 8 years ago... this bring back many memories of him... he'd be proud of me" -Florence talking about her husband

8:21 - a sweet waltz ending with a big old smooch between the dancers....very slow, but very precious...

8:22 - "I definitely think John is smiling down on you" -Carrie Ann

8:23 - There's Sharon & Kelly Osbourne in the audience... dang - Kelly is looking so good!!!!!!

8:30 - Kurt gets the music "Bad Day" & his story line is "we're going to do a dance of someone having a bad day"... WOW... the originality there is almost too much for one person!

8:31 - "Whoooo daddy - do it softer - with the pinky up" - Kurt's daughters having a tea party with him. They are in the cutest Cinderella dresses while Kurts, in a tiara, & his knees are to his chest sitting at the tiny table

8:34 - "It was charming" -Carrie Ann ...

8:40 - "This competition is the hardest thing we've ever lived through ... & we lived through WAR" - Margaret Cho imitating her parents

8:41 - Samba with "Copa Cabana"... "She wore yellow feathers in her hair"... now I get the Big Bird thing on her head.

8:42 - "I think this was the gayest thing that has ever happened" -Margaret in her rainbow dress

8:43 - "Its great to see Jack LaLanne's outfit come back" -Tom to Louis in his one piece jumpsuit

8:46 - Commercial Break... because I will always promote it myself - I am, afterall the star of the movie - "Beauty & The Beast" released tomorrow!!!!!  YAAHOOOOOO!!!!!!

8:52 - "The story line is a marine coming back to dance one last dance before he dies.... are you laughing?" -Tony to Adrina who admits she doesnt like to show her emotions

8:54 - "Tony & the smoke monster from Lost" -Tom

8:55 - "You walk with your feet & you dance with your heart & that was the most beautiful dance of the night" -Len

8:56 - "Bruno, you could have given me an 8 dude" -Tony - showing clips of his leg-waxing challenge from last week

9:02 - "The judges say they want to see Bristol in character & this song is full of emotion" -Mark

9:04 - "Just the way you are" - who sings that song?  I like it...

9:06 - "Dont listen to me Bristol - I told you last week to take a chance & you did & I didnt like it very much" -Len

9:07 - Bruno giving a "Dramatic" example... I think it scared the bee-jeez out of Len sitting next to him...

9:08 - "My public speaking is my testimony & who I am... THIS is not who I am"  -Bristol on the difference of being able to stand & talk in front of thousands of people but so comfortable in the ball room

9:08 - Anyone notice - Mark kissing Bristol at least 5 times on the cheek?  what's that about?

9:09 - "The package last week came across like we argue all the time.. it came across like I threw my partner under the bus" - Brandy... & its because that's exactly what happened... her PR people must have been on her for that little stunt last week

9:10 - "In real life, she's a singer & I'm her bodyguard in this competition" - Maks, picking "The Bodyguard" as inspiration for their Samba story

9:11 - "I'm senstive but I'm not weak" -Brandy.... um.... that could be my life motto!!!!!  One of my favorite things anyone has ever said on the show.

9:19 - "I dont condone that kind of teaching.... but it worked" -Carrie Ann ... on all the butt-smacking Maks is doing to Brandy...Calling all sexual harrasment laywers

9:24 "Who are "The Eagles"?  Arent they like "The Beatles"? -Lacey
"One's a bug, the other is a bird" -Kyle ... um yeah... the next generation right there folks

9:25 - "Being soft & elegrant is not Kyle's cup of tea so this waltz is a challenge for him" -Lacey

9:28 - "Everything you do just brings the fun to the floor" -Carrie Ann "I'm like a school girl with a major crush"

9:29-  "Your footwork is atrocious - its nonexistent" -Len ... excuse me - is this the man who yelled at Bruno last week who said you need to say something positive?  Mr. Pot - meet Mr. Kettle & call him Black again...

9:35 - "Musicaility - I think I have that... you cant fist pump without it" -the most pitifiul man alive The Situation

9:36 - another glass fetish?... he & Derek need to go to Dr. Bizers Vision World & pick out a lady to hit on

9:37 - did Karina just call him "the Sitch"????

9:43 - I saw a man in the audience cracking up while they were dancing... enough said...

9:45 - Michael Bolton is coming back tomorrow to sing... that'll be interesting..

9:52 - "The story is you've lost the big game & everyone is mad at you" -Cheryl
"That's actually happened, I can relate to that" -Rick Fox
"Really?" - Cheryl... come on, like you didnt know that putting this together?

9:53 - "I got a 26 yr old peep-squit saying I'm not sexy" -Rick Fox ... Mr.Fox... she's wrong... 100% wrong!

9:54 - we got full shirt open on Mr. Fox... Cheryl must have rethought that "sexy" thing!

9:56 - "It was hot... keep bringing it on" -Bruno....

9:59 - Story night is in the books... The leader board has Audrina in the top with Margaret in the bottom.  Everyone is clapping except for Bristol & Mark... maybe she needs a kiss on the cheek? 

What did you think dancing fans?  Did Rick Rock it for you?  Do you think Margaret is going to go?  Do you think Brandy is trying to pull a "love me" kinda attitude now?  And does the friends of "The Situation" in the audience make you feel like if you dont clap, they'll punch you in the face?

Let's talk dance!!!!


  1. I, being a Marine wife, was very offended that Tony was wearing Dress Blues WITH RIBBONS AND A RIFLE AWARD! If they would have just left off the ribbons, and had him dressed properly in the Blues, it would have been okay. Even my husband said "Any Marine watching this is cringing." Not only was I offended by him wearing ribbons and awards that he didn't earn, it's also against the law. You can be thrown in jail for that! I loved their dance, but, I couldn't get over the way they actually disgraced the military by having him dance like that.
    It would be like me walking around with a PhD. I didn't earn it! It just really bothers me.

  2. I think Margaret will be the one to go. I really like Kurt Warner's dance! LOVED him having tea with his girls!! So sweet! And I love for Jennifer Grey. I think she did great even though she made a few mistakes!!

  3. Jennifer is my fab. I am not sure what will happen tonight Bolton is coming to sing should be a great night. Enjoy your day!

  4. I just caught last night's show on Hulu...I forgot it was on!
    I absolutely love Kurt Warner...his story of meeting his wife...he IS charming, for sure!
    Yes, she did call him "The Stitch". I agree with Len on that one...I thought it was AWFUL.
    Rick Fox...nothing else needs to be said! What does a 26 year old pipsqueak know?
    I've gotta say: Jennifer Grey really shouldn't be on the show, her being a dancer and all. I don't care that she "hasn't done it in a while"; I'm sure it's like riding a don't forget the technique!

  5. That comment from Brandy definitely stood out for me, too! So true!

    And yeah, Maks needs to cut out the butt smacking. I get that when you dance you become comfortable with each others' bodies, but that's not appropriate.

  6. I love the show but your reflections on the night are too funny to miss.

  7. Sorry I didn't have comments that evening. Work is crazy this week! I will just say that I am totally glad that Margaret is out. I am kind of getting tired of certain political things being pushed on shows like this. This is supposed to be entertainment, and it's getting annoying.

    Nuff said.

    Bristol was bad. Hope she does better next week.

    Loved Jennifer's fringe pants. I must buy a pair!!

    Florence's dance was so sweet! I would really love to learn how to dance a waltz!

    The "Sitch" needs to go. What was up with letting them do the encore presentation? Get Karina out!!

    Brandy...icky. I just do not care for her. Don't know why. Makim better watch out. He's gonna lose sportcaster girl if he keeps up the antics.

    Loved Rick, but the shirt thing really looked uncomfortable. You could tell it was thrown in at the last minute.

    Loved Kyle. Even my son, who does not like this show, found him enjoyable to watch.


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