Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Me... Steven Curtis Chapman.... a few feet apart

So last night was the night I had been counting down to....

The Night with the Chapmans...

And you all know, all I ask in life is to get my picture with the love of my life, the most amazing man ever, the perfect father, husband who has the most incredible voice...(NO!  Not my husband!!!)... Steven Curtis Chapman... duh!

So are you prepared?... you ready for this?  Here we go!!!!
NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I didnt get a picture with him!!!!!!!!! 

And actually I havent downloaded any of my pictures from my camera...I will be doing that tonight & I did get some A-maz-ING pictures of Steven & Mary Beth... just none with me in it... (big ole let down sigh)...

We got there for the meet & greet & I should have suspected something when I was the only one there bouncing off the walls, jumping with excitement, all giddy as a 10 yr old at a Justin Beiber concert... everyone else was very serene looking, dressed in very dark clothing - I thought there was a dress code I missed because everyone was in black/brown/grey... Me?  I was in a bright pink sweater with my bright pink flower in my hair...

We get in the room & there are chairs in the front ... I look at the door & I thought I heard angels sing because there he was.... walking in the room ... I think my mind must have played games because I think he was moving in slow motion aka Mr. Hoff on Baywatch... but there was no red swimming trunks...

He & Mary Beth sit in the front chairs & welcome everyone & are just as cute as can be.  One thing about Mr. Chapman - he's a talker... see, arent we perfect for each other? 

But then his manager - who I was so excited to see because I follow his blog & have never seen him in person - was going around with a microphone asking if anyone has any questions...

crickets... crickets... no one was talking..

So leave it to the giddy, jumping, ready-to-pee on herself girl to ask a question... yes, that would be me...

And I thought, lets have a light hearted question - something to break the ice since no one is talking.

My question - WILL YOU MARRY ME? .... no!!!!! I didnt ask that!

I said - "So lets go back to the early 90's - tell me about that hair & about the big dramatic hair cut from the mullet" - he laughed... YES, I made Steven Curtis Chapman LAUGH!!!! I even made Mary Beth giggle & then he went on to tell the story of his hair...

All the while looking right at me... into my eyes... I saw the connection... he could tell in my eyes I love him... I know he saw it

The microphone was taken away... because hold up, if no one else is going to talk - I've got 1,001 questions I can ask... but the next question... someone asked him if he would come to his church to promote adoption.  (Rude?)
He politely declined...

Then the air went out of the room - the next few questions showed me why everyone else was so serene & not as "bouncy" as I was....

A grandmother told her story of her grandchild being stillborn after a perfect 9 month pregnancy & how she cant get her son & daughter-in-law to move on 10 months later to healing... what advice do they have?

Another woman talked about how she lost her daughter at 2 months old & what advice would you give for a grieving mother?

Finally, a woman told a story of her daughter who had drowned & their song going to day care every day was "Dive"... & when her daughter was drowning in their pool, that song was actually playing by the radio station... this woman believed it was a sign that there was celebration even in the loss of a life here on earth...

Folks, there was not a dry eye in the room... It was heart wrenching to hear these stories...

There was even a news reporter in the room that was bawling his eyes out... I'm talking SOBBING... that's how emotional the room was...

So needless to say, at the end of our time with Steven & Mary Beth, they just had the manager pray & they slipped out ...

So there were no autographs & no pictures with anyone... & really, who wanted a picture when everyone's faces were red-nosed & snot covered? 

Yep - the quest for a Steven Curtis Chapman picture will continue... & I will not be faltered! Just gives me even more reason to stalk follow him to all his concerts...

And in the end, Ricky said, "you know he totally noticed you the whole time with that big ole flower on your head" ...  And at least he'll remember I was the girl who caused laughter in the room... I made an impression, I'm sure :)

It wasnt what I thought it would be... but I wouldnt trade it for the world... AND I was a few feet away from THE man himself... who can ever turn that down...

And believe me - you're going to love the pictures I took of Steven & Mary Beth in the room... & some of the concert - which was, as always, FANTASTIC!!!!!! 

The Quest .... to be continued....


  1. My goodness. It must just be the season they are in with their ministry that so many would unload devastation to them all the time. My word. They need our prayers, don't they? God has given them a unique, HARD platform to minister.

    I love it that YOU were the one that brought laughter and I'm sure that was appreciated (I'm sure God got a kick out of it, too). I have no doubt there will be a picture with the two of you someday. It just has to be.

    Can't wait to read more.

  2. RJ,
    You, my girl, are one.of.a.kind. =) Your question, so funny.

    What a moving and poignant meeting.

    So glad you had such a good time. Looking forward to seeing pictures.

    Love you friend,

  3. Deidre's comment made me on earth are they able to minister to people like this when they are so fresh from their own loss. That has got to be so difficult. I am certain that God put you in that room to be a light for the Chapmans, as much as he is a light for you. I'm sure you brought a breath of fresh air with you!

    Can't wait to see the photos!

  4. And soooooo bummed you didn’t get a picture, but still sounds like the perfect night!!! :)

  5. I LOVE that you made them laugh! And I know that they will remember you the next time they see you! And you should definately get a picture if they remember you!!!

  6. I can understand the need to discuss the passing of a child with someone in the spotlight who has been there.

    But I think it is great that you talked about something funny and light hearted and made the man chuckle! :)

  7. What an amazing experience! Glad you made him laugh! That's so YOU! :)

  8. I'm so glad that you made them laugh. What a burden they must carry, what a path they are on. I read her book, See & it was a-maze-ing, I'm sure you know.

    Can't wait to see the pics!

    Hugs & love,

  9. My thought exactly: He'll definitely remember you with the bright colors and making him laugh! Hey, you should travel around with them and be his "icebreaker"! :D

  10. Oh my gosh you are so funny!!!! I could so picture this whole thing!!

    In the early 90s he came to our small town in ND to do a concert and our church fed them...those were his mullet days.....I actually have video of him from the dinner!!!!

    And this sunday, you know we are doing the heroes of the faith, we are moving to present heroes and he is our first!!!

  11. Sorry you didn't get the photo you wanted... I've never been to a concert, they cost to much when you spend all your free $ on figure skating competitions haha!

  12. I can see how pictures didn't happen.

    I have to echo everyone else that it is a special moment that you got to make the room laugh...and he will totally remember you between the soul connection and the big flower!

  13. Wow! This is very interesting. I guess it wasn't your typical Fan-Meets-Mega-Star sort of gathering, eh?

    I'm glad that you did get to sort-of meet him, and I am so glad that YOU were YOU. I'm sure that he will not forget the question as it's probably not the typical ones he's gotten in the past. In fact, dare I say that Larry King never asked him this? heehee

  14. PS That picture of that little girl with her hands up CRACKS ME UP!!!!

    I just downloaded some SCC on itunes! :)


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