Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Fragments... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday... & not just ANY Friday... its October 1st... which means its my MOMMA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!  The most beautiful, funny, incredible mom anyone could have... yeah, that mom - my mom - its her birthday! 

(isnt she so cute in her penny loafers?)

No one else could be the awesome Tab-loving, Wizard of Oz crazed, friend of the friendly, awesome lady you are... I love you mom!!! Happy Birthday... (I'll be over later for cake)


Wait... its October???? Holy cow!!!

Since it is October, Sunday is also our beautiful grandbaby's birthday... 3 years old!  I cant believe he will be 3... as in 1,2,3!!!!  Where does the time go?  He'll be up visiting us in a few weeks & then we can have a birthday cake with him.  Here is a reminder of birthday #2 with him...

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  SOCK!  More specifically - socks that are pulled off the feet & left in a ball.  That's how my husband takes them off, by just rolling them up somehow - so when I do the whites, I have to sit & pull all the socks until they are straight.  Because if you dont, then you wash them & they take forever to dry and/or you pull them out & then stuff like grass comes out where they too were wrapped up in a ball.  I think when I do whites, it takes me a good extra 15 minutes to pull socks straight... the things a wife has to do....


The situation with the dog-sitting & having 6 dogs in my house has been so much fun!  When my brother comes to get his dogs, I think my dogs are going to be depressed because they're going to miss having "young blood" in the house.  The young-ness in our visitors have brought out the young in my dogs... uh oh... does that mean I need to get a new dog? 


OK - I'm going to say it... I'm Team Bruno... Michael's Bolton Jive WAS the worse jive ever... sorry!  It was... we all know it was... Michael Bolton is just moody.  The judges have said way worse things to other dancers.  Get over it Mr. Bolton.  Its just a dance show.  Its not like its world peace or anything.


I am 100% into "The Hunger Games" series... I'm now in the middle of Mockingjay & sad its all almost over.  I have devoured these books.  (The reviews of the first two are on my book blog) ... but now, I'm thinking I may need to be Katniss for Halloween.  Where are my bows & arrows?


Katy Perry... Seasame Street... how did this blow up into something big?  What I dont get is - you know there had to be a stylist on hand - did they not see what she was wearing & they still put her on the set?  And really, do you think kids would even care?  They're going to be looking at Elmo & singing with him - they dont care about cleavage... I'm feeling like such a rebel today - first Team Bruno.. now I'm adding Team Katy on my list

Now if Katy Perry was wearing something like this... then I'd see the problem...

This is when Halloween & knitting DONT mix...

Hope everyone has a wonderful first October Friday!!!!


  1. We have the same issue in our house with the socks! I had to tell the Big Guy when we first lived together, "Look, I will do the laundry and fold and put away your clothes, but I will not iron anything you wad into a ball, pull your socks out of a wadded ball." And I haven't. Sometimes his socks stay that way and come out of the dryer in a wad. When that happens, I have him match up his own socks to put away.

    It corrects the problem.
    For about a week.


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!! Eat a piece of cake for me too =)

    Have a Blessed weekend friend,

  3. I love your Friday Fragments - you're such a nut. I agree with all of your controversial stands (although I also wonder why the stylist didn't see that Katy's outfit might be a problem for PARENTS - but parents really need to take a chill pill sometimes).

    I don't know - add a bow & arrow & I think that knitted outfit would be PERFECT for your halloween costume :)

    P.S. Dr. M does about as much laundry as I do (maybe more) so he's pretty good about not wadding his socks. In fact, I'm not really supposed to wash his pants because he's very particular with how they get hung up. Works for me!

  4. Happy birthday to your Momma!!!!!

    There are no words for that last picture, haha!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Alma!!!

    Ok, so Isaac is totally in love with that Katy Perry Elmo skit. I played it the other day when someone posted it on FB, and he took over my computer and seriously he played it over and over and over for an hour (yes, he knows how to hit replay on youtube), then the next day asked about Elmo again. He giggles through the whole thing, especially the part where she's running after Elmo, chasing him.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!

    I joined a book club at Emerson's school, and the Hunger Games is the first one we're going to read. I'm really excited.

    I don't get the Katy Perry thing either, Elmo's the one running around naked!!!!

  7. That knitted "outfit" scares me.

    The Katy Perry thing is so overblown. People need to get over it. Sesame Street has had other controversial people as guests. It is what they do. If you don't like it, don't let your kids watch it.

    Happy Birthday to your mom!!

  8. What a week.. My little one turns three this month also and yes time goes by. I am with on the DWTS thing for sure. Katy they should have looked at what she was wearing and then put a different shirt on. It was a little wild and I do not think any children would really care but I guess they have an image and should have done this on there own. Oh well..

  9. I. Am. Dying - I though MY mom was the only one who still drank Tab!!! We joke that she's the one keeping the brand in business!!! Too funny!

    Uhm, yeah, that knit Halloween costume? That's special. Real special.


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