Saturday, October 09, 2010

I was proud to wear PINK!!!!


This morning, I got to witness heroes... all in pink!

It was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure....

I have been dying to run another 5k & was excited for this race to be the next one I did....

Before the race, they had a "Parade of Survivors" with all the kick-butt women & a few men, who have battled Beast Cancer... they got to walk with pink pom-poms & have people cheer them on.  I knew no one in this parade of people, but I teared up at just the smiles on their faces.  I was inspired just seeing these warriors...

I used this motivation of strength to get myself ready for the race....

Seeing the signs on people's back on why they were running was just a reminder on how many people are touched by Breast Cancer...

Can you see all the people getting ready to cross the bridge?  I believe they said there was over 10,000 people there.

There was definitely an energy in the air.... the strength of people who have face a battle - & who have WON!  And people there in honor of those who had finished their battle...

There were young, old, every size, shape of people there.... Breast Cancer... it has no favorites - it'll pick anyone... why we all need to keep fighting together.... SAVE THE TATA'S!!!!!

For the record - this was my best 5K I've ran!!!  I think all the pink was inspiring!  And who knew I could run while toting my camera!  Now, that's talent!!!!



  1. Proud of you my friend... love the pictures... hate the reason for the run... too many friends lost to this disease... to many lives changed forever... but happy to see that there is support... that there is love... and that there are those that cancer has NOT beaten!!!!

    And way to beat your time... keep up the good work!

  2. What a wonderful woman you are! Just from a girl who had an aunt with breast cancer, THANK YOU!

  3. Kudos to you!!!!

    My niece just did the 3 day walk in DC.

  4. Way to go! I used to do the walk until my arthritis derailed me.

  5. RJ,
    WOW over 10,000 that is amazing!! And signs on the!!!

    Love you friend....have a Blessed Lord's day,

  6. Wow! There sure were an awful lot of people there! That's amazing! It's incredible that there's so much awareness about Breast Cancer!

  7. that's so awesome you did the race! what an experience. i've always wanted to do one. so inspiring!


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