Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day... Part One

I get a wake up call from Ricky Christmas morning... he's leaning on the side of the bed, his face right in mine & I hear, "Its 7:00" ... like a little kid waiting to run down to see what Santa has.  I open one eye & say, "Why did you just wake me up?" ... he told me he thought I wanted to start baking early.  Well, yeah.... but 7:00 am?  I guess for Ricky, 7:00 am is kinda on the late side... mercy, give me strength Lord. 

So I get up & what do I see?  Snow on the ground... beautiful, white, fluffy snow.  It was perfect because everything was covered, EXCEPT the roads - so the travel wouldnt be affected for anyone. 

Into my kitchen I went... I started baking some new recipes.. & my kitchen smelled like sugar heaven.  Here is a picture of the Praline crackers I made - & I tried a recipe for Triple Fudge Bars ..... WHEW WEEEEE - they were wonderful!  Chocolate heaven!  And then we warmed up Cinnamon Rolls that Julie made, from Texas. I am assuming they are from the Pioneer Woman, because Julie loves all her recipes... I think in just the few cinnamon rolls we ate, Ricky & I each had a stick of butter that was in them... they were INCREDIBLE... only on Christmas morning can a calorie count reach 1,000 before 8:00 am

Ricky & I had our Christmas together... it was wonderful & I'll show you in Part 3 some of the goodies he got me... Part 3?  Yes - I dont want to have a blog post that takes all day to read & 150 pictures.... I'm only thinking of you bloggy friends :)

My family came over later in the afternoon... & we werent lacking food!  I must have been too busy eating to take pictures of the food because I didnt get a darn-tooting-one.  If I took pictures, I probably ate them... I'm telling you - anything in my path was in danger of getting chomped down!  My parents bought a honey-baked-ham & between that & all the finger foods & deserts - I know I gained a good 5 lbs... Merry Christmas to me...

It was time to take some pictures of the twins with their Papaw & their Yaya

Sophia was then ready to give her undivided attention to BRUNO!!! She loves my little fur-baby... All the other dogs ended up outside (dont worry, they have a heated enclosed room to go into) but Bruno does nothing but just lay & want to be held, so he's no problems in crowds.  And that's just what Sophia was happy about - Bruno's undivided attention.

How do you not love both of these faces?

Then.... the TIME ARRIVED... put all the dogs, grandparents, food, anything aside... it was time to get BUSY...just what the twins were excited for.  When they came over, they said, "Do you have any presents for us Aunt Bec?" - I kept saying, "No. Do you love me anyways?" - they just laughed & walked away every time... like, "dont even play with us - no presents on Christmas Day aint even a joke" ... so when they saw they indeed had a few presents, they were all giddy... the excitement of kids on Christmas Day... nothing like it...

What's in the boxes?  You'll have to check back for Part 2....

Believe me, there are more pictures of these adorable girls... how can you think about missing that? :)


  1. Such sweet pictures - especially the one with Bruno and Sophia! Adorable.

  2. oh my gosh, my husband did the same thing!!! Right before 7, I feel him shaking me (from a DEAD sleep might I add) and saying "the kids will be in here any minute (yes the GROWN kids)" He says that he was just trying to help me out before I got jumped didn't work..the kids showed up seconds later! :)

    can't wait to see the rest!

  3. Great pictures! Reading about all that food is making my stomach growl! It sounds good! Looks like the girls were really enjoying the day...and the teasing!

  4. Oh can't wait to see more.. Thanks for sharing those pictures.. Love the dog ones too cute.. Have a great day..

  5. Your pictures are always so pretty, Rebecca! Can't wait to read part 2!

  6. I love your picture of the Christmas tree with the snow in the background!


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