Saturday, December 04, 2010

Project 365-40

Sunday - Taking it easy .... Sunday, after church, it was just a lazy day.  I just worked on some Christmas presents while the doggies had their bones to snack on.  The Christmas season should be enjoyed by everyone... fur or no fur...

Monday - Nuts & Bolts!!!!!! .... This is a necklace that I got from a friend's Premiere Jewelry Business... I love it.  Love the name of it is "Runway" too.  I feel like I should strut when I wear it.  But it was so funny when I put it on in the morning.... I dont usually wear anything other then my basic pieces so Ricky's not used to seeing me in anything different.  When I put it on & was getting ready, he kept looking at me.  Finally, he said, "Why do you have hardware on your neck?" ... "Hardware?" .... "Yeah - it looks like you have nuts & bolts around your neck!" .... that's a guy for you!

Tuesday - My new favorite Winter Treat.... I have mentioned it a few times, but here is proof.  Reddi-Whip on my hot chocolate... its the BEST... just looking at this & writing about it now has me craving it... So good with the hot drink & the cold whip.... If you have never tried it - its a must!

Wednesday - Why pay less? ... isnt the saying, "Why pay more?" ... but not in this case.  I was looking online at handheld GPS systems for Ricky for Christmas & saw this.  I had to laugh.  You can buy the USED one for more... & what do you bet someone probably did... online shopping - you gotta keep your eyes out!

Thursday - Knitting in the Hospital.... I got to take my dad to the hospital for an early morning wake up call.  He had a milogram so he was back in the x-ray for awhile.  I had my knitting bag with me, kicked back & got a lot done.  Even was showing a nurse the things I was working on... knitting always gets conversations going - no matter where you're at!

Friday - The BEST Surprise!!!! - my awesome friend Heidi sent me a surprise in the mail.  She has also taken on her love of photography & is venturing into that world of business.  She has been the best encouragement for me on learning that dang-gum-Photoshop Elements & I love her even more because she has even sent me emails saying she's praying for me when I was doing the Rollins photo shoots ... how cool is that?  So this is what she sent me... its a little thing you put around the lens of your camera & its made to keep kids looking at your camera - holds their attention!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?????  It really made me smile... Thank you Heidi!  You ROCK lady!!!

Saturday - Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow... Yes, I was going to go out & do some Christmas shopping - but there was snow when I woke up & it snowed all day long.  Not a huge, deep snow... but enough to make you just want to stay inside.  I only went out to get the mail (that's when I took this picture) - then I ran right back in &  got snuggled right back under my blankets & needles & yarn in hand...

BRRR... the snow makes me cold looking at it....

I'm anxious to see what December looks like where you're at... happy Clicking!


  1. Our "fur babies" have their own stocking at our house for Santa to fill too. Everyone deserves Christmas goodies!

    I love the little dog for your camera creative!

    Now I have to go make myself a cup of hot chocolate after seeing yours...but I don't have any Reddi-Whip...oh, wait I do have some Cool Whip in the freezer!

    And snow...oh my word...we rarely if ever get snow and when we do it is usually less than that! Enjoy the white stuff for us RJ. :)

  2. your puppy is so sweet. I just may have to try shaving Lily. I just always thought she would look weird without all her hair!!!

    love the necklace, but had to laugh at Ricky's description!

    snow! aack!!!

  3. Love the doggie picture. I've been praying for your family.

    Hugs & love,

  4. LOL about the "nuts & bolts"! Men!
    Your fur baby is just adorable! How cool that you got snow! We love snow, especially when we get out school!

  5. OK, I don't have any reddiwhip either, but I do have Cool Whip - I'm going to add some to MY hot chocolate - thanks (to you AND Gretta) for the idea!

  6. RJ,
    Lovin' your nuts & bolts (Ricky And girl, I LOVE your shoes in that pic. I so need a pair of those. Do they come in yellow plaid?..... or how about green plaid?.... Oh my how fun!!!

    I love that camera accessory. How cute. You can try it out on those little g-babes. BTW are they coming in for CHRISTmas?

    I'm praying for you and your family girly. Please let me know if you need anything.

    Love you girl,

  7. Well, I think your "nuts and bolts" necklace is lovely! :)

    I think a lot of us feel that way about snow -- I got enough of it during the 20 years we lived in Michigan and I couldn't have cared less to see it again in this lifetime. But I'm happy about WHY we're in the "frozen tundra" again, so I guess I'll put up with it :)

    Great idea/tool for photographers!

    Have a wonderful week!

  8. December never looks like that around here. Currently it is raining outside and the temps have dropped down to the high 30's. So it's still cold, just never cold enough to snow, only get you all soaking wet and shivery.

  9. Nuts and bolts...that is funny. Not what I see at all! :)
    I would love to learn to knit someday. Guess I have to have time first!
    BTW love that the used GPS was more. Hilarious!
    Have a great week!!

  10. Knitting is a very productive hobby! My mom used to knit but I never tried it. I think in my mind I equate it with sewing and since I hate sewing, there you go. Your puppy dog looks so happy! Our dog loves the snow too!

    Here's a link to a post about how our December looks now:

  11. I've never heard of that camera accessory you mentioned! Might be worth looking into--whatever it is. Really.

    You have the cu-yoo-test dogs EVER!!! Oh, my goodness!

    You're like me--never go anywhere without SOMEthing to be doing in case you get stuck waiting. I go crazy when I have nothing to do.


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