Monday, December 06, 2010

Your own strength....

You all have seen my beautiful Yellow Lab, Buffy...

She's about 100 lbs.  She's a BIG GIRL... & yes, she thinks she's a little lap puppy.  I tend to think she gets that from me - a gal my size who thinks I'm a size zero... sometimes reality & dream worlds are far apart - that's OK...

But the one thing about Buffy - she's clumsy... I'm talking CLUMSY - with all capital letters.  She gets THAT from Ricky!  But she will trip over herself running to get a ball - or will step in dog poop when she's running - & that's saying if there is only a little pile in a HUGE field - she'll find it & step in it... that's her luck.

So I had to laugh when Buffy had a run in with something that looked like this...


You all know its all around my house.  Especially right now when I'm trying to make a few Christmas presents.  There is always a skein of yarn at my feet. 

Well, I must have pulled out a lot of yarn because there was a pile of loose yarn on the ground.  Enter that big, yellow, clumsy dog & she steps RIGHT INTO the middle of it... It gets all tangled around her feet...

...Then because the normal thing to is panic, she gets herself even more tangled in it... & then she's really freaking out...

I keep telling her to stop - in the middle of my laughing at her freaking out... I'm that person who laughs when others fall or stumble, so even if its a dog, I had to laugh.

Then I noticed, she just stopped - she looked so defeated - she looked like she was going to be snared forever.  She just sorta stopped & laid down... not because I told her too (she probably couldnt understand me anyways from my laughing) - but she laid down because she thought she was trapped... that this yarn was going to hold her down.

Its yarn... on a 100 lbs dog....

I helped her out of it & then thought, "Wow - she had no idea her own strength."  I mean, she could easily have taken off running & probably BROKEN the yarn in two ... but instead, she felt like this thin, plied piece of wool could take her down... & it did...

How often do we do that?  Run into things in life & we just feel like its going to take us down?  That we dont realize the strength we have inside of us?  Even more so when we have the strength of Christ in us!!!  Do we forget that too & just surrender?  Lay down?  Give up?

But God comes along & helps us - either gives us the strength to get out of the situations ourselves ... or sends someone to help us out of the tangled messes....

Next time you're in a tangled mess in life... dont give up so easily... remember your own strength!

"I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength"
-Philippians 4:13


  1. Thanks for the verse.... we all need a reminder sometimes!!

  2. What a wonderful thing to look at for sure.. Thanks for the great post and words.. Belle torn her sweater well it got caught on another dogs collar.. I have to get her a new one.. Have a great day..

  3. Wow, definately something I needed to read and think about today. Are you sure you're not reading my mind lol!

  4. snort snort snicker! At first glance I thought Buffy had a run in with...a giant tapeworm.
    I about stopped reading the post thinking it was gonna get weirder! Glad to read it was knittng yarn instead! LOL

  5. I did laugh at the thought of Buffy being defeated by yarn. Good post!

  6. Wow, I needed to hear this today. Thank you for sharing your insight.


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