Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sally The Elf

I know some of you have an "Elf on your shelf" for your kiddos....

If you dont, or havent heard of it - its where you have an elf in your house & it's job is to watch the child in your home & report back to Santa how that child is behaving... very Big Brother...

My twin nieces each had their own elves last year. 

This year, Madi said she didnt want her elf coming back... I cant say I blame her.  Who wants prying eyes watching every move you make?  And who wants a sneaky elf disappearing & showing up in a new place each morning? 

But not Sophia - she was anxious to welcome her elf back, whom she named "Sally".

Sophia told me that the way to get her to come back is to leave our Saltine Crackers & ICE Water... not just plain, room temperature water - it HAS to be ICE water!!!! That's an Elf's favorite...Sophia even told me, if it melts, I have to put another piece of ice in  - "just the way Sally likes it"...

My brother sent this picture to me yesterday...

The note says:  "Dear Sally, I want you to come back to my house.  Love Sophia.  PS - Write Back"

Is that not the most precious thing!!!  I love Christmas through a kids eyes... the magic they feel...

The only thing I would say though to Sophia... there's no ice in that water! :)

(I need to "write back" for Sally & have my brother leave it for her... any ideas on what "Sally" can say?)


  1. That is very cute! One year as a child my mom & dad wrote a "reply letter" from Santa to me. I thought it was the coolest thing ever that Santa wrote back to me about my list!

    Whatever you write (sorry, i don't have any ideas) I know your niece will love it!

  2. How about "I'm so excited that it is Christmas and you will be able to see me again! I have been with you ALL year long, as Santa needs to know if you've been good ALL year. But you can only see me when the MAGIC of Christmas makes me appear. Looking forward to having fun with you!"

    Sophia will love it... Madie, she may just freak out thinking she is being stalked by an elf ALL year long!!! ;)

  3. I love her name, sophia, the Greek word for wisdom....cute pic

  4. I have had an elf since the year we were married. It is just a silly one that came off of the top of a cheap box of candy. I put it out every year with the same story you told, however, I have always thought it was unique to us. I thought I had made up the story:) My grown granddaughter told me last year that she was terrified of him and hated him. She still does not like to see him up in his spot.
    I, like you, relish in experiencing Christmas through the eyes of our little ones.
    Merry Christmas and all of God's Blessings to you and your family this season and the following year:)

  5. How adorable! I used to love making "Reindeer Food" and putting it out on the lawn on Christmas Eve.

    Hugs & love,

  6. Too sweet! Just write from your can never go wrong with that! ;)

  7. Very sweet! I'm thinking Yaya wouldn't want the elves eyes watching her. She's a mischievious little thing.

    Oh, and how curious that Yaya and your neice both love the name Sally.

  8. That is a cute idea. I have never heard of it before.

    Sally needs to ask her, "What is one thing that you are going to do for someone else today?"


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