Sunday, December 12, 2010

Project 365-41

Whew - its been such a busy week & weekend - I almost forgot to do my Project 365.. & so close to the end of the year... Its late, but I remembered... so here's my past week

Sunday - Stop in to see the family.... my parents had to run over to my brothers & I was heading to my house so I made a pit stop to see everyone.  Here is my mom holding Sophia, who is playing with that new doll that sings... I guess my mom is imitating the doll here, singing for it... I just love how the dog is leaning against my mom too... everyone, lay on my mom... apparently she's comfy :)

Monday - MY FIRST CHERRY PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... I've never made a cherry pie but had been wanting to do it... had the recipe, went & got the ingredients & put the rubber to the road & fired up the oven.  It might have a rip in the crust, but it was yummy!!!!  I did pretty good not burning the edges of my crust too, if I dont mind saying... & it didnt last long - It was goggled up quickly.... yummmm....

Tuesday - Nose bleeds arent pretty.... yes, you all know I embarass myself in my Project 365 - so what's one more picture?  My nose would not quit bleeding... this is like the 3rd day in a row & I'm talking gusher.  At least I was nice & put in a new tissue before I took the picture.  This is how I sat at my computer most of the week... nice, huh?

Wednesday - Final Practice... This was the final run-through for our Christmas Program that was going to take place on Sunday.  Here are two of my favorite people in the world, Lynn & Carly going through their song... mother/daughter singing together - how precious is that? 

Thursday - I am now crowned.... with my 7th crown.  OH MY GOSH... if you read my Friday Fragment, you know how painful that baby was.  But hopefully I'm done with this dentist office for awhile... (please Lord, for awhile)

Friday - Shopping after work.... I am so behind in Christmas shopping so I went out right after work on my way home.  I didnt think it would be that crowded.... HA... what was I thinking?  Here is the line to the check out at one of the stores I went to... geez.... people are acting like its Christmas or something!

Saturday - Jr. High Christmas Party!!!! .... Oh my - I love these kiddos... I'd post more pictures, but I dont want to put some kiddos faces for the world to see without their parents being aware of it - so I instead choose this one... where one of my favorite teens in the world was at the party helping out - & she started by drawing on our dry-erase board.  Can you see the Grinch?  She just whipped this up in a few minutes, drawing it off a picture on her iPod... is that talent, or what?  Its amazing talent!  And yes, the party was a great success... I came home sweaty & with a belly ache from laughing... perfect way to show how fun the party was!

SO we're really nearing the week of Christmas.... but one more week to get through...

Hope you all are clicking out the Holidays!!!!


  1. beautiful pie!!!!

    you are too funny....and when I saw this picture of you, I immediately thought of a picture I have of me with tissue stuffed up both sides of my nose because of a horrible cold I had....hope the nose bleed is gone!!

    I did all my shopping by cyber shopping this it has started being delivered to my house..I am ever so thankful I did!!

  2. I am so glad that you have kept up with your pictures! I have loved checking in to see what you've taken each week! Hope you have a better crowns, dentist visits, or nose bleeds!

  3. Love the cherry pie.. Yummy I want to know how to make one.. I hope your tooth is feeling much better.. I still feel for you.. Love the picture with your Mom.. Have a great day..

  4. I will send you my address so you can send me a pie (and I'd like it to be HOT when it gets to NC please) AND that is LOVELY with the tissue and all.. sorry about the nose bleeds. Happens to my mom and she has always hated it... understandably! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are sweet! :) MERRY Christmas!

  5. That Grinch is awesome! What talent!

    I have to do some last minute shopping this week, but not for anything big. Mainly gift cards, which I always leave for the end. They are my least favorite to buy, but my most favorite to receive...weird, huh?

    Have a good week, and stay warm!

  6. I'm glad we still have a little time - I am not NEARLY done with my Christmas shopping. Although, frankly, I think I'm just getting gift cards for the rest of the folks.

    Sorry about the nose bleeds - Dr. M gets those too, but usually they wait until about February. Hope this isn't a sign of winter is going to be like for you!

  7. Hope the nosebleed is gone by now! Used to get them when we lived in the frozen north and had to use that nasty dry forced-air heat. We finally installed a humidifier and that took care of the problem.

    Anyhoo, really enjoyed all your photos and agree that's a perfect way to know a party is successful :)

    Have a great week!


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