Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reason #489 why I love Jr. High

Cutie Pie: Rebecca Jo, how old are you?

Me:  I'm 20 ....


Me:  OK - I just lied & we're in church - that's wrong... I'm sorry... I'm older then 20

Cutie Pie:  I totally believed you were 20

Me:  You are now my favorite person in this whole world


  1. HA! I love it!! My birthday is Monday and my kids asked how old I was going to be.... I said "21".....

  2. Oh how I wish I could pull off 20. Not even close. *sigh*

  3. love it. When I use to teach I thought is was cute when my young preschoolers though it was funny I had a Mom and Dad. They just did not get that..

  4. Classic. Nothing beats the mind of a junior higher! Nothing :)

  5. haha, so funny! I remember when I taught middle school for a little while, had broken my finger and Hubby came up with a story that we told them, and many of them believed it, it was so funny and cute :)

  6. I LOVE YOU RJ. That's all I got to say about that....oh yeah.....that and you made Dak laugh.

    Love you,


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