Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday.... one day closer to Christmas... oh my... & I think I'm in the exact same shape as last Friday.  No, wait - I yeah... I'm in the same shape as last week... dang it!  Let's Frag to get my mind off of Christmas being 2 weeks away!!!!

I got my crown on my tooth yesterday!  HOT FIRE - THAT HURT!!!! I can handle root canals!  I should - I've had 8 of them.  But the only thing that bothers me on that is the cost.  The procedure? I fall asleep during it - no joke!  But the crown to put over the tooth?  Whewwwww... that was rough!  First, they didnt numb me up since it had a root canal.  That's fine - but the gums still have nerves people!  And apparently, I had some sorta reaction to the temporary they had on - or the glue they used... because she said when they took off the temp (which felt like they were pulling down my eye balls out of my tooth) my gum just started gushing blood....niiiiceee..... & then, you'd think that would be tender, right?  So let's scrap the glue off & poke the gums some more.  At one point, I stopped the woman & said "HOLY COW LADY - GIVE ME A SECOND!!!!" .... & now, I have a $1,200 tooth in the back of my mouth no one will see...


which leads directly into the "SPAT OF THE WEEK" - yes, this is just from last night, but it was fun just irritating Ricky.  When he walked in the door from work, I was all like a little kid - "Look at my tooth"... the first time, he really did seem interested.  But then we'd be sitting there & I'd make him look again... then again... after the 10th time, he told me he was going to pay me $1,200 to stop having to look at it.  I told him if I was going to pay that much for a tooth, then I wanted SOMEONE to see it! ... this morning before he left for work - my last words to him?  "Look at my tooth before you leave" :)  I love aggravating my husband as much as he does me... that's love...

Are you loving "The Sing Off" as much as I am?  I love the sound of harmonies & the talent these groups have... But is Nicole giving Paula Abdul a run for her money?  Girlfriend is a little ditzy...

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Perfect for your Christmas cookie Baking!  If your cookies get stuck to your cookie sheet - just remove them by working some dental flose underneath... I'd stay away from the "mint flavored" floss though - unless you're making some chocolate mint cookies - then go for it!

I'm reading "Under the Overpass" & its ROCKING my WORLD!  Wait until I do a book review on this... I want to get this book for everyone for Christmas - that's how awesome it is!!!!

So I can tell the air is officially dry... I've had 5 nose bleeds this week... yes, just this week alone.  Today's was while I was driving to work.  I had to make someone's morning if they drove by me & looked over - seeing me with a Subway napkin hanging out of my nose... I had to do something!  I've literally, no joke, had on a white shirt every time its happened & have had blood just drop all over my chest (that's how bad the nose bleeds are!)... I wasnt taking chances.  Subway napkins to the rescue.. tucked in like a bib in my shirt & up my nose.... Eat Fresh! (sorry if I just ruined someone's Subway lunch)

I may have to knit this... only because I feel like Ricky keeps our house at sub-zero degrees... this has gotta be warm...I think I'd make it in pink though...

Happy Friday everyone!!! Stay warm!!!


  1. Bless your heart on the tooth ~ I HATE the dentist. I avoid going until there is major work to be done because I am truly phobic of that chair and the creepy noises getting dental work done creates. Hey I'd be showing my $1200 tooth to everybody too!

    I almost requested that book for a book review but I got David Platt's "Radical" which is SO powerful! Now you have me wanting to read that one too...guess I'll have to buy it on Amazon!

    And I love that knitted adult would certainly keep you warm!

    Hope you, Ricky & the dogs have a wonderful, warm weekend!

  2. I am off to the dentist next week for my check up and I just know that I'll be up for a crown as I have some big filling that are just old and need to be replaced. Sigh.

    We're expected to get 14" of snow in the next 24 my weekend will consist of sitting in my house. Probably organizing a closet or something.

  3. I hope I've forgotten your dental nightmare before I have to go back to the dentist. I have a problem with one one of my teeth & I'm just ignoring it until January...

    Love the onesie thing! If you knit it we will of course have to see you modeling it for us :)

  4. Oh you poor thing! I can't believe that they didn't numb you for that crown! Hope you aren't too sore yet today! I was so laughing at you irritating Ricky about it...that sounds like something I would do to my hubby!

    Sorry to hear about the nose bleeds brother used to get them alot, even in his sleep...and I have a couple of the daycare kiddos that get them. I need to pull out the humidifier soon!

    Hope you have a better day today! Hugs!

  5. that is my nightmare with the dentist, i hate the dentist!! i would be showing EVERYONE my expensive tooth!! you go girl! make ricky look again tonight!

    if you figure out how to knit a full body sweater in pink, i may have to commission you for my daughter.. she would love a full pink body wrap!!! your post today had me giggling!!!

  6. ouch with your tooth but love what you did to your husband. I am loving the "Sing off" also. I so wish I could sing like that..

    Have a great weekend..

  7. That knit suit cracked me up.

    Thanks for the dental floss tip.

  8. Yowza, that crown thing sounds painful. But at least you now have a crown, which I'm sure you rightfully deserve! =)
    I love the cookie tip, and I'm putting that book on my library list!
    Happy Friday.

  9. I love the Singoff, too. The competition is really fierce and though I love jazz, I'm partial to the gospel group. Great harmonies, and it's tough to sing a cappella.

    My sympathies on your crown nightmare. I go to painless dentists and make them swear they won't hurt me. LOL

  10. RJ,
    You I didn't get to do my Friday Frag this week, silly PT =)

    Your poor teeth. Your teeth and your ears........ that's all I'm gonna say about that =)

    Funny story for you: remember the scarf you knitted for me 2 years ago? Well, the first time I wore it this season, Sir Cuteness just started smiling HUGE and as I was holding him he touched one of the little orange balls and said, "carrot" =) Now everytime I wear it he smiles and has to touch it. Do they come in baby size? =)

    Then today I wore my slouch hat for the first time this season. It is SO cold today. I put it on and Sir Cuteness looked at me and said, "Ahhh Gamma pretty!" Then a little while later I put it back on and he looked at me and smiled and said, "Pretty!!" I love this kid!!!!!!!!! Love him!!!!!!!!!! And everytime I wear my scarf Dak comes up and touches it and asks if he can have one in Blue and White. To which I respond, "oh yeah I'll get right on and all my knitting skills" =) I think I'm gonna have to put my scarf under lock and key when I'm not wearing it =)

    Okay looonnnnnggggeeeessstttt commenter ever will let ya go back to CHRISTmas shopping =)

    Love you,


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