Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What they dont tell you when you start to blog....

I dont even remember when or why I started to blog.  I think it was a place I was just going to keep my knitting projects listed.  And then I didnt even keep up with that.  Then my dearest friend, Stephanie passed away in 2007 & this became a place that I talked about it...  & then I just kept talking, about anything & everything & it just sort of evolved.  I had no idea what my blog would turn into - or where it will go in the future - but I do think it has reflected who I am over the years...

But there is something I didnt expect when I started to blog - something I dont think people tell anyone - I think a lot of you know what I'm talking about... the friendships you make through this crazy thing we call, BlogLand ....

I get a card in the mail that I have a package at the post office & what do I find - but a box from my lovely, wonderful Sister in Christ, Dawn ... & I open it up & its just full of fun!

Does this lady know me or what?  A BIG OLE BAG of Pretzel M&M's - Princess mugs with hot chocolate, fun, furry socks, & the prettiest GOLD FLOWER hair clip that anyone has ever seen!  Top it off with the most amazing handmade, scrapbooked calendar & a beautifully written letter & I was giddy with excitement & teary from the thought! 

These pages of this calendar were individually made!  Scripture everywhere... thought & heart put into it.  This month even had a little extra!!!  The area that is circled - her grandbaby did that part... how precious is that? 

This is one of my favorite page (heck, they all are one of my favorites!)... I love old vintage dresses... Can you imagine a time where women wore nothing but dresses & heels? I'm thankful ladies we dont do that now, but I do love the classic look of it...

And this page just made me stop for a second... It made me think of my friend Stephanie... everything we did together had "Princess" written all over it - & Dawn's hand writing here even looks like Stephanie's handwriting... I had to laugh at how God puts people in your lives at the exact moment....

THANK YOU DAWN - This is one of the best gifts I have EVER gotten... I appreciate this & I appreciate YOU!!!!!!  More then words can say... I hope you know that!!!!

And Dawn isnt the only amazing person I have met in this world...

AuburnChick who was probably one of my first blog friends - she inspires me with her love for Jesus & shows it in the unique area where she teaches children, & is a mad-crazy-awesome knitter & Starbucks lover!!! & the biggest cheerleader for her kiddos...& of course, my Dancing with the Stars future co-host! :)

Deidre who is the most amazing mom to the most AMAZING daughters.  They teach me so much themselves with the young hearts they have for Jesus -  that Deidre led the way for them to understand who Jesus is.  Thanks lady for all the smiles you put on everyone's faces with your girls & your honesty....

Heather who I KNOW I'm going to see one day - we're only an hour & a half away from each other.  This is another amazing mom (so many fantastic moms!!!) & a nurse that gives so much of herself for others!  Whether it be her family, the patients she deals with, or the girls she touches when she volunteers at "Girls on the Run" .... you need to see this lady's handiwork in card-making too... And another woman who shines with God's love

Lauren who just makes me so happy with her precious heart.  She's a young lady who just SHINES joy!  My days would be so glum without Lauren.... while we have "discussions" all day about Glee, the latest hot topics, dating & life in general - good & bad... I cant wait to get to Florida to meet this lady... I'm going to hug the tar out of her when I see her!!!

Heidi, Gretta, Amy, Trina, Carolina Girl, Kelley, Mimi, Sarah Beth, April, Pooba ... I can go on & on... so many fantastic ladies, so many different personalities

These are women that I check on through their blogs (or Twitter or Facebook) - make sure they are OK... wonder how their days are going ... wonder how their kiddos and families are doing... wondering what's the latest in their lives...

& I turn to these ladies myself - asking for prayers & KNOWING they are lifting up my situations to God's ears for me...

It really is a weird sort of family that you meet when you blog...& you love your family...

So for all my blog world family members, mentioned & unmentioned, I thank you for the surprise that I discovered here in the world of blogs...

You all make me smile, cry, laugh,  feel encouraged, challenge me to become a better person, teach me things... I love you all!

....Yep - they dont tell you that's going to happen....


  1. Dawn sounds like a really sweet, thoughtful person. It doesn't matter how old you are, it's still so exciting to get packages in the mail! :D

  2. You are so right on this one! Who knew. I just started as a challenge from a friend that was blogging and over 2 years later I'm still going strong. I love meeting so many new people.

  3. Jo Jo!!!!!!!! Are you trying to make me a sobbing mess??????? I count you one of my biggest blessings in this crazy blog word. To others, making friends in the blog world might sound crazy, but for us… it is a beautiful thing. People’s hearts and lives are connected through this avenue. I have seriously made some of the best friends through this thing!!!! LOVE YOU gobs and gobs and oddles and oddles!!!!!!! :) And mark my words, we will meet someday!!!!!! And why have we not emailed this week? NOT normal for us!

  4. Oh my goodness! Could not read this without crying! Bug is looking over at me like I'm nuts....oh but wait...he already knew I was nuts, just especially so now!

    I am so thankful to have met you and for our friendship! I look forward to that friendship growing in the new year, and I do promise that I will be better at blogging! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and encouragement! It means so much more than you'll ever know!

  5. Okay, you have me in tears. First of all, that gift from Dawn is amazing. What a thoughtful gift!

    I understand how you feel about blog friends. I have a post soon about it as well. I'm so thankful for the friendships I have made and the encouragement blogging brings in my life. It's so hard to explain to others.

    I am so thankful for you! Your comments are always so kind and encouraging. I love you so much! Oh, and I had a GREAT thought the other day when you said you were memorizing scripture this year with LPM .... I hate to even say it so I won't jinx it, but WHAT IF in 2012 we could actually meet in real life??


  6. You are so right! I've been a long time reader of several blogs, and have even been blogging myself for several years, but I have just recently started stepping out there and connecting with some people. It makes blogging WAY more fun!

  7. What a fun box to get in the mail! And I LOVE homemade calendars. So fun!

    I agree with you 100% about blogs and who you connect with and look forward to reading! Your blog is one of those for me! Enjoy it oh so much!

    Merry Christmas Rebecca Jo! :)

  8. what a wonderful gift!! I was thinking of you the other day when I was checking out in walmart and the cashier was talking to the customer in front of me - she said to her: the best thing to happen to the M&M was a pretzel but the customer disagreed!! for shame! I have yet to try them but will on your awesome recommendation. Have a very Merry Christmas my friend :)

  9. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I am sitting in a darkened room right now...the only light is coming from my lit Christmas tree.

    I innocently checked Google Reader...saw that my friend Rebecca had blogged...and jumped on over to read.

    First, I am blown away by the generosity of your friend. What a lovely, thoughtful gift. I know it really made your day, your week, your month, and your year. You deserve the gift and the special treatment as you are a very special lady who brings joy to so many.

    Now, as for your mention of ME in your post.

    See, this is where I started still crying...and probably will shed more tears as I go to sleep tonight.

    As I read about your foray into blogging (you started only a short time before me, from what I can gather), I was thinking about how you were the very first person to comment on my blog.

    Your first comment went something like, "Suck it up and enjoy your trip." This was when I had complained about the smoke and icky other stuff in Vegas.

    Yep. You put me in my place in a loving way. LOL

    Who knew that we would have so much in common.

    Wait a sec. God knew.

    He knew that I would need a friend just like you...a fellow sister-in-Christ who shares my same passion for teens and my same exuberance for life.

    You are one of a kind, my friend. You have prayed with me during some difficult times over the last few years, and you cheered me one when I was finishing my degree and job hunting.

    I love you, Rebecca. If you ever get close to Florida, you better FB me and set up a time to meet. I would drive hours to meet you.

    One day for sure, whether it is here or in heaven, we will meet again.

    However, I have a sneaky suspicion that I will have to wait behind a long line of others who want the privilege of meeting you as well.

    Love you girl. I'm off to find a kleenex.

  10. And yes, I realize that I just wrote a book on your blog. LOL

  11. What a sweet & thoughtful gift! I think so many people don't understand that part of blogging, and don't understand internet friendships. I'm so lucky that I do!

  12. that is the sweetest post ever.. The blogging world can show you many different people and things out there.. It is a fun place to be.. Glad you are in it.. Have an amazing day..

  13. that is an amazing gift!!! i think our little blog world is such a great place to reach out and meet new folks in ways we could never do in the small pond we 'circle' around in every day. i am so glad you have enjoyed the relationships made here! what a blessing! i can't wait, i am so new to all this!

  14. Blogging really is a family...and thank you for being part of mine.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Isn't it amazing how these friendships form over the internet. It is such a God thing! I am completely honored to have my bloggy friends and pray one day I can hug their necks in person!! Yours included!

    Merry Christmas!

  16. What you've said is so true! I've found the best group of friends through blogging and working with GodlyGals that I *never* would have had otherwise. Blogging has brought me so many blessings :)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! And happy birthday to Ricky!

  17. I puffy heart you times a million! Such a sweet post! xoxo!!! You are right, the blogging world is so great, and I have made so many awesome friends through it. Who would have known??? :) Luv ya!

  18. Girlfriend,
    You are SO welcome!!! I love you so much. You just have the best heart.

    It is so funny that you love the vintage page. Me too. I LOVE it so much, and I'm so glad that the Princess page meant so much to you. I almost printed it out, but decided at the last minute to write it out. My hand writing being kind of like Stephanie's did my heart good. I feel like I know her from your blog. One day we will get to meet in heaven. How cool is that?

    And of course, Sir Cutenesses flowers are just the cutest =) You'll be smiling every day of March when you look at those darlin' flowers.

    I love you friend.

    Merry CHRISTmas,


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