Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas Treat....

Its Day 7 over at Kimmie's at Our Life's Journey & today, she wants to know what your favorite Christmas Treat is...

It probably would be easier to answer what ISNT a favorite Christmas treat... with peanut butter cookies, & fudge & buckeyes & brownies & cakes &  pies & ... oh my... I could go on & on...

But I do have one favorite that I look forward to just at Christmas.

This is something my dad used to fix for me when I was growing up & I do it now myself.

.. & dont pass judgement until you try it!  Seriously!  Because you will read this & think, EWWW - but dont knock it until you try it!

You take these things... Old Fashioned Cream Drops

They're not very easy to find.  I dont know if they are only out at Christmas or what, but its the only time I really see them...

But you take one - get a big spoon - or a spatula - something that you can squash that baby with.  It takes some strength to flatten it.  See - you burn calories & build muscles while making this treat... BONUS!

You get it flatten out -  & then.. this is the part you dont pass judgement on... you get a Saltine cracker & lay it on top of it.  Yes - a Saltine cracker!!!  Now, I hear you saying, "That's not a Christmas treat"... but wait...

Then you put it in the microwave for a few seconds - not too long... Just enough to soften the Cream Drop - but not enough to melt it to where its all liquid - which can happen... & all is not ruined if that does occur.  You just take a spoon  - or a tongue - & lick it off the plate!

But it really is the best treat.  It makes the saltine cracker soft... & even if it doesnt soften the cracker, you have a good salty crunch with the sweet, soft, melted cream drop.

I'm serious... I look forward to it every year... I'm now craving this...

I've got to keep my eyes out for Cream Drops...

Anyone else ever try this?  Is it just a Southern Thing?  Or just a weird family tradition?


  1. never had those dream drops.. sound yummy.. the cracker thing sounds okay. I cook mine in the oven with butter..

  2. Sounds interesting. I love saltines and cream drops. Might just have to try it.

    Love Christmas traditions. I can't wait to bake cookies with my big sis!

  3. We used to always get 2 of those Old Fashioned Cream Drops in our bag of fruit and candy at church when I was little. I love them. It's been a long time since I've had one. Guess what I'll be looking for now. haha.

  4. Oh I loved the cream drops. My Grandma used to make sure they were in our stocking. Yep one stocking divided for us kids. Funny huh? Anyway......... I have never heard of it with saltines. I may have to try it.

    Love you girl,

  5. I just don't know. You had me until the cracker part.

  6. I have to say the judgment started with the cream drop....I don't like chocolates with cream filling. :{

  7. I have never actually seen or tried a cream drop and I love saltines. Plus, they always say having that nice mix of salty with sweet is always a nice mix. I would try it so now I just need to look for those cream drops!

    Thanks for joining!!

  8. Whaaaa?! I've never heard of such an animal!!

    I must try!

  9. I've never even seen this candy before let alone heard of it til now. Sounds like a fun experiment to me.

  10. I've never had cream drops, but I won't judge about the crackers. :) I have a fabulous cookie recipe that includes Ritz crackers.

  11. I just saw the cream drops at Wal Mart last night :) 97 cents baby!

  12. Thanks I so love my pink hat too..

  13. I have never heard of it...but it actually does sound kind of yummy!


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