Thursday, December 16, 2010

An icy adventure....

We are under a "winter storm warning"...

We live on a country road  & have a driveway that is not only on an incline - but also has a curve in it...

So you know its icy when your husband comes in & says his car just slide off the driveway into a tree stump in our yard.

Ricky gets his car out of the yard & just parks in the neighbors drive & tries to walk back up the drive to get my car out of the garage & down the driveway...

but he cant even walk!!!! Its so icy that he cant get up the incline. 

He got on his hands & knees & tried to crawl... but kept sliding down...

Then he was able to crawl in part of the grassy area but still has to cross the drive to get to the garage... he literally couldnt stand without his feet sliding out from underneath of him...

So he did what any person in an ice storm does - he laid on the ground & rolled across the driveway!!!! 

I was cracking up.... which Ricky didnt find too funny or amusing....

Then we get my car out of the garage & try to SLOWWWLLLYYY go down the drive, only to slide off into the yard as well... luckily - my car has 4 wheel drive so we just drove across the yard to get to the road.  (That's going to leave a mark)

Whew... give me 10 inches of snow anyday over an inch of ice...

It definitely was an adventure this morning...

& who knows - maybe someone in Canada or the snowy lands will market Ricky's idea of ROLLING on the ice to get where you need to be...


  1. Yikes! You're so right - I had a slow snowy drive to work, but my car handles snow just fine. Ice? Not so much.

    Where are the pictures of Ricky rolling? Saving them for P365? Heh.

  2. That is the best thing I've heard in a very long time!

  3. Priceless! And perseverance at its finest :-)

  4. I grew up in northern Illinois, so I was totally used to large amounts of snow. And snow removal equipment. Then I moved to Arkansas where the winter weather is usually one massive ice storm a year or so that shuts everything down. Snow you can still function in but ice is a nightmare. I'm sorry you guys are getting it but I'm sure glad it passed us by this time!

    But I love that your driveway got "Rick-rolled". Sorry, random pop-culture reference.

  5. I am laughing so hard my side hurts because I am picturing all this as I read....TOO FUNNY!!!! We live in Alabama where snow & ice are not common at all. In fact, yesterday we had sleet, just sleet and they closed schools & some roads. Yep, that's Alabama! :)

  6. Oh my, I hope Ricky had his coverall's on. That had to be COLD!! They had a Winter Weather Advisory for us, but all was well. It went east of us ....obviously. So sorry you got so much of it.

    Be careful!!!

    Love you friend,

  7. Wow I don't feel so bad about the new six inches of snow we are getting last night/today after reading this! Glad Ricky's ok but I have to admit that I was laughing just thinking about him rolling across the lawn!

  8. Ice is terrible and definitely worse than snow! I have spikes that attach to my boots for walking on ice. It's too far to the bus stop to roll.

  9. Ahh, yes, the dreaded ice. So glad we don't live in Indiana anymore and have to deal with that!

  10. I would have paid big bucks to see Chris roll across our driveway like Ricky did...and I would have laughed, too! :) We had some slippery weather here last night...lots and lots of fender benders.

  11. I would like to have seen him do that! I hurt just thinking about how painful it is to fall on the ice. Hope you all are safe in your travels and can stay home safe and sound if necessary.


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