Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day... Part Two

...when we last met, Sophia was all about loving on Bruno & the scam of no gifts at Aunt Bec's house was given up as a cruel prank & it was time to rip into gifts.

So what was the favorite things the twins got from me?

Yep - Pillow Pets... these are the ones the girls asked for - a Unicorn for Madi & a Dolphin for Sophia.  (I"m still holding out for a Lamb Pillow Pet myself :) )

It was a great time of opening presents.  Who knew kids could go through 75 presents in like 13.7 seconds.  Geez... its an art to rip, tear, open, move on the the next - isnt it?  When you get older, it becomes, "Save the bow... dont tear the paper too badly.... dont get a paper cut.... who has a knife to open the package?" ... its all so much slower...

Bruno wasnt phased by all the action.  This once again is proof that he's the laziest dog in the world.  Presents were being torn into - paper thrown like confetti - waded paper tossed to my dad who was the Official Garbage Bag Holder (doesnt every Christmas have one of those? a OGBH?)...but Bruno didnt move during the whole time.  Just laid right in the middle of it & was content to just lay... he was even under paper at one point & still didnt move... that's my kinda dog!

We're looking at what everyone got & then all of a sudden, I turn around & see Madi... no one even told her to do this - she just crawled in this gift bag & was sitting there watching everyone.  Isnt that so adorable?  We all noticed her & got to laughing... & that just tickled her.  I told her its a good thing I didnt throw her out with the trash....Ricky was just amazed she fit in the bag.  I think he wanted to try to see if he could fit in it himself... he's competitive like that...

Presents open... so it was time to move back into the kitche for MORE FOOD!  And even better?  SUGAR!  We decorated some cookies.  I was helping Sophia & she chose a penguin to do.  I have to say, I think it turned out pretty well.  Go TEAM SOPHIA & AUNT BEC!!!!!

The bad thing though... black icing is messy!  Being older & wiser, I stayed away from it.  I let Sophia get the black icing on her hands & face... Black icing only looks cute on faces under 8 yrs old... its a fact...
by the way - this next picture totally just blew my mind - she looks so much like her daddy here.  I always thought she looked like me & this is the first time I didnt see it - I saw Tony's face... I told her to STOP IT right then & there & to start looking like me again.  So she gave me a dramatic face... & she's back to looking like Aunt Bec!  (I love this drama loving girl!)

Madi got her Papaw to help her with her cookie.  She also chose a penguin but in her world, penguins arent black - their rainbow colored.  Ahh - the mind of a child.  Madi knew how to play it too - she had my dad doing all the hard work while she just licked icing off the cookie, or her hands, or off the table... icing is good off any object...

It was then time for MORE SUGAR!  But it was the best kind of sugar... it was Jesus' Birthday Cake.  It was so cute because I told the girls, "We have to blow out the candles for Jesus" - Sophia said, "Why? Because he's not here?"... I was quick to tell her that He was INDEED there with us!" -  She just gave me the cutest grin trying to wrap her little mind around that.  I took a picture & then Sophia asked me, "Are you going to send that picture to Heaven so Jesus can see it?" ... now that's some email that can send all the way to Heaven :) 

So I couldnt find any birthday candles ... sigh... but I didnt let that stop me!  I got out a tea light candle & lit it... we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus & my mom & the girls blew out the candle...

It was a great way to end a Christmas Celebration... so stuffed that I couldnt move....

And then the worst thing of the night... our baby girl, Lindsay Kay came over to have Christmas with me & her dad... & I didnt take ONE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think by this point of the night - after all the eating, then cleaning up & the food-baby I was carrying - I think I zoned out into a Christmas coma.  Something must have happened because I cant believe I didnt get one picture of her with her dad... I ALWAYS get a picture of Lindsay & Ricky together... except 2010... because I'm a loser... A sugar filled, exhausted loser...

Believe me when I say that Lindsay was beautiful too... had on the cutest heels, had her hair fixed so festive.  Maybe her beauty stunned me?  I'm trying to think of a good excuse why I didnt have my camera clicking... but rest assured, we had a wonderful time with our girl....

So we still have one more Christmas post... Part Three... Its some of my wonderful gifts I got this year...

....to be continued...



  1. LOVE the girls and their cookies! I told Keith I wanted a pillow pet too lol but he just laughed at me! He says it wouldn't be a very comfortable pillow lol!

    GREAT shot of Madi in the bag too! Definately one that will have to show up at graduation too, I think lol!

  2. Yes, my husband's family has the official garbage bag holder! They all divvy up the gifts and shred them open at once which shocked me the first time, because in my family it was an almost agonizing one gift at a time for each person in rotation.

  3. I saw those pillow pets!! ;-)

    That picture of Madi in the gift bag is definitely the BEST post-Christmas blog post picture that I have seen this year! If there was an award for that, you totally just would have won it!

  4. Girl, don't you know that the reason why you didn't get a picture of your precious girlie is because you were too busy loving on her! It's kind of hard to hug people while taking pictures.

    Good gravy. I thought you were smart enough to figure this out.

    Guess that's why you have such good bloggy friends as Your's Truly!

  5. Seems like everyone has a pillow pet. They look so cute. Love the picture in the bag...how in the world did she fit in there? Bruno laying in the middle of everything is so cute! I need a dog like that.

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful time! It so special, isn't it? Emma LOVES her pillow pet, hers is a Lady Bug....So cute

    Can't wait for part three!

  7. Love the pictures! :-) I'm glad you had a good Christmas!!!

  8. Wow a fun time with the family.. Love the pillow pets.. I love the gift bad idea. That was sweet. Black icing is a wild mess for sure.. Bowling went pretty well. I did okay and they best part was how much fun Alyce had.

  9. OMGoodness how fun!!! Love the photos and of course the treatments you did to them were fab!

    LOVE her in the bag!!!

  10. Your dog just laid there, eh? Mine would have been into everything so out the door they go.

    Love the pic of the little girl in the bag. I'm kinda surprised she fit too. Is that a fake fireplace on your tv?

    About our wii, we saved, saved, saved for it. It'd be great to have around for certain girls you have popping over to your house. AND you could even exercise with it if you were so inclined. I think it's time you get one *Wink*Wink*!


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