Sunday, December 19, 2010

Project 365-42

Its been a crazy week... heading into Christmas... whew... here's my past week in pictures...

Sunday - Christmas Program ... We work so hard to get this one night together.  I mean, our Ensemble starts practicing songs back at the end of September.  Yes, when its still warm out, we're singing Christmas songs, trying to get it just right for these few hours on this one night.  We werent even sure it would get pulled off with bad weather coming in, but it did... with the little kids playing their bells (this is what this picture is - their holding their little hand bells to their chest) & the elementary school kids singing & then our Ensemble.  We even were able to sing with a string quartet... I got chills myself listening... Now, time to start practicing Easter songs...

Monday - Snow Day .... so the result of the snow from Sunday evening meant schools were closed in our area. But snow days dont mean a day off work.  I just enjoy when schools are closed because that means we can wear jeans to work.  I'll take that!  It was so darn cold too... It is definitely making it feel like its the Christmas season....

Tuesday - My roots are showing!!! ... with all the stress of the season, or living with Ricky - one or the other - my roots were showing something crazy!  I could tell it was bad when the other day I was getting ready for bed, Ricky said, "When is your hair appointment?" - I said, "Why, because my grey is starting to show?" - He just smiled.  I stomped his toe... that'll teach him!

Wednesday - Here comes the ice... We canceled church because the ice was coming.  That totally threw me off on what day of the week it was.  But the sleet started during the evening & it was just shiny slick.  This picture isnt focused very well since its through the window - but you can see how shiney & smooth everything is... that's just ice...slippery, cold, slick ice... yuck!

Thursday - Ice Ice Baby .... yep, you've all probably read all the stories of the ice & snow & our driveway adventures over the past few days... but here is proof.  I went out & chipped some of the ice from the drive & it was coming up in hunks like this... brrrrr... if that dont make you cold, I dont know what would...

Friday - Cozy day in the office... because of the weather, the office was very quiet.  It was just me & one other lady, so I fired up a candle & cranked up the heat in my office & it was just a cozy day.  My candle made the whole floor smell like cinnamon.... working in a warm office that smells good was WAY better then being out in the cold.. for sure...

Saturday - Wrapping away... its the last weekend before Christmas & I didnt leave the house.  How messed up is THAT?  But Ricky had to work in the morning & he had his Christmas party that evening so I knew he couldnt go shopping.  I decided just to get all the wrapping done of everything we had.  I'm tired...especially after hours - & I mean HOURS of wrapping... Now my kitchen is full of cardboard rolls & empty tape dispensers...

So next week is THE week... Christmas week... unbelievable... cant wait to see all of your pictures building up to the big day...Keep those cameras near!

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  1.!!! That is pretty thick from your driveway!!

    Your presents are beautiful!!! I am done wrapping too!

    Have a very Merry Christmas! Can't wait to see everyone's pics!!

  2. Beautiful pics! I love the one of the ice from the window. That is a cool pic! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Ice already!!! YUCK!! We've had very little winter weather yet, except for the cold.....really, really cold!!

    I get my roots done on Tuesday and it has been over a year. GASP!!! But my husband keeps "mentioning" when I might get the gray colored. Hmpff. It is time. So I'm going back to my favorite hairdresser. It's a drive, but it's worth it!!! =) A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do =)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wrapping!!! So pretty. Now, you want to finish mine? =)

    Love you friend!!

    Have a Blessed day,

  4. Love your red hat! And the kids are so cute with their bells. I really really hate ice, so maybe I'll stop complaining about the snow - it's not THAT big of a problem...

  5. I love the picture with all the little kids so focused, so cute! I even like your out of focus ice picture although it kinda makes me shiver.

  6. Beautifully wrapped packages!
    I haven't gotten there yet.
    Maybe i should just quit reading blogs and go wrap )

  7. what a week you had.. The ice is no fun... I will have my camera with me also.. Have a great day.

  8. Glad you're safe. Ice can be so dangerous.

  9. I hate ice, but I am looking forward to a white Christmas. Just bought my last present today! yay!

    Have a great holiday, if I'm not back before then. The week is shaping up to be quite hectic.


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