Thursday, December 23, 2010

You're old...

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve...

But in our home, we try to delay the Christmas celebration... sometimes even trying not to acknowledge Christmas Eve until we head to church for the midnight service...

Instead, in our house, its another day to celebrate - RICKY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Yep - he got screwed over having a Christmas birthday :) 

So we try to remember to put Christmas off until Christmas DAY & give Ricky a day, or at least a few hours of celebrating just his birthday.  Ricky doesnt mind too much though that he & Jesus are close on their birthdays...
He always says, "Me & Jesus are tight like that" ...

With the 24th going to be busy, because while it IS his birthday & we'll be celebrating that, we'll still be doing some Christmas & grocery shopping - so I wanted to be sure to post something early so it wasnt lost in the hectic-ness of the day...

So Happy Birthday my biggest pain in the butt fantastic husband!  I wish on your birthday another year of health, happiness, & laughter ... even in the rough moments of life.  I love you ...punk!

A Birthday is just the first day of another
365-day journey around the sun. 
Enjoy the trip!!


  1. Happy Birthday Ricky!! Love his thoughts on having a Christmas birthday!!! Hope he has a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ricky! The best gift ever? Being married to Rebecca :)

  3. Happy Birthday to the hubby! My mom's b'day is on Christmas...she never even had a birthday cake!

  4. Happy Birthday to him.. I loved your comment yesterday..

  5. Ha love it. Hope your hubby has a wonderful birthday. Merry Christmas!!

  6. Today's your birthday ---
    So happy birthday --

    In my best rocker voice =)

    Hope you had a great day Ricky!!!

    RJ you are too funny!!


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