Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Must Have's for Christmas...

25 days until Christmas?  SHUT.... UP!!! (... said with my best Elaine "push" from Seinfield) ...

But I saw over at Our Life's Journey, Kimmie is doing a 25 days of Christmas... a prompt for each day.  Today - the prompt is to name your Top 5 Holiday "Must have's" ....

Well, as a child that came from a house where Duct Tape saved everything ... (note, I still to this day have a skirt my mom hemmed for me with duct tape when I was a teenager!  It's still holding... I'm not even lying!) - the first on my list is TAPE!!!!!  I am a taper... if you get a present from me, you can bet half a roll of tape is on it.  I dont want any edges peeking out or popping up.  And those little things that go on your hand? They are horrible - awful!  They are tiny little pieces... when I do tape, I need a good 3 inch piece!!!  Definitely my #1 item

Ribbons from Hobby Lobby!!!! They have the best curly ribbon - so cute - so festive - looks like you spent hours decorating... & best of all - they have them usually 50% off & they come in 3 packs... I will usually stop in Hobby Lobby a few dozen times a season to pick up loads of these ribbons.  Who doesnt love a beautiful curly ribbon on a package?

Something that I have had a new obsession with this year... REDDI WHIP!!!! I have learned to put it in hot chocolate... wait... I'm sitting & smiling at the yumminess of that... Plus, with all the yummy desserts that the Holidays have, who doesnt want Reddi Whip on all of it?  Cookies?  Check.... Pies?  Yes please... Cake?  Why not!?  ... Its the one time of the year that calories dont count anyways... (that's what I'm telling myself - dont bust my bubble!)

My running shoes.... Sound weird for a Must have for Chirstmas?  But I need it - for running, or for my Jazzercise class... some way to burn off the stress of the season.  Because, come on, we all know this time of the year gets VERY STRESSFUL.  So I try to make sure I lace up the shoes & vent out frustration so I can venture back into malls, back into gift wrapping, back into finding the perfect gift... yep, stress...

Finally - you have to know my Christmas isnt complete without my Steven Curtis Chapman..... gotta have his Christmas CD's going.  He has a total of 3  - 2 Full CD's really, but then Hallmark a few years ago had a CD of just a few of his songs, so we'll count it too... I love my Christmas Music - but to hear Steven sing it?  It doesnt get any better then that!

So what are your top things you need for the Holidays? 

You can play along throughout the month - just go to Kimmie's & link up!


  1. I love Steven Curtis Chapman!!

    Oh yeah..the whipped cream! YUM...did you see they have alcohol infused whipped cream?! I don't drink but I may just have to try that one out!! YUM

    Thanks so much joining!!!!!

  2. Somehow I knew SCC would find its way on this list...hehe!

    Curly ribbons are my favorite! I love to smack a regular stick on bow right in the center of a ton of curly ribbon to decorate a package.

  3. Oh I love Seinfield!! And I am totally behind, but oh well it will get done!!

  4. What a fun idea.. I love hot coco, lights, tape, and of course my Kenny Chesney music.. Have a great day..

  5. hot chocolate with reddi whip is literally one of my top 3 favorite thing ever :-)

  6. Tape...I am famous for taping my presents as well. I got a gagillion rolls for free last summer, so I won't be out any time soon.

    And too! I watched my mom wrap presents when I was younger, and every one of them had fancy ribbons, so mine do too.

    My own must-have's? Hmmm...tough. I love egg nog and am craving some even now.

    I also love lights. I'm hoping that when my financial situation improves, I can start putting them on the outside of the house again, and thus run up my electric bill a bit. Outside lights are a MUST!

    My last MUST HAVEs are Andes Candies. I LOVE these, and Christmas is not complete without them.

    I have discovered that Starbucks's (and yes, this is grammatically correct) Peppermint Hot Chocolate tastes like melted Andes Candies. And so, I've been getting a hot chocolate every single morning on my way to work.

    Maybe that's one reason why my finances are all messed up (along with the two years of unemployment).


  7. I'd say that's a pretty good list you have goingo there! SCC just might have to go on mine, him and his music! I'd love to have a pair of Nike Run Free + running shoes and some Marc Jacobs Daisy cologne. :)

  8. Hey girl. Due to your supreme awesomeness I gave you an award on my blog today…check it out!

  9. Your list is awesome!! You have some great stuff on it!!

  10. Great list! I agree with the Redi whip and running shoes. They just go hand in hand...

  11. hey becca! loved your list! for me...i love a real Christmas tree. this is the first year we have a fake...only cuz MIL has allergies and since we live in her home...well, you get the picture.!

    i also think we must have COOKIES! i just bought the decors for all the cookies. sprinkles, icing, cookie cutters galore, the works. must start baking this weekend. i'll have the grand kiddies come decorate with me. 1st year with grand babies for Christmas! whoo hoo!

    and of course, the music. i love all of it. classical, funny, sentimental, the oldies, hymms, the whole shebang...gotta have it!

    and i MUST HAVE SNOW! i know this is not on everyones list. but i gotta have snow. preferably on Christmas day. we have moved to NC, so i don't know how or if this will be, last year we had a freak storm after Christmas. but this year i am praying for a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

    and finally...loved ones. what good is a holiday without your loved one? just a regular day. gotta have my peeps with me. the more the merrier!
    and that, my dear, is MY top 5. thanks for sharing yours. have a wonderful holiday season.


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