Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Celebrating my dad :)

Sunday was my dad's birthday.... I just love when the family gets together...

We met up for dinner & it was great because we told the waitress that it was dad's birthday, which meant he got the embarassing situation of all the waiters/waitresses coming over & singing to him.  Me?  I was clapping along, singing.. let me get up & lead the singing... I didnt even take a picture because I was too busy singing with them... & laughing at how red dad actually turned!

Then we headed to my brother's house where the fun was on.... Tony got a new golf cart & took dad riding on it with the twins.  I was laughing so hard because my brother was flying so fast up their driveway (their driveway is like 2 miles long) & he took a corner & I just saw dad hanging on to the seat for what looked like his dear life!  .... Let's see how badly he wants to make it his next birthday...

Well, Ricky couldnt be left out - so I jumped on the back with Sophia, & Madi took the front seat next to her Uncle Ricky & we were off.... it was so much fun... except when Ricky would hit bumps... on purpose! OUCH!!!!

Here's the front seat

Here's the back seat....
me & Sophia are always ready for a camera!  I've taught her well....

Tony's friend ended up coming over... not that we cared to see his friend, but he & his wife just had a baby - THAT's who everyone wanted to really see ;) (KIDDING) ... but who doesnt love to see a little new baby?  I dont think I've ever see a little baby girl look so much like their father either... its crazy!  Not that you can tell from this picture since she obviously doesnt look like a neck or black hair.

My dad just loves babies & couldnt wait to get his hands on her, but his beard scared her... poor little thing.  She just wanted her own daddy to hold her ... a little spoiled?  That's what babies are made for... just to spoil.

Madi couldnt really be bothered with the baby... she was just waiting for the cake... that's my kinda girl that just waits on eating sugar!  And yes, she has on a bathing suit now.  The girls have learned to swim so they wanted to get in their pool... that has drained down to about 2 feet of water.  But they still could show us their swimming moves & how they can hold their breath underwater. 

Here's one of the "mermaids" right here... with a groovy shark ready to attack her head apparently...

But it was finally time for cake... always the best part of a birthday!

Here's dad with his girls... they're wearing his shirts he got for his birthday :)

It was a great day to celebrate my daddy!!!!  Cant wait to do it again next year! :)


  1. Your dad is just so cute! Happy Birthday!!!! So much fun and happiness :) xoxo

  2. You have a beautiful family and you sure seem like you all know how to have a good time together!

  3. Sounds like everyone had a great day!! Happy (belated) Birthday to your dad!

  4. happy birthday to your dad!!

    that baby is adorable!


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