Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What does your Bible say about you?

I saw this picture on Pinterest with a quote & LOVED it...

I especially loved it because I'm a big "Bible Writer" ....

I have different colored highlighters, although I forget why I pick a color to do something.  I started off highlighting things in Pink that symbolized "forgiveness" .. things in Blue that were about "new beginnings"... things in green to represent "things to help me GROW"... but then I just forget the reasons, or run into scriptures that fit into all the above & then, the method goes bust...

But I do have a colorful Bible...

...colorful along with written words & notes & arrows & definitions & dates & ... well, you get the idea...

Then the other day, I was listening to a pastor on TV, someone I've never even seen before & he just got my attention.  He was talking about how when he goes to speak at a funeral of someone he doesnt know very well, he always asks to see that persons Bible.

He said, if its brand new, doesnt look like the pages have been turned, doesnt look like there has been time spent in it, he said he can pretty much do a quick funeral by saying, "The Lord giveth & the Lord taketh away"....

But he said if he looks into a Bible & see what people write, or what scripture is highlighted & speaks to them, he can tell so much about the person & their relationship with Jesus & he can give a eulogy that speaks to the heart of the deceased.

That made so much sense to me...

I have my great grandfather's Bible & I love to thumb through it... He was a pastor too, so you can imagine the notes he wrote throughout this Bible.  This was a man who passed away when I was a baby & I have no memory of who he was... but his heart shines through what spoke to him in the words that God gave.

Isnt that a cool thought... &amp such good insight? 

How about your Bible?  Is it marked up?  Full of who you are in God?

"A Bible that's falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't" - Charles Spurgeon


  1. adding multicolored bible highlighters to my birthday wishlist- :)

    I started a study that had me writing in my Bible--a LOT in fact.

    I can't tell you how excited I am in Sunday school when we get to open up to one of me COLORFUL pages, not only is it fun to look at but I know i've studied that scripture so I am more likely to get an even deeper lesson from the teacher!

    Your post was very deep. I may have 20ish fully colored pages. . .and how many pages are in the bible???? Looks like I need to get back in tune with my Kay Arthur Precepts study!!!

  2. Yes I write in my bible, and my first was a hand me down--it remains my favorite, even though this post garnered me two newer bibles...

  3. I don't highlight, but I do underline and occasionally write notes in it. My margins are so small tho! lol

    I love that about the pastor doing funerals.

  4. I am a bible marker. Mine is no where near that marked up. Partly cause I am anal and use a straight edge to underline and highlight. However My grandpa's bible is more note than scripture almost.

  5. Yep. Mine is all marked up as well. I've had this particular Bible since I was a senior in high school and lost it for a year when I lived in South Florida. Can you imagine the joy I had when a lady at church found it in the church's library? I just didn't want to start over marking up my favorite passages...especially since the markings symbolize my growth as a Christian, having given my life over to Christ the day after my senior prom.

    Good thoughts, my friend.

  6. I struggle with this.

    I have a few of my favorite verses highlighted. But I had to fight against myself to do it. Writing in the most sacred of books? That's practically heresy! or so I thought. I love this post, Rebecca. You've inspired me to bust through that wall of my own making and write in the margins.

    Though it will probably be in tiny print. Baby steps, right?

  7. I am NOT a bible marker!

    I just cannot bring myself to write in my bible, expect my name in the front cover. I don't know why that is...but I just can't do it.

  8. Oh RJ ~~ I am a BIG writer in my Bible. I have SO many notes and markings and thoughts in there. I I write in the covers, in the side bars, I write where they give you space to write. I LOVE it!! My hope and prayer is that someday when I go to be with my Jesus, that someone will pick it up and see God ALL OVER every part of it, including what He did in my life and the relationship that we had while I journeyed on this earth.

    I love that C Spurgeon quote and also that preacher's thoughts. WOW never thought about that. AMAZING!!! Now I need to find out what happened to my Grandma's Bible.

    Love you sweet friend ~~ have a Beautiful day ~~ Dawn

  9. When I was a Mormon, it was my Book of Mormon that was all colored up.

    But I think I just highlighted things because I liked seeing the colors...

  10. Great thoughts. That is one thing I kinda miss when I use my iPod to read my Bible.

  11. I just don't think I could do that!

    I love that yours looks so used and loved.

    Now, in SS books, I write in them. Maybe the Pastor will have to look at those instead! ;)

  12. I highlight every once in a while. More of a note taker, though - whether it be in my Bible or in a separate notebook.

    The important thing to me - the thing that God has just recently pressed on my heart - is the need to search out God's truth and then allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into understanding - rather than blindly following experience and what you've been taught.

    See my post on this here:

  13. I ,like one of the people above me, struggled with marking in my bible. I think I was afraid of messing it up. But now I use highlighting as a tool to help me remember God's word and it also keeps me focused as I am studying the Bible.


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