Sunday, July 10, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 28

Sunday - July 3 - A grocery trip of FIRSTS ... With all the new recipes I'm trying, I'm having to buy things I've never bought before.  Yes - I've never bought a garlic clove, molasses, apple cider vinegar or an avacado before.  This is the first time!  Ricky said, "Why are you taking pictures of some of your groceries?" - I told him because it was my first avacado.  He just shook his head & walked out of the kitchen.  Tell me I'm not like my mom though - she said she was going to write it down in my baby book :)

Monday - July 4 - Celebrating the USA, Mexican Style ... I made "Mexican Chicken Burgers" from a recipe from "Food on the Table" - if you havent checked out that site, you really should Google it.  Its pretty awesome.  But that was made with minced garlic, taco seasoning, onions & topped with an avacado salsa.  Had Pepper jack cheese on it too... & potatoes with salsa on them.  It was the best 4th of July dinner I've ever had.

Tuesday - July 5 - I love baby blankets... I've met some pretty awesome people on Daily Mile ... a husband & wife team are expecting their 3rd baby girl.  When I met them face to face at a race in March, I knew I had to knit them up a blanket to celebrate with them.  I just really love making something knowing exactly who the project is going to.  It makes me just say some prayers specifically for that baby right along with the stitches ... Congrats Corey & Damary on the soon to be new addition!

Wednesday - July 6 - I dont care if I'm grown up - I still like barrettes ... I got a new flower barrette for me.  Yes for me - not for my nieces or a little girl.  Sometimes I need 'em too to keep my hair from falling down while I'm working at my desk.  So if I'm going to be productive, might as well be cute too - right?

Thursday - July 7 - No Picture... I dont know what the deal is - this is 2nd Thursday's in a row I forgot to take a picture...

Friday - July 8 - Look at that yard!!! ... with Ricky's back hurt, I needed to get out & cut the grass.  We have quite a yard & for most of it, Ricky uses a riding lawn mower.  Well, he doesnt trust me on it.  I cant say I trust myself on it either.  So I did a big part of pushing the mower & getting it done.  Holy COW!  It was like 90 degrees & you cant tell, but that's an incline - & with trees - its a workout to get that yard finished.  And that's just PART of our yard.  We have a back part - a side part & then the front yard is the biggest... I was a sweaty mess by the end of it...

Saturday - July 9 - New Running Outfit... & the shorts are a thumbs down.  I've said before I've got a new obsession with running shorts.  You wouldn't think there is much of a difference - but there really is.  I thought I was going to like these - but nope.  They kept riding up on the left side.  I'm finding out if they're "too long" or "too flappy" - you know, too much material on the sides - they just dont stay in place.  They move around.  These even were bad because they stuck to my sweat on my legs which drives me nuts.  The top, I liked.  It breathed & wicked the sweat off... both pieces came from Target.  I will say, I've had worse shorts though - I will wear them again - but probably not on race days.

(Wow - these are REALLY flappy shorts)
Hope you've all had picture perfect moments this week...

& hopefully I'll remember Thursday in this upcoming week :)


  1. LOL at you & your mom - too funny. And that burger looks pretty fabulous. So do the baby blanket & your new barrettes. I'm VERY impressed by the mowing - I could totally see that incline. Go you!

  2. Ok, it is totally a good thing that I am sitting down ~~ YOU'D NEVER BOUGHT GARLIC CLOVES?!! Ok girl, welcome to the world of garlic. Make sure it is cut REALLY small if you use it in recipes, and even investing in a garlic press is a good idea. But one of the BEST recipes I have for garlic (I grow it in my garden) is roasted garlic. It is really easy to do and SO fabulous on french or sour dough bread. Look it up on Google or e-mail me if you want to know how. It will change your culinary world =)

    So sorry you had to mow in this heat. ICK!!! Don't you wish it mowed itself? Just sayin'

    I LOVE your barret. So cute.

    Okay so checking off the list, running shorts from Target, but the shirt will stay on the it =)

    Love you friend ~~ Have a Blessed evening ~~ Dawn

    PS I was totally looking for a "Spat of the Week"....wrong post. =) heehee I crack me up!!

  3. I wouldn't know what to do with a garlic clove...

    I miss mowing the lawn. It kept me skinny.

    Running shorts, arrggghhh! ;)

    I did run a mile this a.m. It helped that I was composing a blog post in my head at the time...

  4. I love the pic of you with the barrette!

    Hugs & love,

  5. The barrette is super-cute!
    I love that you are trying new foods!
    It sounds good too...I'm not a big avocado fan but my husband is.
    Did you know that you can buy minced or chopped garlic in a jar? Then you can just keep it in the fridge and have it when you need it. WAY easier than mincing it yourself!

  6. seriously girl, you have never bought an avocado or garlic head before?!! I guess growing up in AZ, avocados were staples!!! good for you for branching out...those burgers look amazing!!!

  7. that IS a big yard to mow. I started mowing ours about a month ago, so I feel your sweaty mess pain!
    love the barrette, and I'm confessing I have hair envy.
    the baby blanket is beautiful!

  8. How fun that you're stretching yourself and trying new foods! I remember the first time I ate avocado it was as guacamole and it looked (to me at the time) absolutely disgusting... all green and icky. LOL Now I can't get enough guacamole! That burger looks fantastic, too!
    Loved the barrette! And I agree, may as well look cute! I like 'em too but my hair is so fine, they slide right out :(
    You get my kuddos for tackling that big lawn with a push mower! Ugh, don't think I could have handled it. I might have tried sneaking out on the riding mower :)
    Have a great week!

  9. Since I started blogging the hubs is now used to the concept that everything must be photographed...even garlic and avocados, good luck with your branching out in the kitchen. It is always fun to try new tings!


  10. I'm so jealous of your yard. Mine is about the size of your computer monitor and it has a trampoline and a pool in it. Ugh! m.

  11. your hair is soo cute curly! i love it and i am so jealous of the color.

  12. Love your hair with the barette!!

  13. Ok, I knew you'd never bought garlic before, but no avocados or apple cider vinegar??? I thought apple cider vinegar was a staple in every house! I don't even use it much, but I always have it on hand. Since you love avocados I was sure you'd bought them before, haha. They are very popular down here. If you need tips on how to cut them, I can teach you. Pioneer Woman taught me ;)

  14. Baby book, ha! I love it.

    Those chicken burgers sounds yummo!

    Your hair looks fab! Love that barrette! :)

    I hate flappy shorts! ha!


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