Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Health Insurance will be the death of me...

I just gotta vent for a second....

You've probably heard me talk about in the past, if you've been around here long enough, that after 15 years on the job, my business took away health insurance from the employees.... or I should say, for 98% of the employees...

I've now been at my job for 19 years ... I KNOW ... that's a long time!  So if you do the math, you realize that this is my 4th year with getting health insurance on my own.

I've had an insurance agent that has yearly brought me new policies with lower prices, because regardless if you use the insurance or not, the price raises sky high each year.  I hadnt been to the doctor, NOR had ONE prescription filled in over 2 years... & still, my policy would raise around $65-$75 a month when renewal came.

And the bad thing with these policies, they stink like my shoes after I run a good 5 miles in this humidity...

The insurance doesnt really cover much & after seeing how it only covered $30 off of a $110 eye drop prescription last week, I knew I was in trouble... afterall, in a few months, I'm turning 40 & according to all the people who are making me feel like life is nearing an end, 40 is when a body starts falling apart.... great...

So the Hubs went to his work today & told them he wants to add me to his policy...

... are you sitting down... I'm still gasping...

Its going to cost an extra $150 a WEEK to add me... not like his insurance is spectacular or anything either... but at least its got a prescription amount & a flat fee for the doctor.  But still... geez...

Ricky told me that a "family policy" is insane too... that a coworker literally makes a check of around $50 at the end of a long week of hard labor... he's just pretty much working for health insurance for his family.

How frustrating is this... & I know I'm not alone.  Heck, I know many just go without insurance & wish for the best....

This is just so sad to me... & frustrating.. & makes me angry & sick all at the same time...

I think this comic just says it all...

Anyone else want to give me any health insurance advice... something to brighten my day?  Some kind of secret that I'm not aware of that will help?  Or do I join the thousands beyond thousands of US citizens that are struggling...

Anyone have a few hundred dollars I can borrow each month? ;)


  1. if i could i would totally give you advice, except i am clueless in this. i'm still under my parents thank goodness. won't be for too much longer i'm afraid and boyfriend, or whoever i'm with, will have to deal with me haha i hope that you get some good advice from someone love!

    ps.. thanks for your sweet comment. love you!!

  2. Oh ma'am, you're turning 40? Over the hill, girl! (Remember, I'm 50!)

    I wish I could help you. Brad paid $1000 a month for his insurance when he lived in Indy--he has degenerative back disease and needed much attention.

    Fortunately, though teachers don't make a lot of money, our insurance is fair.

    But I have had times where I've gone uninsured, when I was a returning college student was one time. It was a crap shoot. (That's not a cuss!)

  3. First of all missy...you are NOT going to fall apart at 40. Your youthfulness is just getting started :)

    And second of all, I LOATHE insurance companies.

    That is all :)

  4. When u figure it out let me know!! We pay over $600 a month just for health insurance that doesn't include dental or vision!! It get more and more ridiculous every year!! Maybe we're in the wrong business we need to start an insurance company and give ppl a break!! :-) good luck!

  5. Years ago, when both the hubster and I were working for the State of Florida, we got our insurance for FREE. Granted, we were making peanuts, but what a GREAT benefit! We are fortunate in that his state insurance is not too expensive and does cover a lot.

    I do, however, feel for those in this country who, like you, pay through the nose for benefits that don't really help out that much.

    I think we're getting ourselves in to a bind because people are not going to the doctor regularly and will, as a result, incur high costs when or if something serious goes wrong and undiagnosed because of the high premiums that prevented the person from going in earlier.

    Have you tried looking into the Christian organizations where you pay "shares" and can use the shares if you need something? I'm not sure what these groups are called, but if you google, I'll bet you could find something.

  6. This is one of my biggest pet peeves!! Health insurance baffles me.

    I have no suggestions that what you've already done--compared polices, weighed the cost, etc.

    It is stories like this that I wish our health insurance companies would read and understand that we shouldn't be going broke just to be able to to have this benefit.

  7. 150 a week???!!! That is insane! It is really sad that we have to pay so much for healthcare! I wish that I had some advice to give. It really is just so unfair! I will keep you in prayer as well as everyone else because it is a mess! :o(

  8. I can unfortunately vouch for body parts crapping out after 40 - was just remarking to my husband the other day that we have so many dr. appointments now we can't possibly work - there's no time!!!!

  9. I wish I had some advice but this is a sore subject for me too. The main reason I'm still at my job is because of insurance. My hubby's company has the most heinous way of handling it and he'd take a HUGE pay cut for us to get our family insurance through his job {close to $1K a month, yikes}. So here I am...

    I'm praying my new nutrition career will take off after graduation and I can move on to something I enjoy and that hubby will move on to a ministry job that he loves {that has much better benefits}.


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