Monday, July 18, 2011

How many years?!?!

I just wanted to wish my parents a Happy Anniversary...

I'm trying to figure out how long they've been married, & my brother will be 46 this year... (oh yeah big bro... I just outted how OLD you are!).... so they've had to be married 47 years now.

Ahhh - look at this picture before photo programs were created to make pictures look like they are this old...

I can remember when I was in high school & a friend of mine's parents got divorced.  It was like one of the first times I had even heard of "divorce"... & now, its almost rare to find parents that are still together.  I am proud of my parents for sticking it out because marriage aint easy... that's for sure.. & 47 years together?  I expect by that many years, Ricky & I will both be bald from pulling our hair - or each others - out!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!!


  1. Happy Anniversay to your parents. Yes, 47 years is a long time and they can pat themselves on the back for hanging in there. Good Job Folks!
    RJ's Friend, m.

  2. happy anniversay to your parents! such an accomplishment. i didn't grow up around divorce in my family. it was unheard of. you married the person and unless your life, or kids lives, were in danger you made it work. i'm so proud of them!!

  3. Happy anniversary to them! My own parents are still married after about 45 years and I'm one of the few I know who has never divorced parents. I hope they have a great anniversary.

    Hugs & love,

  4. My parents were married 58 years ago today, my paternal grandparents 86 years ago today. They're all together in heaven!

  5. oh that's so awesome! happy anniversary to your mom & dad!

  6. Happy Anniversary to JoJo's parents!!! That's amazing!


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