Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Stop - this isn't a bunch of engagement pictures that I keep saying I'm going to post, is it?  Nope - I'm just a tease.  But its Friday & I had ANOTHER busy night where I didnt even have my computer on - so we're sticking to Fragging today... its just more fun that way anyways, right?  I'm trying to figure out the Flickr thing anyways to try & save room on my Picasa/Blogger account so this gives me time to fuddle around.  (Isnt "fuddle" a fun word?)  Now I'm all paranoid about space running out.  Especially because y'all know pictures are my life... & add on Project 365 & you know I'm loading my space up...We live in hard times... to make the hardships easier, let's just FRAG!!!

I cant tell how how happy I am its a long weekend.  My plans?  Not leave the house - only in case of an emergency... like an ice cream run or some sort of sweet goodness...but its going to be near 100 degrees & I want to work on cleaning.  Closets, drawers, cabinets... the fun stuff.  I dont want to put on make up - I want to stay in comfy clothes - I want to sleep... Thank you USA that I have the freedom to do all this!!!

Looking back through my pictures I've posted on Blogger, I've realized I spent WAYYYYYY too much space on Dancing with the Stars pictures... I think the count for fringed pants pictures was somewhere around 27....

(I almost inserted another picture... but refuse to make that number 28)

My dad is making sure the twins do their summer vacation up right... spending it with some horses :)  Isnt this the cutest little horse ever!  Perfect size for the just freaks me out to look at this picture & see how LONG Sophia's legs are getting...

I'm still upset Dia didnt win "The Voice"...

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  SPINACH ... really?  Do you remember last week's spat where Ricky was a pouty child because our salad was "too green"?  Well, last night for dinner, I made a salad with Spinach leaves.  It was A-MAZ-ING too... but I knew he was going to "humph" about it so didnt really make him a big salad because I knew it would be wasted.  He came up when dinner was ready & looked at the salad & I said, "I know - I know - before you say anything, I know its GREEN & you wont like it - but try it" ... He just looked & said, "What IS that?" ... I explained it was Spinach leaves, to which he responded, "Is that what they put on my sandwich at Subway?" - yes, it is.  He then perked up & said, "Oh good - I LOVE that stuff" - & then ate the whole salad.... WHAT?  The fit he through over romaine & leafy green & acting like it was pulling fingernails out?  & Spinach leaves are the best thing ever?  Why?  Because Subway has it? ... that man is going to make me loose my mind... or what's left of it.

I love my game "Words with Friends" because I am such a Scrabble freak.  But I am loving the new game "Hanging with Friends".  Its like "Hangman" where you have to guess the word.  Guess its safe to say, I'm just a word-freak... anyone playing it?  Leave me a comment... we'll rumble... (want to make the word-freak thing sound really cool)


So The Monkees are touring again.  Did you know the fun fact that I'm mildly obsessed with them?  Its true.  Growing up, it was the 80's - not the 60's - but MTV had all day marathons of their show & Davy Jones is just timeless - I fell in love.  It's stuck.  I've seen them in concert in my teens - then in my 20's a few times.  Once, I made Ricky go with me & we literally sat in 102 degree weather to watch them.  Ricky & I were dating & I told him he only did it to impress me.  If we were already married, he'd be like "HECK NO to sitting in the heat" - it was pretty hot & miserable - until my Monkee boys sang "Daydream Believer" - then the heat just felt like it was coming from Davy to me... its true... but they're touring again.  And not coming near me ... sad... Ricky heard they were touring on the news & he ran & turned the TV off real quick hoping I didnt hear it.  Hey - I wont make him travel to see them... after all, they arent as big to me as my dear, precious Steven Curtis Chapman... & I'm still looking forward to my New Kids on the Block concert in 19 days!  ... I know - I have odd taste, dont I?

FYI - They play the Monkees show on Sunday afternoons & my DVR is set to record them all!!!!  Groovy baby!!!

Well, hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!  Hope if you're running in any 4th of July races, you ROCK IT! (Lauren, I'm talking to you!) ... & hope you get to get some relaxation times, fun times, & good 4th of July cook out food times in!


  1. You are such a baby compared to me, I remember the Monkees in their first run, I even had some of their albums--you know, record albums?

    Tell your husband thank you, now I want Subway for lunch!

    Have a great weekend cleaning, I totally understand where you're coming from!

  2. That's too funny about the spinach. I've been trying to grow that in our garden with zero luck.

    Have a great 4th!

  3. well, I'll have to catch up about Ricky and his aversion to greens!

  4. RJ you are just TOO cute! Monkees, SCC AND NKOTB?! Wow girl lol :)

    I got Rayna to try spinach this week and she LOVED it too! Plain without anything on it. I was shocked!

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  5. Loving the girls on the horse. We have a miniature horse like that for our kids down on my in-laws farm. Your is the perfect size for the kids & a great way to teach them about horses.

    Ricky and the spinach cracks me up! Sounds like our kids...David made them smoothies with fresh fruit & rice milk, etc. for breakfast last week & they refused to drink it. They wanted the one like David's that was puke green because it had spinach leaves & was his "health shake". LOL

    Hope you & Ricky have a great long weekend. Sounds like you have the perfect plan. We have somewhere to go everyday this holiday weekend so we'll be tearing up the roads while you tear into your house! (ha)

  6. Love your Friday Frag's....they always make me smile!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! To GOD be ALL the glory!!

  7. WOW there is so much to comment on here, but I have a question first..... So I am editing pics in Picasa because I want a certain "Summer Vintage" look for a scrapbook I'm working on. If I send them to Wal-Greens, will they print them just like I've edited them?

    Ok so it sounded like you had a bonding moment over Spinach and not a that your man is eating spinach. It is SO good for him, especially raw. If you cook greens to long it cooks all the yummy vitamins right out of them, unless you drink the green water. That's where all the delish vitamins go. (Yes, I know you probably alread knew that, just thought I'd throw that in for free =)

    The Monkeys ..... hmmmm..... I don't know. I know weird huh?

    Totally digging your neices on the horse. I am not a horse girl myself. Only rode once and got the WORST sunburn of my life. But that is another story for another day =)

    Ok so I almost just commented on the sunflowers on your table that you don't have, because that was on another blog and I am old and getting yours and hers mixed up. Seriously need some ginko-biloba =)

    Love you girl ~~ have a Super Blessed and relaxing weekend ~~ Dawn

  8. I've loved the Monkees forever! I think that Micky Dolenz has the best voice. It's so cool! And although I see the appeal of Dave Jones, Peter Tork did it for me. I think it was his hair. Plus, he was occasionally shirtless. You know what, I think I just have a thing for anyone named Peter. Yeah, that's it.
    Have a great weekend! m.

  9. My daughter loves spinach in all forms...I don't even like looking at the stuff LOL!!!

    Found you on Friday Fragments!!!

  10. Here's a piece of Monkee trivia:
    Mike Nesmith's mom invented liquid paper.
    I remember watching the Monkees tv show when I was little!

  11. I haven't been able to get Hanging with Friends to load. Probably a good thing b/c it'll be one more thing to be addicted to.

    Love your weekend plans. I'm torn between wanting to do the same thing and wanting friends to call and invite us over. Sadly, probably neither will happen.

  12. great Friday to you.. Hope you enjoy all of your cleaning and stuff. I did that a week ago in my room. Now I am moving on to my children's room one by one.. It is coming along.. Have a great 4th of July..

  13. Oh the spinach is too funny!
    I am a first run Monkees girl too! Had a huge poster of Davy in my room. I wonder if he still lives in Lancaster,Pa. I heard he bought a farm there because it reminded him of England. Not too far from here...
    My daughter was so into New Kids and I guess I liked them too...
    happy 4th of July I hope you get tons of rest...I have to work Sat and Monday...I know so sad:(

  14. I love the Monkeys too. I used to watch them on MTV. Too funny! I wonder if they're coming here.

  15. The Monkees in the early 80s was my first concert! I liked what you said about the freedom to do nothing on July 4th, although we are going to a BBQ.

    I find that now that I have a child I want to show him the holidays...last night they held the fireworks in such a place that we could see them from right out our front door, how convenient!

    My first time doing Friday Fragments, nice to meet you!


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