Thursday, July 14, 2011

Insecure Much?

I started the new Bible Study "Duty or Delight" this week... be prepared - I have a feeling I'll be referencing this a lot in the next 6 weeks.

The study for the day was talking about "insecurity"...  One of the best lines I read said:

"If Satan succeeds (in keeping us in our insecurity), he's got a marvelous concoction:  a woman God could use mightily to change her world for His glory but who is too caught up with changing or hating herself to know God's marvelous plan for her life"

(... I love the word MIGHTILY ... & "God's MARVELOUS plan".... good power words there!)

Then I got to church last night, not really knowing what the next topic was on.  Another leader was in charge of the group for the night & he started talking... & guess what the topic was on... insecurity...

I just love when that happens...

But it's crazy because I sat in this room with young people & thought about how insecurity really is something we all battle.

We talked about how we try to hide the things we dont want others to see... & in the world of social media, its easy to do, isnt it?  Put up the things we only want to share - the things that seem to be happy, things that put us in a good light, even the pictures we post. We don't even want to be tagged in a picture that makes us look like we're having a bad hair day or caught at a bad angle.  God forbid someone see something "bad" in us... right?

And we grow up with that... we take it into adulthood.

I know for me, I'll read others blogs & see how "perfect" their lives look - they have it all together - the perfect family - the beautiful home - the gorgeous style - the most adorable children - or the most amazing job that makes me sit behind my desk & just sulk...

& why do I feel that way?  Insecurities...

Kids have them... teenagers have them... most certainly, adults have them...

I wish I had some wise advice on what to do about insecurities... I don't... because I struggle with them so much myself... but I think that is what holds a key to it.. I think we ALL struggle with it... we're not alone.  I think even the "picture perfect" person whose blog I'm reading, or the Facebook profile that is the most beautiful I've seen, or the person who has the most amazing job - I think they each have their own insecurities...

There's something in knowing we're not alone...

& something even more knowing that no matter what we're insecure about, God loves us, no matter what - despite what we think about ourselves, how we feel about ourselves. 

If we just remembered that more often, maybe some of those insecurities would melt away...

So for those who are having a bad hair day, for those who are feeling like they don't have it all together like their neighbor, for those who are wondering if they're good enough... let me assure you - YOU ARE! You are beautiful - you are wonderful - you are amazing - you are loved by the Creator of the World!!

What marvelous love the Father has extended to us!  Just look at it - we're called Children of God!  That's who we really are!
-1 John 3:1


  1. You Super Models are all alike.
    Man, my dream would be to have a bad hair day. See what you did. You just made me feel bad that I'm losing my hair. And here I was blog surfing thinking that I'm all superior to everyone else and then you had to go and point out my flaws. Thanks alot!!! Wait! Now I get the meaning of your post. Good Job! m.
    p.s. When I see your photos, I'm insecure about mine. That should make me normal, right? Mark

  2. Really, you need to stop feeling bad about yourself when you read how wonderful my life is on my blog!

    Just yesterday I was stunned by an episode of What Not to Wear. A woman had a double mastectomy, lost 90 pounds, and she still had so many things she just hated about her body.

    We are loved. We are masterpieces. We all forget that.

  3. Oh Rebecca Jo, I wish we were friends in the real world! I want to hug your neck!

    I know EVERYONE has at least one thing they are insecure about, even the people we think are gorgeous. It's because we are our own worst critics. I try not to be so hard on myself about things I dislike that I can't change. Most people probably don't even notice them. It's a daily struggle, but I try to remember that no matter what, God loves me for me, warts and all {physical or not}.

  4. Great post a lesson was learned... Yes, the nesting has started..

  5. where can you get this study? :-) sounds like a good one and can't wait to hear you talk more about it.

  6. Girlfriend,
    I know how much insecurities can invade our lives.

    This study is SO good!!!

    Love you friend ~~ Dawn

  7. This was a really great post! I know what you mean about FB and blogs. It seems like now more tnan ever we are surrounded by having to look at other people's lives and it is really hard not to compare them to our own. I guess at the end of the day we all have to realize that God has a great and wonderful plan for all of our lives and that if we just yield to and keep our eyes and hearts towards him.. that we can find true happiness on this earth too. :o) Besides... everything that glitters is not gold. That is for certain.

  8. I'm studying on love myself. Studying on how much God loves me. I'm beleiving that as soon as it get's deep down in me that God truly loves me, I can then begin to love myself better, and then love others.

    Thanks for the post!

  9. Rebecca, I think this is one of my favorite posts that you've written.

    I don't know why we all think we need to put our best foot forward in life. I think it's because we can all be very judgmental of one another, and that, in turn, feeds into the insecurities we carry.

    I think it's so important that we be ourselves.

    Last year, one of Rooster's friends' moms started reading my blog, and we slowly became IRL friends as a result. We never had a lot of time to talk one-on-one...until the end of May, when we sat down at Starbucks together. Well, her mouth just about dropped as I shared this and that with her. She told me that everything always seemed to go my way, and I seemed so lucky.

    Um...I asked her if she'd read my blog over the months. Nothing really goes right for me, which is why I have stuff to blog about!!

    Anyhoo, I'm getting away from what I wanted to say. Basically, we just need to keep things real. We'll never be able to pull one over on God. I don't know why we think we need to put on airs for each other.


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