Sunday, July 03, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 27

Sunday - June 26 - Green Lantern & Grilled Cheese.... We met up with Lindsay Kay to go to the movies.  Then we headed to Five Guys Burger & Fries.  Since I dont eat red meat anymore, I'm still good there.  They make a KILLER grilled cheese sandwich - I get tomato on it & its pretty awesome.  I was happy to see Lindsay Kay sporting a flower in her hair as I usually have some sort of something in my hair :)

Monday - June 27 - "Backyard" Practice ... The new Children's Program at church called "The Backyard" has practice.  I'm part of the worship team so I got to go & see all the fun previews of the acting & skits.  This was a costume for "Ben Franklin" during the skit... I dont like to pass up an opportunity to embarass myself so I put this one & told everyone I'd make it my Facebook Profile... which I did... But look at this little boy who put it on too - how CUTE is he?!?!?!

Tuesday - June 28 - Working on my Habit .... I've been trying to drink tea more then Diet Coke lately.  Its hard work... let me tell you ... but I'm loving the "ice cold brew" bags that I can just throw in a bottle with ice water & ice cubes & it's pretty decent.  If I can cut out at least one, or two Diet Cokes a day, I'm proud of myself.

Wednesday - June 29 - O Canada!!!! .... My friend Jen married a Canadian 10 years ago & moved up to the land of far away... we've stayed in touch over all the years over the phone & social media, but havent seen each other for 10 years!  10 YEARS!!! They were down in Tennesee & stopped in to see me for a bit. Last time I saw her, she was a new bride & here she is now as a mom of 2 adorable kiddos!  But it was like time never passed... arent friendships like that just the best?  Just wish we had more time to spend together... (Isnt her son the cutest?  They just came from the "Louisville Slugger Museum" - cue to "Baseball Bat Stance")

Wednesday - June 29 - Youth Event!!! ... Yes, I know I have two Wednesdays - which is OK, right?  Because I have no Thursday picture anyways :)  But it was our Youth Event night at church & I was blessed to give a message - but only after our amazing, fantastic, ROCKIN' Youth Band performed an incredible set.  This is some talent right here!!!

Friday - July 1 - BACKYARD!!! ... & no pictures!! WHAT?  I'm such a slacker! I was too busy changing clothes, trying to find microphones & then just plain ole' talking with everyone to grab my camera.  So what did I do when that was over? ...let's change the title then for Friday to Edit more pictures!!!! ... I know I dont have more up yet, but I actually went through & found some more to edit & got another 8 really good pictures... here's another example... (I'm still teasing you, arent I?)

Saturday - July 2 - New Bedding... My bed skirt was torn on our bed so I got a new one along with a new bedspread... isnt it fun to get new stuff for the house?  Makes the bedroom look brand new.  I need to get new pillows now... but in the meantime, gotta keep my body pillow near.  Whoever invented those things - I could hug. 

Hope you've all had picture perfect moments this week....


  1. Love the Ben Franklin get-up - that is too funny :)

    Yes, you ARE a tease with the engagement pictures!

  2. I love Five Guys so much, I could eat there everyday. I really shouldn't do that...but I could.

  3. Mmmm, Five Guys. Love that place. Once in a while, that is.

    Looks like a great week. Here's hoping for another. Happy 4th, sweet friend!

  4. We love Five Guys too and their grilled cheese sandwiches are wonderful. Loved the Ben Franklin costume, that was too cute for words.

  5. Enjoyed your post.
    i wonder what Ben F. would say of his lookalikes ;)


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