Thursday, July 07, 2011

Siesta Scripture ... love when I can add Justin Timberlake to it

Its funny because I picked my scripture for the beginning of July at the end of June... have it sitting in front of me on my index cards & on the board behind me so I always see it.

And then the Casey Anthony trial has happened - as well as just life in general - & it really showed me how much I need to be reminded of this... we, as humans, like to point fingers, dont we?  Like to point out everyone's faults & failures... big & small.... from Casey Anthony, to even someone who made a simple, small mistake.  We like to judge them all...criticizing is like a sport for us sometimes.  So I love this scripture...

Don't pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults.  Unless, of course, you want the same treatment.  Don't condemn those who are down;  that hardness can boomerang.  Be easy on people - you'll find life a lot easier.
-Luke 6:37 (The Message)

For me, I love this idea to just be easy on people - making life easier.  Hello?  Who doesnt want an easier life?  Don't people write books & make MILLIONS on trying to show how to do this?   But its right there for us...Its taking the focus off looking at everyone else's faults & start looking at the things I need to work on myself... after all, how is my life going to get any better when I have some faults & failures I'm not working on because I'm too busy pointing out other's faults to them...which, by the way, goes over like a lead balloon.

And I also love it because it holds the idea of "what comes around, goes around"... & not the Justin Timberlake version - though I do like to get my groove on to that song... this is more of a Biblical Karma, if you will.  So this should really ease our mind in having to feel like we NEED to point fingers... its going to "boomerang" back anyways - right?

....I just think we need to get Justin Timberlake to write another boogie-down song with this scripture in mind... life at least would be a little easier in the "groovin'" department :)


  1. While I'm pretty private about my relationship with God I have printed this off and put it on my computer.

    Now that I work for a state run university (compared to a private for profit), I often feel like I'm the one who is criticized, and in turn, start to pick up that bad habit and put it on others.

    THANK YOU! Great verse!!

  2. I don't know. This is a tough one. Because I believe that Casey Anthony is connected to the death of her daughter, I'm afraid I have to judge her. Not her soul, mind you. That's not my place. But I can judge her actions. I judge people's actions all day long. And I can tell the difference between making a mistake and doing something wrong/bad on purpose. And because I understand "what comes around, goes around", I'm all for people to judge what I do. Have at it folks! What do I care?
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. Am I gettin' on your nerves yet? Give it time. Give it time.

  3. Good scripture. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Glad you find the right things to think about in these post.. Have a great weekend..


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