Sunday, July 24, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 29

July 17 - Sunday - Insecurity .... In our youth group today, we had to write on our chest what our biggest insecurity was.  Mine was "weight" ... it was kinda wild to see what everyone wrote on their chest because these kids were so honest - but the things they were insecure about were things I would have never guessed about them.  Then we had a piece of paper on our backs that we couldnt see that others could write on them what THEY see in us.  This was my list... it was so neat to look at it & see how others really see you.  I especially enjoyed seeing these kids faces light up when they saw how others saw them... I think one of my favorites on my list is "love you UR Loud" ... haha!!!

July 18 - Monday - Feels long!!!! ... for some reason, my hair felt REALLY long today.  Dont know why - but it did...

Tuesday - July 19 - the fun of living with a yellow lab .... The bad side of having a yellow lab is their coats in the summer.  The shedding is INSANE!!! I literally sit & pull hair off her everytime I see her.  She hates it, but its gotta be done.  I will take her out & just rub & rub & pull & pull & the hair is never ending.  Just another reason why I'm looking foward to cooler weather.

This is a handfull of pulled out dog hair... fun, huh?
 Wednesday - July 20 - NKOTBSB ... if you havent seen the post from Wednesday - then you missed all the details... it was just awesome... still singing from it

I had posted on Facebook that this is when NKOTB blew up....
 Thursday - July 21 - Day after with a little follower .... I took the day after the concert off work, which I'm glad I did since I didnt get home until after midnight & I have to get up at 5:30 am ... being at home, my little buddy, Bruno, was following me everywhere - so glad to have his 'mommy' home :)  Everywhere I looked, this is what I saw.

He's saying "Pick me up & hold me" in case you dont speak dog language
July 22 - Friday - Invitation .... ahh - the wedding invitations to my friends arrived.  I cant tell you how giddy I am about this wedding...

July 23 - Saturday ... NO PICTURE ... I literally didnt get out of my "sweat shorts" all day.  It was just a lazy movie day.  I watched New Moon - Eclipse - Take me home tonight - You again & caught up on my Big Brother After Dark on Showtime all day... I literally didnt even take over 1,000 steps all day.  Now THATS a lazy day!!!  So believe me, you dont WANT to see a picture of that day... it wasnt pretty.

Hope you've all picture perfect moments this week!


  1. I like the insecurity activity. I think I am going to have to give that a try.

  2. RJ,
    I LOVE that activity you did with the kids. Hmmm.... I wonder what others would say about me? I totally know what my insecurity is.....I don't want to talk about it =)

    Oh my, seeing all that dog hair makes me itch. Is that weird? =)

    I love that you got a truly lazy day yesterday. I'm hoping to have a kind of lazy day this week. It will involve water =)

    Love you friend ~~ Dawn

  3. Did I really read "Funny & Bites People?" That is hilarious :)

    Your hair LOOKS long in that picture!

    Your Saturday sounds pretty fabulous to me.

  4. Your hair is long. Mine used to be, and I remember those days of thinking it was reaching much farther than the day before.


  5. What a great activity!

    I used to have really long hair but hot flashes and old age have now made for shorter lengths. In fact a trip to the hair salon is in order for this week!


  6. Loud? Ha! That could never be said of me, on the contrary I was constantly chided because of my soft voice.
    Long? That's what my hair looked like when i was married 40 year ago.
    So, who's getting married? Am I missing something?


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