Monday, July 04, 2011


This is what is good about the 4th of July Holiday - I am actually home & can get this post together... the bad thing?  Having to pick out my favorite pictures.  I ended up with over 60 pictures from our shoot together.  I always like to think out of 100 pictures taken, there are 10 "good" ones... so that I got 60 pictures out of a little over 200?  I was thrilled... so here are a few of my favorites...

(if your computer cuts off the sides of the pictures, go down & change your "view" to 75% - or click on the picture... I think for the most part, everyone can see it on today's monitors, but just in case...)

I love this picture with them in front of the crosses... because these two are such an amazing couple that serves God using all their talents... I cant wait to watch their marriage serve God even further!

This is definitely in my top 5 pictures... This was taken in the middle of like 5 shots & this is Ryan's "real smile" ... he had a habit of doing his "photo smile"... this isnt it... this is REAL RYAN & its great.  Even better, Chasity just beaming looking at him... isnt that just the cutest expression on her face? 

I just love the composition of this picture too... crazy how the blue in Ryan's shirt brings out the steps & even more, Chasity's eyes....

This is just another "real moment" ... we were laughing about getting Chasity up on the fence & her not falling off... real moments are the best moments to capture...

Doesnt this just scream romance?  Love the water - love the trees... adorable...

Is that face just beautiful or what?  Those eyes?  And a dimple on top of it?  She's going to make one stunning bride!!!!

This is in my top 5 favs also... & you can't even see their face... but I think its just so peaceful.  We found this lake & they just sat down & were talking... I thought, "that just screams 'love', doesnt it?  Just being able to sit & talk & enjoy each others time together" ... I want to take their picture in this same spot, same position in 40 years :)

Aren't they just gorgeous?  How could ANY of these pictures not turn out good, right?

Here is to LOVE & to a Happily Ever After for Ryan & Chasity...


  1. love the last picture.. You are amazing at taking photos.. Wow..

  2. I love these! You did a terrific job. I meant to tell you last week that I couldn't view your slideshow for some reason. Anyway, these are just great!!!

  3. Why can't I take photos like these? I'm surrounded by gorgeous people too. It's just not fair.
    Of course I love these photos. Why wouldn't I? Good Job!
    Your Friend, who wants to be you when he grows up, m.


    I LOVE all of these pics and those two that are in your top 5 would make my top 5 as well. I love "real" over posed anyday, because real, is well, real. LOVE these shots and that last one.....says it all!!!

    Are you doing the wedding shots too? When are these two darling things getting married? I wanna come =)

    Love you friend ~~ Dawn

  5. These are all so good! You amaze me. Is there anything you can't do? I broke down and bought a photoshop software (not the big-daddy one) but haven't even opened it yet. I think I'm afraid to.


    I am so green with envy right now I can't stand it! I know they are going to have an impossible time choosing their favorites!

  7. i love that last picture! BEAUTIFUL!! you have such a talent. they are a gorgeous couple. congrats to them!!


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