Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A no REGRETS Medley....

Joining in today with the fun Wednesday Medley gang...

1.  Do you enjoy fresh peaches?  What is your favorite way to use them in a recipe?

I'm not a huge fan of peaches.  I think its a texture thing - I'm weird about a lot of things & peaches are just slimy to me.  & the outside? with the fuzzy texture? it's just all wrong for me.

2.  Have you ever gone the wrong way on a one-way street?

I have not. I'm pretty good at noticing signs & I've been driving downtown since I was a teen since my high school was downtown. But let me tell you - it makes me VERY aware driving downtown because its at least ONCE a month that I see someone turn the wrong way on a one-way street.  That's a lot!  & people look at YOU like you're the crazy one - even when you see a whole line of cars in 2 lanes coming your way.  People are reckless .... literally!

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3.  Tell us about your life when you were 17.
I was in between my Junior / Senior year in high school. I had my job as a cashier in a grocery store.  Nothing was better than a sleep over with my best friend Stephanie.  I drove a Toyota Celica & felt cooler than cool that I had my own car.  I had dreams of being a pharmacist or a chaplain in a hospital.  ... man, I think back at that 17 year old & all the expectation of life & knowing how different life can look from what young minds envision. What a sweet age it is to feel so grown up, but to really still be a kid.

4.  Do you use emojis when you text, email, or FB message? Do you have a favorite?
I am forever using emojis.  My go-tos are typically a smiley face, a heart, the face with the tongue out & winking - & the one I think I use the most is what I know is supposed to be like a "high five" - double hands in the air.  I always take it as PRAISE HANDS :) Like the attitude of YES - AMEN :) Am I like that mom who always use the LOL that used it for their family when someone died & they were like, MOM - & she thought it meant, "Lots of Love".  OOPS

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5.  It has been asked many times, but do you have a tattoo?  Do you want to get a tattoo? 
Nope - none. But not because I dont want one. I actually have a few that I want.
* A cross on the back of my neck
* PRESS ON - my life scripture
* Something that documents running around my foot / ankle
* Something that points to Beauty & the Beast - I always liked the Broadway symbol that is a silhouette of the Beast
* Something that documents my love for animals - "Friends, not food" sort of thing
* Something that involves knitting.
* & now, my big one I want is the signature of my dad where he left me notes every week that said, "Love ya, Dad"... I want that on my wrist to see every day

All this, it sounds like I could have a whole SLEEVE done :)

I just know my luck & know that I'll be the one who gets a tattoo & something gets mixed up & letters get turned around... or even worse, I'll get some sort of infectious disease where they have to cut my arm off or something. We all know this is true.

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6.  Last, but not least, please tell us something about your week!

Today is my Mother in Laws Birthday!  Happy Birthday Maggie!! I love my MIL so much.  She's all sorts of sassy, funny, loving, independent & just always makes me feel like one of her own. The best

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& also give my momma some loving shout outs.  Thursday would have been her & dad's 55th wedding anniversary.  What else can you say to that. Still hard.

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