Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Happy Birthday to my dad... hope you're enjoying Alaska!

Today would have been my dad's 75th Birthday.

It's crazy to think that death puts a freeze on time.  Dad was 73 when he passed away.  Just a month before his 74th birthday.  I try to think how he would have celebrated today. I definitely know that cake would have been involved. He loves his birthday cake.  He'd always prefer ice cream cake... I am not a fan... so he'd always tell me to make sure to buy him a gallon of vanilla ice cream to go with his birthday cake. I could handle that.

There was always a new horse / barn / farm tshirt would have been involved on his day. He always loved when I would get those for him for his birthday. He wore them clear through till holes appeared.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
one of his shirts
... it says...
"I'm so busy I dont know if I found a rope or lost my horse"

& shopping for the horse would have been involved.  Every year for his birthday, I always gave him $1.00 for each year of his age.  I think I started that when he was 40 years old. He always joked that he was making me poorer the older he got.  But he always took that money & ended up using it to buy things for the horses.  Always.  I feel like I need to go buy Cochese & Baby something today in dad's honor.

Speaking of dad.... I have to share a reoccurring dream I've had.  I dont think I mentioned it before.

Dad is always in the kitchen - the first time I dreamed it, he was in the kitchen of mom & dad's house now.  I dreamt this again about 2 weeks ago & we were in the kitchen at our old house.

Dad is just standing there doing his thing like he always did in the kitchen - creating something new to eat, making a ice cold drink with extra & then more ice... & we're all just staring at dad.  After the silent shock & stares, I end up saying to him every time "What are you doing here?  YOU DIED"...

& every time, dad just laughs.  Now, you have to know, my dad had a very unique laugh when he got really chuckled about something. I will like to add, I can imitate this laugh perfectly.   Ricky says its bizarre how well I can do it... but he does it every time at this moment where I tell him that he died!!!

When I tell my mom about this dream (in real life now - this can get confusing) - she asked me, "Why do you tell him he died?" - & I tell her its at this point every time, I explain to him,  "DAD - WE BURIED SOMEBODY!!!!" & he just laughs again ... ok dad - who knew you had a sick sense of humor?

I tell dad about his funeral & what happened - & the whole time, he just shakes his head & tells me he's not dead. 

The funniest part of it - I always ask him where he's been this all this time - & he tells me every time "I've been in Alaska". ... my dad or none of the Wood family has been in Alaska.  Where that comes from, I dont know.  But he always says that he's been there & he just had a hard time leaving there to get back home.

Now, when mom talks about dad & missing him & talking about how she can't believe he left us so unexpectedly - I just remind her 'Mom, he's just in Alaska" :)

People are still looking for the Garden of Eden on earth... has anyone checked Alaska? I'm just saying...

& I wake up... really feeling like I had a conversation with dad.  It's just the most surreal experience. Sad to wake up & leave him & knowing this reality, he's gone... but my heart is always warm with what feels like time spent with him again... & hearing that laugh... & seeing that smile.

I'll think of that today... & maybe Dad will visit me in my dreams tonight...
& let me know all his latest adventures in Alaska.

Miss you Dad... love you always!

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