Thursday, July 25, 2019

Snow White & Belle,10 hrs & look at my ittybitty baby!!! {Thankful Thursday #231}

This week I am thankful for:

I think all my work family knows about Ricky's love for carrot cake - so we really appreciated it when one of my coworkers brought in 2 "inside out" carrot cakes - what they're called at Trader Joes  Basically like carrot cake whoopie pies. OH MY GOODNESS - they were delicious. & I'm super glad she brought in TWO - one for each of us. & I'm even more glad that I ate mine before Ricky ate his or I wouldnt have gotten to enjoy mine!

Bruno on concrete.
We have found that Bruno can walk really well on our back porch.  He can grip the concrete well & its flat & hot any obstacles in his way.  We discovered he can move more than we thought. Little old man has been walking like 2 hours every night & about a hour & a half every moring.  Keep at 'em Bruno!!!

Hair Day!!!
You know its bad when my hair dresser sees your hair & goes "WOW"... haha.  That gray is just coming in fast & furious.

New Coffee Mug
Thanks to Amazon Prime Day - I found all kinds of sales from OTHER stores - & added this mug to my Campfire Mug collection from The Daily Grace. I took this one to work to use everyday.

Found Badge
I got to work & went to scan in to get in the door & noticed... nothing... my bad had dropped from the parking garage to the building. OH NO.  So I called into the office & someone let me in, but one of my work buddies went with me for an extra pair of eyes & as we're walking across the street - there she lay! WHEW!!!!! I would have had to pay for a new one, that didnt bother me - I was just more concerned with my Belle on my badge that Ricky got me. I have priorities.

Snow White bag
My work sister Liz brought in this beautiful bag that she got with a vintage lipstick she had ordered.  When she asked me if I wanted it, I literally teared up. It's so beautiful.  It's Disney + it looks like a book.  I love little bags like this too - for pens or little things that get lost in your purse. I told her if she can ever get a Belle one, she's gotta know I'll pay her for that one.

No doctor's Wait
My Hematologist office always has a long wait - so when I pulled in the parking lot on my lunch hour & saw it was empty, I almost thought I had the wrong date. I pulled out my phone to confirm their text & it was indeed right.  I dont know if I got there right after a lunch hour or what - but I walked right in, got my blood drawn & got my hemoglobin results back & was back in less than an hour. That was a first.

Always love the boost to read more & appreciate these weekends that puts a focus on it.   I didnt think I'd get much time in this go around but I was only 3 hours off my last time & I felt like I really dedicated time to that one. Good to know.

6 years old
I can't believe our big boy is 6 years old now.  It feels like yesterday we just got him.  It's so sweet- the lady that worked for the aussie rescue that drove the distance to pick him up from the shelter, she found some pictures of Harvey from the day she went & picked him up. OH MY GOSH. I forgot how little he was. My baby!!!!

Safe in the storm
That storm that came up out of no where - it was CRAZY clouds... & I dont get afraid of storms, but running through a horse field with lightning bouncing everywhere - I gotta admit, I was a little nervous.  I'm just glad the horses weren't phased by it.  & really, I could have just stayed out & looked at the beauty of it.  I just am mesmerized by these sorts of clouds & storms.

What are you Thankful for this week?

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