Thursday, July 04, 2019

Baptisms, perfect timing & HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!! {Thankful Thursday #228}

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This week I am Thankful For...

Yes, its the 4th of July so I am so thankful for this country we live in where we have Freedom!  We complain a lot about the things happening in our country, but this is a good day to stop & see all the good we do have.  A place where we can voice our opinions, a place where we can stand up for what we believe, a freedom of religion, a freedom to vote for our leaders... so many things that others living in other countries would - & have - died for.

Military & their family
I always am in awe of our US Military - all the forces.  That these people give their lives to serve & protect our home - it's simply amazing to me.  I never think of military & think of all the loved ones that are home & taking care of families & lifting prayers for their husband or wife / son or daughter / mother or father.  It takes a village & the military life involves not just the ones in uniform.

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Embraced Devotional
Exciting to start a new 100 day devotional by Lysa TerKuerst.  I'm just a few days in & already loving it.

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SIL Birthday
My sister in law's birthday was this past week & she had her birthday dinner at the Japenese restaurant.  Glad to be there to celebrate with her.

Air Conditioning
It's that time of year when I walk into a cool house or a cool car & I just have to stop & think how some people dont have the simple luxury of a cool home or car.  Or even a job where I sit in AC all day. I think of Ricky who works out in the heat all summer long... its tough man.  I cant even imagine. 

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Gate finished
So proud of Ricky for building a new gate for our fence. Our old one, we couldn't hardly open it due to the conrete that was poured on the other side of it.  Ricky made our new fence to open the other way  (inside our porch) & now, it is more functional. 

Yes, I talked about this Monday - & actually was in my last day of the month post from yesterday - but always grateful when someone gives their life to Christ.  & this young lady... my goodness, she's already taking huge steps of faith & I'm so excited to see her on fire for Jesus!!!

Perfect message
I was having a little bit of a pity party on the way to church. Seriously, it wasn't pretty. I just started tearing up & I honestly couldnt stop. Everything was making me cry (PMS much?) but let me you something, its amazing how God can give you comfort.  I got to chuch & the message started & in the very first few sentences that our Pastor said, he spoke to EXACTLY the issues I was struggling with. I mean, EXACT - like I was freaking out thinking, "was there a mic in my car or something" - it was just so crazy. But I love the confirmation that I was where I needed to be & to hear this message that our Pastor brought.

So tell me some good things about your week!

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