Tuesday, July 02, 2019

One Sentence a Day {June 2019)

That's it - officially half way through the year... whooo... unbelievable.
& just to confirm that - Hobby Lobby does indeed have their Christmas stuff out. Geez.
But let's not get to Chrismas just yet....
let's get through the beginning of summer...
One Sentence a Day!

1 / Sat - Spent the afternoon with someone else who loves all things paper & stationary & pens & lettering like I do. #papersource

2 / Sun - Last HSM for the year with our girls finishing up their Freshman Year. #3moreyearstogo

3 / Mon - Started off my week with a Starbucks treat from my friend. #actuallywillcover3daysofcoffee

4 / Tues - FINALLLLLLY got rid of the gray #atleastforaweekortwo

5 / Wed - National Running Day got in my system & made me sign up for the 2020 mini marathon. #10monthstogetbackingear

6 / Thurs -  Back to the Hematologist to get my blood checked to see how the iron levels are. #somanypeople #chemotreatmentseverywhere #breaksmyheart

7 / Fri -  Found out my Ferritin has once again tanked. #dangit #dangit #dangit

8 / Sat -  Went to dinner with the family to celebrate my nieces tennis championship win! #littleteenpro

9 / Sun - I love a breakfast date. #easeintotheday

10 / Mon - Got to take pictures of one of my favorite families. #newGrandBuddy

11 / Tues - Went to say goodbye to my sister in law's Grandfather who passed away & was just always so kind to me & made me my Beauty & the Beast bench I have in my bedroom. #RIPLarry

12 / Wed -  I dont care I'm 47 years old & still wearing Minnie Mouse leggings. #nevergrowup

13 / Thurs -  So thankful for good news from my sister in law after a health scare. #praisetheLord!

14 / Fri  -  Sat outside until it was dark to finish reading my book. #allthesummerlight

15 / Sat -  Ernie had his first visit to Feeder Supply to pick out some treats. #curiousdoggie

16 / Sun - I felt like Noah was going to come by any second with all the rain we had. #floodseverywhere

17 / Mon - Excited it was Bachelorette Monday & then so ticked off when it was basically a recap show. #WHYABC?

18 / Tues - I went to bed at 9pm when the sky was still light out & I dont think I've done that in the longest time. #justexhausted

19 / Wed - We are now 9 inches OVER the YEARLY average of rain. #stillmoretocome

20 / Thur - Mom was supposed to have a huge dental procedure that got canceled due to her high blood pressure. #dangit

21 / Fri - Game night with the Czeczok's that ended up with no games being played... buts lots of laughs & good conversation #andbabysnuggles

22 / Sat - I never tire of watching Sophia play tennis #proudaunt

23 / Sun - HSM coffee date #lovethesegirls

24 / Mon - Why did an insurance adjuster take over 3 hours to look at our roof for hail damage? #whattheheckareyoulookingfor?

25 / Tues - When you walk into your office & its hotter inside than outside & you wore a sweater because its normally cooler, you know its going to be a rough day. #sweatitout

26 / Wed -  Ricky got to ride his new scooter down to meet me for lunch #gamechanger

27 / Thurs - Went to dinner to celebrate my sister in law's birthday #happyBirthdayJuli

28 / Fri - Purposely went out of my way to get Ricky some No Baked Cookies at lunch time & they were sold out by the time I got there. #Itried

29 / Sat - Tried to help Ricky as much as I could as he built us a new gate out of scratch. #hedidagreatjob

30 / Sun - Praising the Lord for a decision made by one of our HSM girls. #endthemonthwithabaptism

Tell me something memorable about your month?

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