Thursday, July 11, 2019

Pie, wider gates & people that get my weirdness {Thankful Thursday #229}

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This week I am Thankful for:

Eating outside for lunch
Loved when my coworkers suggested eating outside. Even on a hot day, this wasn't bad because this restaurant keeps their doors open where you could feel the cold wind. I cant even begin to imagine how much that electricity costs!!! But it was lovely sitting outside watching downtown traffic.

4th of July
God bless America for a day off work!

... because is it REALLY the 4th of July without a pie?  I think not.

This was a Red/White & Blue pie
(Cherries, applies & blueberries)

Trail Mix Friend
So having to work on Friday was a little bit miserable when everyone else in the world seemed off.  But work tried to make it a little bit easier on us by giving us a "make your own trail mix" afternoon.  We all went down to get some yummies & I go to walk in & ...... GASP..... STOP!!!.... CANT GO IN!!!! The C-word (cereal) was in boxes everywhere.  I instantly could smell it & started to gag & had to run out.  I was like, someone hates me!!!!! .... but thank goodness for friends that get your weirdness because Liz was like, "I'll get some for you" - & she loaded me up on some pretzel, peanuts & M&M's ... all you need for a good trail mix. Keep that C-stuff out of it please.

Pizza Night
I always love when Ricky picks up pizza for dinner so I dont have to worry about cooking & we typically have leftovers for lunch the next day.

Tight Squeeze
So all the time we've lived  in this house (18 years) we have not been able to get our riding lawn mover in the back yard because our gate was installed a wonky way & we couldnt get it open the full way.  We've been push cutting it ever since & that's a chore with the hills & trees  all around the yard.  So while Ricky has been redoing our fence, he rebuilt out gate & made it open INSIDE of the fence instead of opening outward.  So now, the riding lawn mower fits through!! What normally takes 30 minutes (on a good day), he had it cut within 10 minutes. & less sweat too!!!

Tell me something good about your week!

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