Monday, July 22, 2019

The weekend that I didnt put a book down....

I honestly believe that last week was the LONGEEESSSSTTTT week I have ever experienced.
It was unbelievably long. Almost mystical & magically long - magical in the sense that someone put a jinx on the week.

Let me tell you, it was so bad, when I left work, I stopped at the grocery & picked up cookies. That's how bad it was.

Dont worry, I didnt eat them all

Granted, I didnt get to eat Friday for lunch. I had to run to the doctor to get my blood drawn for my latest ferritin level check.  So cookies were my comfort food to make it through the week AND the day.

My Friday night wasn't exciting at all - I was beat down. From the week ... & from having blood drawn. I always say I find it a little ironic that when you dont have enough blood, it doesnt help when they keep drawing it out of you too.  I really feel it when I lost any sort of blood.

Needless to say, I was in bed early & knocked out quick.

Saturday, I was up early in thanks to Mr. Ernie Walker who is true to form - 7am is play time to him.  I didnt have to get out of bed though because Ricky was actually already up & working on the fence - THAT early.  Trying to beat the heat.  Poor guy - it got SO hot SO fast & SO humid.  He honestly could only do a few planks at a time & had to come in & change shirts & get drink more water. It was scaring me. I finally begged him to just lock the dogs in the house (they didnt mind) & then finish the fence when it was cooler... & by cooler, I mean, not cooler at all. It was HORRIBLE.  All sorts of Heat Warning Advisories out & everything.

Me? I didnt let the heat get to me because it was the 24in48 Readathon!!!!  My favorite time of year!!!

I knew I wouldnt get my usual time of reading in, but I wanted to at least get some in... & some is better than none. I think I did pretty good by finishing 2 books this weekend - more than I have been reading.

But this is just the way to beat the heat.... a book & iced coffee under a fan & by an AC vent.

I did walk away from my book for a bit to take my mom to the store  & Ricky had gone out to pick us up dome dinner while he made a trip to Home Depot.  I love days where I can keep my hair in a messy bun, no make up & flip flops & shorts & a tee all day long.

Oh, in the middle of Saturday, one thing happened - I got an email that said my test results came in.  That was strange because it usually takes 5 days for my ferritin levels to come back in so when I saw my results were back in less than 24 hours? That was shocking to me....& yeah, the results weren't good. I dropped EVEN lower.  My mom said, "How much lower CAN you drop?" ... I told her, about 1/4 of an inch left :) ... she didnt find that funny.

I'm sure I'll get a phone call from the doctor this week... sigh....

Sunday, I had hoped I was going to sleep in since I couldnt go to sleep the night before. I drank coffee too late in the day - so it was after 1am before I finally fell asleep... & Thank you Mr. Ernie... 6:58 am wake up call. DANG THAT DOG. Good thing he's super cute.

I had hoped to get up & relax in the day with my book - but Bruno had had an accident overnight in his kennel - so book got put aside & I had some cleaning to do & gave Bruno a bath.  He's my dog that loves getting baths.  I took the time to trim him up & groom him some. My handsome little man, all sparkly & shiny new... or as sparkly & shiny new as you can be at nearly 19 years old (t- 10 days till that 19th birthday!!!... I'm already shooting for 20 for him!!!)

I finally got to settle in on the couch for more reading.

I did skip church again this week.. Last week was Wimbledon - this week, I went ahead & relaxed.  HSM starts back in just a week or two so I just am enjoying the break of not having to get up & rush out on the weekend.

We did pack up & leave in the afternoon though to go celebrate my mother in law's birthday by having some lunch with her & going through old pictures. I love old pictures.  Can I show you my favorite???

All together now - AHHHHHH... all the heart eyes.

Crazy how much Ricky & his 2nd grandson look so much alike. Scary actually.

We headed home for horse time ... & on the way home, Ricky had to run back into Home Depot where I finished that second book.  OH MY GOSH. Good thing I was in the car, heading home... because let me warn you - this is just one sad book.  Heartbreaking.When Ricky got back in the car, I know I said at least a dozen times - "That was just so sad!!!"... books can hit you in the heart man.

Hiding my face... it was a total ugly cry

Nothing really exciting happened the rest of Sunday - just adulting - bills, horses, showers, dogs... Oh - & celebrated our big boy's 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Harvey Dent!!!  Cant believe we've had him for 6 years now!!! WOW!

& also ended our week with a CRAZY storm that popped up out of nowhere.
I had to go let the horses back in & always plan to do it around 9pm.  I had just brought Bruno inside about 8:45 & there was nothing suspicious looking.  & I walk out the door at 9pm & it looked like something out of Stranger Things. MY GOODNESS!!!! Scared me to death running through that field with lightning flashing. 

Luckily, the horses didnt seem phased by it- I was afraid I was going to get over there to 2 horses trying to climb the walls.  Nope, they were just like, "Got any feed?"...

Well, let's hope our week & our Monday is a lot calmer than last night.

So how was your weekend?

Is it horribly hot where you are?

Have you ever done a readathon?  Did you join into this one?

Do you celebrate your dogs birthdays?

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