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Show Us Your Books {July 2019 Edition}

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I just got in one measly book in June...
too embarrassing to join in with the link up last month - 
so jumping back in for July & only have 3 books . My reading mojo has just been on a slump!  But a readathon is just around the corner & those are usually the UMPH I need to get back in the game.  At least I can join in this month with all the awesome book link ups!
Thanks Jana & Steph for hosting!
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More Than Words
** / Just OK

Quick Summary:  Nina inherits her father's incredibly known hotel businesses & she discovers secrets he's been hiding after he passed away.

This book put me in a rut. I just couldnt get through it. I dont know why I just didn't give up on it - I have no problem doing a DNF but I just kept thinking, "its gotta get better"... it just didn't for me.

I gave it 2 stars because I did connect with Nina when her father passed away. I felt the pain & was moved in that part - because yeah, that's close to my heart right now... but the rest of the story? Was just so bland to me. Nothing really was exciting or shocking or really grabbed my attention.  I was just bored through it all.  Even the love story in it was just so blah to me, I didnt even care.

I hate that I wasn't super excited about it because I really did enjoy The Light We Lost so much... & I love the style of this author's writing, but man, just did not care for this one.

In the end, I'm glad I got this one from the library because I almost bought it & I would have been a little upset if that was the case.

"All decision were affected by the time in which they were made"


Nine Perfect Strangers

Quick Summary: 9 people go to a health resort that offers a different sort of experience

I was really enjoying this book & all the characters. I love how this author always breaks up her chapters to different POV ... but my time ran out for it to be returned to the library.  I tried to renew but someone must have had it on hold, which wont let you renew.

I've got it on hold on my Kindle from the library - so hopefully I'll pick it up one day & see how it all ends.

In the end... I'm bummed that I didnt get to finish it.  I was really enjoying everyone's story.


The Booish Life of Nina Hill
Abbi Waxman
**** / Really Liked it

Quick Summary: A book loving Nina discovers a family she never knew existed & learns to deal with finding a new side of herself.

I won this book on a Goodreads giveaway & so glad I did because I had seen other people get it for a preview & loved it.

Put me on that train - I loved it too.

How can I not love a red head gal that loves books, works in a book store, lives  her life by her planner, loves trivia & random facts & is awkward in so many ways. Whose been watching me????

It's a very predictable book - not a lot of shock & awe here.  Nina got on my nerves at time with the way she handled her relationship with Tom.  It's not the most gripping story - but its easy & cute.
A totally perfect weekend or beach read.

In the end:  Nina is my book & planning soul sister, for sure.

"Thursday night was reading night, the best night. She had a routine: She left work, she picked up dinner, she got home, she ate, she showered, she put on pajamas & special fluffy socks that she preheated in the microwave, & then she curled up in her enormous chair & read until her eyes crossed"


What's been your favorite Summer reading so far?

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